You can now build your custom Moto X for $99 at AT&T


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Moto Maker has yet to debut for carriers outside of AT&T, but the price of snagging a made-to-order Moto X just dropped by $100. The carrier has reduced the price for the Moto X (16GB) to $99 across the board, including custom orders through Motorola’s site. The 32GB model has also dropped an equal amount to $149. Sprint and US Cellular are also offering the handset at the reduced price as of today.

Pricing for the Moto X is expected to come down at other carriers, as well, in the coming months, but there is still no sign of the budget-priced model that has been rumored for some time. The idea of an off-contract Moto X price at a low cost would make an appealing option for some, and  recently uncovered Moto G trademark could hint at that device.

Perhaps the bigger question is when, exactly, will other carriers gain access to Moto Maker. Initially, it sounded like AT&T’s exclusivity would be short lived. Have plans been scrapped to expand the Moto Maker program based on a lack of interest? Will the debut of custom Moto X handsets on other carriers come as too little, too late?

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  1. Too little too late. Especially the customisation exclusive. Such a stupid move by Google..

    For the same price you could get the HTC One which is much better – http://versus.com/en/motorola-moto-x-vs-htc-one

    1. To be honest, the word better is relative to people. Could a phone with good software optimization and battery life be better than a phone with the some of the latest hardware? Depends on the person’s needs or wants in a phone. Do you need a 1080p display? Of course not. I thought it was something worth getting when I am jumped from a Note II to HTC One, but it wasn’t a huge difference. If you mean objectively, the HTC One is the better phone, which I think you mention here. The only problem with the Moto X is price.

    2. I have an HTC one, and while I love it, I’d probably love the Moto X. Factory software is better, and active notifications are awesome. The bare feel of it is great too, as opposed to the One’s, where if my hands are sweaty, I feel like I’m going to drop it.
      You’ll find me hard-pressed to give up front facing speakers though.

  2. After 4 years of Android, I switched to an iPhone because of this phone’s blunders (and the fugliness of the Nexus 5).

    I miss my customizations, but I do dig the new phone.

    1. Good for you

    2. Thanks for your comment relevant to this story.

    3. Blunders in what way? Clearly expectations were too high for the first Google Motorola device. I have a moto X and absolutely love it. Never lags, screen is great, battery last all day, and the camera with the recent upgrade is now pretty damn good. You’d be hard pressed to find someone with moto X who doesn’t feel the same way.

      1. Price and carrier exclusivity. I would call both of these blunders, for sure.

        I switched from Verizon to Tmo when I moved into my new house earlier this year. For whatever reason, Verizon has zero coverage there and Tmo has perfect coverage. I bought a GS3 cash knowing that better phones would be right around the corner, and I thought the X would be the best fit for me, and it was very disappointing, to say the least.

        Also, I have very small hands so the iPhone is a much better size for me. That, and I waited just long enough for iOS to steal all of my favorite parts of Android. :)

        1. As far as price it was set at the standard for every other flagship, 199. Everyone who expected for it to be off contract for 300 were idiots, they only do that for Nexus devices. Also this phone in hand feels smaller then the GS3 you were using. Not having moto maker from the start was a little disappointing but I wouldn’t call it a blunder. Great phone, reasonable price, on all the carriers.

          1. $600 is not a reasonable price for the X.

            Plus, I was a little burned out on CM and Paranoid Android always having broken features. I like turning on my FFC and having it actually work instead of rebooting the phone.

          2. strange you 600 isn’t reasonable when iphones tend to be a bit more than that

          3. I got my 5C for $400.

            I also paid about that much for an LG Ally back in the day. :)

          4. So you paid 400 for lasts years iPhone wrapped in plastic and still think the moto x is unreasonable hey I have this Motorola atrix HD you can have it for 300 bucks it is a steal has RAZR MAXX battery installed HD screen and specs similar to that 5c

          5. Yep. I like it a whole lot more than the SGS3 I had, too. I paid more for that one.

          6. I just realized how stupid I sound

          7. kevin go back to ur apple site

      2. Battery last all day, onscreen time not so tru, if your talking standby time yes

        1. I consistently pull down 3 1/2 to 4 hrs on screen time with wifi always on and auto brightness. Can’t find another phone with a sub 3000mAh battery that does that. Especially when considering the always on software features.

          1. Have you tried the Nexus 4 and galaxy s4 and htc one? They last just as long. Even the iphone does

          2. My roommate has a GS4 and I tried the one for 2 weeks before getting the X, they didn’t last as long in my opinion. My X consistently last longer than my roommates GS4, whether it’s standby time or not. I’m not saying it kills them, it just beats them, even if it’s marginal.

    4. Obligatory “cool story bro”.

    5. Blunders? This is the best Android phone I’ve ever used. I honestly have no clue what you’re talking about so, I’m going to assume you’re trolling. Badly.

    6. I’m glad you dig last year’s hardware and a small screen with lower resolution than almost every android phone on the market. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on something that has nothing to do with the article

      1. I know you’re not throwing specs at somebody in a pro-Moto X stance, haha.

        I don’t care about the fastest processor, most RAM, etc. That’s why I was considering the X in the first place.

        I like Android, and I like the idea of having a flashy, colorful phone. I just opted to spend $400 on a new 5C vs. $600 on a new Moto X. (I cam very close to buying a Goophone 5C, too, just so I could keep Android)

        1. LMAO!!!! iphone5C? at least say the 5S!! SMH -_-

        2. got it ur sucking Tims balls now go to ur out dated iPhone site

        3. The more you write the more I understand why you opted for an iPhone.

    7. so you like 3 year out dated phones

  3. They really dropped the ball by making one of the handsets biggest features ATT exclusive. I’ve never seen anyone with a Moto X.

    1. That doesn’t surprise me, they have a bunch of droids just for verizon. And come on, color customization is so 2005 (Nike? Oakley?). That’s just too lame to be the biggest feature of an smartphone in 2013.

  4. I wonder if these things are selling. I really have not seen a single person drag it out of their pocket. I see a lot of Apple, Samsung’s, HTC’s and droid other but not one Motox.

    1. I have seen a huge amount of street advertising in NYC/Times Square. I plan on getting one over a Nexus as my next purchase and I am a Nexus believer.

      I refer to the Moto X as “Google’s iPhone”.

  5. I definitely would have bought one if customization was available on my carrier – but it wasn’t so I got a sweet Galaxy Note 3. In my personal opinion, the best thing about the phone was the customization factor. The specs weren’t rock solid for the price and I didn’t really care about the gesture controls. I did like the prospect of having a pink and black phone. Moto maker is STILL exclusive to AT&T and no news about it making its way to other carriers. No need to wait for a phone option that may never come.

  6. eh – been eyeing that new Lumia 929 that’s rumored for Verizon. I love me some Android, but got damn, does that 20mp pureview camera look sexy and blow every other cameraphone out of the water. I’ll gladly sacrifice apps for camera quality.

    1. how much were you paid?

      1. I’ve been debating Windows phone vs Android for awhile. I currently have a Galaxy Nexus that really needs to be upgraded and yet nothing really drives me about the new sets of phones camera wise. I highly doubt that the Nexus 5 or LTE 4 is coming out for Verizon anytime soon. I also don’t want to switch carriers because my coverage is decent (from Chicago) and I still have unlimited data. Now if Nokia were to make an Android phone, I would take that in an instant.

        As far as if I was paid or not, you can click on my name and view my comments. Either I’m really good at being an effective mole, or I’m not being paid for my endorsements.

  7. “Have plans been scrapped to expand the Moto Maker program based on a lack of interest?”

    Good God, I hope not!

    1. How can there be a lack of interest when only ATT has it

  8. How many people actually own a Moto X, outside the tech pundits who want to mate with it? 15 – 20? The Moto X is to expensive and not spec’d well enough to be a top tier device. Not to mention the whole bullshit ATT exclusive.

  9. It will be 0.99 before xmas. Just like I predicted when they announced it.

  10. My issue is not the Moto Maker, but the 32gb. I want/need to stay on VZW, but am waiting out for 32gb. The question now after all this time, will Motorola lose me to the new HTC Nexus?

    1. HTC Nexus? WTF? They haven’t made an Nexus device since my 1st Android phone.

      Was I the only one who used the trackball and would love to see it back? HTC should make that their thing. Trackpads. Those were nice. Beats trying to pinpoint exact locations in this world of 1080p screens.

  11. much better than iphone 5s

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