Nov 7th, 2013

While those interested in buying the Nexus 5 from the Google Play Store have been able to do so since day one (October 31st), those waiting to buy the device on Sprint or T-Mobile have had to wait. Customers with the Now Network will only have one more day before they can grab the thing for $150 after signing a new two-year contract, but T-Mobile’s customers are still in the dark as to when they can expect a launch.

Nexus 5 front back hands on

TmoNews has helped shed some light on said darkness, though, as leaked documents suggest Magenta will be looking to launch the Nexus 5 November 20th. We still don’t have a price to cling onto just yet, but we imagine T-Mobile’s Simple Choice installment-based payments will make the initial cost of entry very easy to swallow.

With that, some of you may be wondering why the heck anyone would want to purchase a Nexus 5 outside the Google Play Store — after all, you can buy the device starting at just $350 without having to sign any agreement of any sort.

For some, it will be the ability to jump in with a much lower initial cost. For others, getting it through the T-Mobile store saves them a headache over the hassle of having to get it from the Play Store and do whatever they need to activate it. (It’s not much of a hassle, really, but everyone is different.)

Whether it’s a good idea to get it through T-Mobile versus the Google Play Store remains to be seen. For one, if the device is more expensive from T-Mobile’s shelves then it would make little sense to pass up the Google Play Store offering (unless you really can’t spring $350-400 at the point of sale).

On the other hand, if stock in the Google Play Store doesn’t normalize in a decent amount of time, some people might be willing to pay the extra bit to go with T-Mobile’s offering (they’re currently buying units on eBay for higher than market value, after all). There are a lot of unknowns, but for now we’re just happy knowing that the wait shouldn’t be too long to bear.

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