Nov 11th, 2013

YouTube update with Google Plus comments

Having the biggest video streaming site is no small accomplishment, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. When we heard Google+ comments were being integrated to YouTube, we could only assume people would either love it or hate it. Commenting is one of the most important factors in YouTube, and messing up that part would be catastrophic.

Well, it is all going downhill at YouTube right now. And we have to turn our heads when one of the most popular posts of the month is the announcement that this new commenting system had launched. What happens when we read the comments? We find out people hate it! Literally… it’s hard to find ONE positive opinion in our post’s 700+ comments.

What is so bad about the new Google+ comments?

First and foremost, not everyone wants to use Google+. YouTube has been a giant since its release; it quickly became the largest video community in the world and has been able to keep that title. When companies reach that point it’s very hard for people to migrate, so Google may feel like they have the power to force people to use their services.

Google+ is being pushed very hard by the Search Giant. They want to integrate it with all its services; first with Google Talk, Blogger, Google and others – now with YouTube. And it can be impossible to fully use YouTube without having a linked Google+ account. At the very least, not using Google+ will make life harder for you in the YouTube realms.

Users can’t comment without Google+, YouTube channels and Google+ comments are getting mixed up, setting up the account is getting confusing and there is no way to avoid all of this.

Could Google+ have been good?

GooglePlus banner

I believe things would have been better if Google handled it all with better care. Google+ comments are not so bad in Blogger, for example. The feature is an option, so you can opt out of Google+ comments in there. Also, you can leave comments as a guest. More importantly, Blogger actually benefits from comments being posted to Google+ (if you use it). YouTube getting comments all over Google+ just creates a bunch of noise.

What do you think?

We doubt Google will be taking the Google+ comments off of YouTube. Who knows, though – a huge part of the YouTube community is extremely upset over these changes. We don’t know, though. We wouldn’t hold our breath on it.

With that being said, what do you think about all of this? Do you hate the comments? Do you think Google will somehow fix it? Participate in the poll and sound off your opinions in the comments below? Maybe Google+ comments are here to stay. If that were the case, how do you think Google could improve them to make us all happy?

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