Moto G leaked in a print ads, specs seemingly confirmed


Moto G leaked ad

During yesterday’s Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 KitKat hubbub, another device we’ve been tracking made it’s first unofficial appearance in a series of leaked print ads. You might remember the Moto G as the mysterious phone popping up on Motorola’s official site for a short time, or possibly when the name was trademarked several weeks ago.

Moto G by Motorola GSM Arena

Now, thanks to @evleaks and tipsters on GSMArena, the phone has allegedly been revealed, specs and all. In the ads, the G looks like the kid brother of the Moto X and according to previous leaks, the back cover might also be removable. Specs can be seen in one of the ads (also confirmed by @evleaks), showing:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro (1.5GHz)
  • 4.7-inch 720p display,
  • 8MP camera,
  • 1,950mAh battery
  • 8GB or 16GB internal storage varieties.

Mr. Leaks says the phone will be offered for free on contract, presumably for the 8GB model. While carrier or timing availability wasn’t mentioned, the holiday print ads already getting pictured in the wild leads us to wonder if it wont be much longer before Motorola finally makes the Moto G official.

[Twitter | GSM Arena]

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  1. (Yawn)

  2. Basically a nexus 4?

    1. If they were still making them, yeah. Kinda.

    2. Looks like it has slightly less power then even the Nexus 4. But even so, the Nexus 4 still runs pretty strong so Moto G may have a chance to hold its own today if Motorola optimizes it correctly the way they did with the X.

  3. What is Google doing to its own Moto now..?

    1. Nothing. If they don’t want to upset the other OEMs.

  4. 8GB?!? D.O.A.

    1. Depends on off contract pricing. I would’ve gone for it at $200, if I didn’t have an N5 on its way.

      1. No one else can price a decent off-contract phone as low as Google can and even they had adjusted the Nexus 5 upwards from last year’s N4 (the new N7 has also been bumped up in pricing a bit too). Certainly any company as cash-strapped as Motorola will not be trying (nor able) to undercut Google in a race to the bottom. IMO this G is gonna be a huge disaster. Moto should be gunning upwards and going for a LG G2-sized competitor with a Snapdragon 800…not retreating even more from what were already questionable specs on the X.

        1. They technically lowered the price of the nexus 7 if you look at launch prices of the 16gb variants, and the 16gb nexus 4 and 5 were both the same price of 350 at launch

  5. Specs don’t matter anymore so this should be even better than the Moto X

    1. Specs matter more than ever if this is their lower end model. This phone could easily fit in with the average 2011 lineup. It will be harder for them to optimize this phone the way they did for the Moto X. I wouldn’t be surprised if the interface is less consistent.

      1. Average 2011 line-up? Pretty much every spec from this phone is from late 2012.

  6. After the N5 release, this will make a good $99 off contact phone.

    1. I agree. After the N5 i would pay more than 250 off contract. I

      guess only google can do that.

  7. Small spec change…4.5 inch screen.

    Not interested. Only 8gb, shame. Thank goodness my 32gb N5 is on its way

  8. Motorola’s answer to the iPhone 5C. Big difference will be that the G will be very affordable. Phone for the masses.

    1. doubt it will be. Its the same phone as the moto x but with a cheaper back and the moto x wasn’t cheap

  9. In the bottom, they spelled colour instead of color so the ad isn’t from the US

    1. Bottom image is a leaked ad from Phones4U, should have mentioned that in the post.

  10. Moto G….. or Nexus 5? Is there really a question?

    1. Nope!

    2. Chris this is basically the Nexus 4 with LTE and minus 3 megapixels on the camera. More like Nexus 4 or Nexus 5, and the Nexus 5 is pure android compared to Moto G.

      1. No LTE, and has 8mp camera.

        1. Even worse and look at the picture, not the incompetent journalist. It clearly says 5mp and quad core cpu.

      2. Nexus 4 had a terrible battery life

        1. Nexus 4 was 2100mAh and this moto G is 1950mAh also I don’t know why that was directed at me

          1. I don’t know why but our Nexus 4 had charging time of more than 3 hours, usage time of less than 4 hours.

          2. Those were Nexus 4’s with faulty batteries…you were supposed to send it back(RMA). Nexus 4 on avg charges in 2hr and used for 8…

  11. Picture says 4.5″ display, article says 4.7″???
    Picture says 1.2 GHz quad-core, article says 1.5 GHz dual core???
    Picture says 5MP camera, article says 8MP???

    What’s with all the inconsistancies here?

    Also, why is anybody still making devices with only 8GB of storage? Flash memory is cheap, and apps are getting larger. There’s just no reason to make devices with less than 16GB of storage, and you’re insane to buy one with less than 16GB.

    1. yea……….

    2. google is stuck in 2007.

      Explains why android still lags.

      Sad really.

      1. Nothing wrong with those specs if the off-contract price is really $215 as rumored at Engadget. A nice competitor for Optimus L9/F6/F3 and Galaxy Exhibit. Not everybody wants to pay $400-800 for a phone… and for those that do, there are plenty of options. edit: I agree that 8GB is too small unless there is a microsd slot, which there probably isn’t.

  12. I’m glad I didn’t hold out for the rumored cheaper Moto X, it’s just too cheap. N5 come to me!

  13. Oh my its the motorola atrix hd refreash

  14. Waiting to hear about off-contract price and release date… as well as whether KitKat is in this phone’s future, and/or whether the bootloader is locked.

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