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The problem with Moto Maker, perhaps the single defining feature of Motorola’s Moto X, is that it has been exclusive to AT&T customers since the phone launched. Representing a new approach to purchasing a smartphone, Moto Maker allows buyers to customize their own personalized Moto X handset, choosing colors, an inscription, and greeting message, and even allowing to have the phone set up with a Google account at the factory. The X is a respectable phone overall, but this unprecedented sales model was its real selling point.

It now appears Google and Motorola will be able to truly test the manufacturing prowess of the new factory the company opened in Texas to process custom Moto X orders as all signs point to Moto Maker soon going live for all major US carriers. The latest leak showcases a few Moto Maker exclusive color options with Verizon branding, while news from earlier in the week speculates Sprint could see the service launch on November 11th. Famed leakster @evleaks posted a note to his Twitter account that T-Mobile could gain Moto Maker access as early as today, but the claim was not elaborated upon further.

When Moto Maker does expand, it could come with new customization options, including the wooden back plates showcased at Motorola’s launch event for the phone. At the time, Motorola indicated that the company had plans to continually expand options for Moto X customers, but the service as it stands still presents the same color and material choices as it did on launch day. Will Moto Maker’s second wave help the Moto X to realize its full potential? Did Motorola’s experiment in customizable smartphones meet their expectations? What do you think?

[via @evleaks]


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