Nexus 5 now available from Sprint — get it for as low as $50


Nexus 5 unboxing featured

The Nexus 5 is now available for Sprint and is ready for purchase online and in stores. The Android 4.4 KitKat flagship starts at $149.99 when signing a new two year agreement, but purchasing from Sprint’s site could drop the handset’s price to as low as $49.99 after added savings and instant rebates are applied.

Made by LG and based off their powerful G2 handset, the Nexus 5 features a Snapdragon 800 processor clocked at 2.2GHz, 5-inch full HD display, and 8MP camera. Its tri-band hardware means it will be among the first devices to gain access to Sprint’s ultra-fast 1 gigabit Spark network when the carrier unveils the service to the public likely sometime in 2014.

For those not wishing to sign a two-year wireless contract, the Nexus 5 starts at $349.99 for a 16GB model when purchased outright from Google. Going the contract-free route inexplicably costs $100 more for the same device from Sprint at $449.99.

Are you a new Nexus 5 owner as of today thanks to Sprint? Be sure to keep it tuned here to Phandroid for continuing coverage of Google’s latest flagship. For even more discussion, head over to Android Forums and let us know what you think.


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  1. man…. if only sprints service weren’t piss poor compared to the giants…. i never would have left.

    1. yup I live in new York and its just horrible.

      1. Agreed, soon as you enter anywhere with 4 walls you’re screwed.

        1. Yeah, Tmobile has no lower band. Sprint has 800 that will help but just now starting to roll it out.

      2. lucky thing tmobile is bad ass in New York city

    2. Jumped from AT&T/iPhone when the first EVO was released. Not once did I ever get a 4G signal. To this day, Rhode Island is still in LTE purgatory. How hard is it to cover RI? Hell we are the 13th state, not some small mountain town. Anyways I gave up and went to T-Mobile. Best move I ever made and I’m really enjoying the Nexus 5. Don’t be sucked in by the low price. Chose your provider first, then the phone.

      1. oh i agree… i ditched for verizon and oh my god were my eyes opened… 4g was a myth, a unicorn on Sprint… now on verizon 4g is like that annoying kid who never leaves you alone… ITS ALWAYS THERE.

        i like where sprint is going with things but they have a LOT of fixing to do before i will ever even CONSIDER their service again.

      2. RI is still a state?? How quaint! Do they give you 1/2 a congressman?

        1. No they gave us Forest Gump for a Governor.

          1. Same thing!

            Man, Chafee can’t figure out what he wants to be when he grows up!

    3. Sprint won’t be a competitive player until they turn on 800Mhz LTE to penetrate buildings, which is starting now but won’t finish until next year. Don’t bother with Sprint until 800 is in your area. Tmobile has no lower band to penetrate buildings.

      All the new phones take advantage of 800 as well as 1900/2500 LTE.

  2. If you want it off contract for Sprint, and aren’t in a hurry, wait until it hits the Google Play store again. You can get it there and get an LTE SIM from Sprint to use it.

    1. I guess it really depends on your position with Sprint, but it 99% of cases it will be cheaper to purchase from Sprint than Google Play(unless a 32GB, then only one option).

      1. lol whut? Conservatively estimating the monthly subsidy at only $25 you still spend an additional $600! That bring your total from Sprint on a 16GB up to between $650 and $750 dollars! The 16GB Play Store price is only $349.99.

        1. You’re right, if you are using the current pricing($400 for 5 lines with unlimited data?!? No thank you, and that’s why I’m with Tmo), but some people with older plans(5 lines, unlimited data, at $250) then you’re looking at where it makes sense, especially when you don’t get a discount by BYOD.

  3. I think Sprint only has the 16GB available.

    1. That’s a problem to me. So is the non-removable battery and the so-so camera.
      I was almost ready to buy this phone, but probrably will try to wait a bit longer for the refreshed GS4T.

  4. Already did. Arrived in the mail yesterday. Had a discount code for another $50 off so I got it for free. Leaving Verizon and their out of control greed behind for Sprint. So far so good. I even have a signal at work when my Verizon phone didn’t.

    1. Same here. My Sprint order should be arriving today. Also dumping Verizon. Was already pissed after the Nexus 7 fiasco and their lack of support for the Nexus 5 was the nail for me.

    2. I wish you luck with Sprint, good sir. I wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole. coverage was decent, but they couldn’t stop the ten people pretended to be me and sent me to collections. Still fighting it now.

      1. Isolated unfortunate issue, Sprint has been wonderful the little times I had to interact with them

    3. Ummm..where can one find said discount code?

      1. I got it because I was trying to check for my employee discount and the system was down at the time so the online error page gave me a discount code for my trouble. The code was SAVE50 but I was just playing around the other day and it said it was expired now.

  5. I would rather wait the 2-3 weeks to get my Nexus 5 than even remotely touch Sprint. no wonder they priced it so low!

  6. I should get my white 16 GB Nexus 5 today. It left San Pablo CA this morning to come to papa

    1. Ditto, but black 16. Ran to school for calc2 and then running back home to track down the area UPS man!

      1. Mine is on the truck out for delivery. This is better than Christmas. Yay

  7. I still cant decide if I want to stay with sprint or go back to t mobile

    1. I guess it mainly matters as to where you live/work and whatever else is important to you. Let sensorly.com be your guide, and don’t forget HSPA+ is pretty dang fast, too.

  8. this is poppycock!!!!

    i’ve been purposely waiting to get the cdma version from sprint off-contract to flash to an even cheaper local carrier but they’ve gone and jacked up the price $100 for no good reason!!!!

    guess i’ma have to go through google and wait even longer…smfh…thanks a lot sprint…

    1. They’re all the same version. There isn’t a CDMA specific one.

      1. When did CDMA carriers start using SIM cards, other than for LTE?…

        1. It has radios in it to work on Sprint’s CDMA. And quad band gsm radios. I imagine there won’t be a Sim needed for Sprint, just the gsm carriers.

          1. The SIM is needed for LTE to work on sprint .

          2. Yes I understand that, what I don’t understand is how everything else would work… 3G, talk and text… The SIM card doesn’t work for those…

          3. From what I understand is it might be using the USIM in which they first started using in the new iPhone’s (iphone5s&iPhone C ) which authinicates both CDMA/LTE .

          4. You would need a SIM for LTE on Sprint… I was thinking to my self, how the hell would you get a unlocked phone to work on a CDMA carrier, using a SIM, because 3G, talk, and text doesn’t work off the SIM… It’s still surprising to me tho… I don’t believe CDMA carriers like hooking up phones they didn’t sell you… I’d imaging it’s a hassle…

    2. poppycock?! balderdash! and good DAY to you sir!

  9. Neat little tidbit — Sprint doesn’t do month-to-month on new lines. If you get a new line on Sprint, you get a 2-yr contract. Now, if you don’t subsidize a phone (i.e., BYOD) when you open the line, you can then get upgrade pricing at any time during that 2-yr period… but you can’t start a new line with month-to-month. Confirmed this in-store and over the phone.

    1. That may be true but they can’t charge you an ETF since the ETF is directly related to the device purchase. That may be just california.

  10. Ordered my 32 GB from the Play store. Went to Sprint Wednesday and got a SIM (apparently stores actually recieved shipment that day) been rockin ever since. Sprint Service including LTE has never been an issue for me in the D.C/Baltimore area.

    1. Same here in Atlanta, LTE covers the metro area like kudzu, speeds aren’t Verizon or AT&T like but 20 down and 7 up is perfect for my needs.

      1. double post

      2. And unlimited. Am using over 10GB/month, would be costly on ATT/VZW.

  11. Wanted this thing forever, but LG G2 FTW!!!

  12. For those that have theirs already, have you noticed any issues with poor viewing angles?
    I haven’t pulled the trigger yet, been waiting for more info to come out on the pros and cons of the phone.

    1. No problems with viewing angles here

  13. Are the Sprint sold ones still have the unlocked GSM side? I know a bunch of people that would buy this from Sprint and not pay the bill on it and use it with AT&T or T-Mob. It’s like using the Redbox with a stolen credit card to rent a game, peeling the Redbox sticker off and selling it to Game Stop.

    1. Tmo/Sprint/NA Google Play versions are one in the same. If someone is in bad standing with a carrier these days, they can lock your device with the new multi carrier blacklist, and paying the ETF($350 for advanced devices) definitely isn’t worth it with Sprint.

      1. I didn’t know there was a multi-carrier blacklist. But that does help from people doing this

    2. Parasites ruin everything

      1. This case is not parasitic because sprint still gets their money

        1. Except that they don’t, because the parasites run up a $650 bill on Sprint, get the phone banned on that network due to unpaid charges, but don’t care because they’ve moved on. Sprint gets shafted.

  14. sprint in NYC is really giving users who bought the nexus 5 from the google store a hard time by not providing them with sim cards. I have to wait for two weeks for one and in the process i am getting the worst customer service around. Sprint is terrible. If someone tells you other wise, they never deal with them.

    1. Unlocked, SIM card, on Sprint? From my understanding, the SIM card is for LTE only, and you can’t use unlocked phone on a CDMA carrier.., Or am I missing something here?…

  15. $149.99 for 16GB or 32GB…

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  16. tinyurl.com/l3cselt

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