Sep 11th, 2013


While Motorola hasn’t disclosed actual sales figures, Moto CEO Dennis Woodside went on the record with Reuters today, mentioning that the company’s new Texas facility is currently churning out a whopping 100,000 Moto X per week. That might not be “Apple/Samsung status”, but it’s great for a company brave enough to operate in the US, no matter the capacity.


Today was also the day that Motorola celebrated the grand opening of their new Fort Worth factory, shutting down operations for a few hours during the festivities. Guests in attendance included Google’s Chairman Eric Schmidt and even Texas Governor Rick Perry, who can be seen snapping a few pics with his fresh-off-the-assembly-line Moto X. If you’re curious to take a tour of Motorola’s new factory — where they employ more than 2,500 workers (and are currently hiring) — you can now take a peek inside via Google Maps Street View. How fun.

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