Google+ comments show up in latest YouTube app for Android


YouTube update with Google Plus comments

Earlier today, Google announced that the new Google+ commenting system would be rolling out to YouTube users, replacing the old commenting system. What they didn’t announce was that the new Google+ powered commenting system would be coming to the latest version of the Android app so quickly. If you’re lucky enough to have the new LG Nexus 5, you already have the latest version of YouTube and need not worry. Those of us rockin’ anything but the latest Nexus will have to wait for the app roll-out.

From the latest YouTube app, you can:

  • Use your Google+ profile to share a comment on YouTube.
  • +mention a friend into the conversation.
  • Choose to share your comment on Google+ with your Circles or Public.
  • Enjoy nested comments.

Has the new YouTube for Android app rolled out to you yet? Let us know what you think of YouTube’s new Google+ integrated comment system.

[via Google+ Daily]

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  1. Not here yet, but Nexus 5 arrives tomorrow :-)

  2. don’t you read previous stories?

    1. I think the emphasis here is to illustrate that the YouTube app for Android now features Google+ comments (not just desktop as previously reported), but only if you’ve got the Nexus 5.

      1. Yeah, I picked that up. Just thinking in general when a reader is scanning through story titles and images they may think it was already covered. Same image and “Google+ comments show up in latest youtube app” and “YouTube launches Google+ comments” are very similar.

        Just feedback. No pun intended. Keep up the great work!

        1. Using the same image was my bad. I’ll change it. Thanks.

  3. For those curious, you cannot sideload the N5 KitKat version of YouTube either.

    1. aw bummer, I was just thinking of trying that, thanks for the heads-up :)

  4. Is working on my Note3 from T-Mobile

  5. That’s nice.

    Now fix it so it works on a regular PC.

  6. haha, that is if the latest version of youtube works for you… Mine never logs in.

  7. Just tried it and it works beautifully!

    1. yea not for the rest of use billion or so pc users no google plus account no comments CURSE YOU GOOGLE PLUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. You know its all fine and dandy that the Android devices can comment on youtube but it would be reeeeaaaalllyyy nice if i could, oh i dont know. COMMENT WITH A PC!

  9. This is a great idea by Google. Integrating Google+ comments in one the most use video websites. It might encourage more people to use Google+.

  10. If you don’t sign up for Google plus they delete your comments

  11. Google plus is nothing more than cooperate spy ware and Google is just proving they are anti freedom of speech. Google Plus is nothing more than cooperate spyware!!!

    1. Do you know what freedom of speech and spyware is?

  12. I can’t post any comments on youtube because I refuse to add in information about myself on google+. What a bunch of facist scums.

  13. the new system makes little to no sense

  14. hey guys if you don,t like the the new system sign this petition and if i get enough signtuares ill send it to youtube/google

  15. if you guys don’t like this new comment system or can’t comment because of it sign this petition here and if i get enough signatures I’ll send it to google/youtube

    1. there was already one with 30,000 sigs that didnt work either.

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