Oct 25th, 2013 publishUpdated   Feb 20th, 2015, 3:44 pm

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Moto Maker has yet to debut for carriers outside of AT&T, but the price of snagging a made-to-order Moto X just dropped by $100. The carrier has reduced the price for the Moto X (16GB) to $99 across the board, including custom orders through Motorola’s site. The 32GB model has also dropped an equal amount to $149. Sprint and US Cellular are also offering the handset at the reduced price as of today.

Pricing for the Moto X is expected to come down at other carriers, as well, in the coming months, but there is still no sign of the budget-priced model that has been rumored for some time. The idea of an off-contract Moto X price at a low cost would make an appealing option for some, and  recently uncovered Moto G trademark could hint at that device.

Perhaps the bigger question is when, exactly, will other carriers gain access to Moto Maker. Initially, it sounded like AT&T’s exclusivity would be short lived. Have plans been scrapped to expand the Moto Maker program based on a lack of interest? Will the debut of custom Moto X handsets on other carriers come as too little, too late?

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