Nexus 5 coming to Sprint Nov 8th for $150 – T-Mobile in the coming weeks, eligible for JUMP! early upgrade program


Nexus 5 Google Play Store live

The Nexus 5 has finally been released and if the upfront $350 price tag was still a little too rich for your blood, good news — the phone will be sold in both Sprint and T-Mobile stores in the coming days. Here’s the quick details.


Sprint was nice enough to give us pricing and a date: November 8th, for $150 (16GB). Pre-orders will begin on Nov. 1st. The device is tri-band enabled, meaning a software update in early 2014 will get it up and running on Sprint Spark.


T-Mobile also announced that they will officially be carrying the Nexus 5 in their stores, but avoided specific pricing or date details. All that was mentioned was “an affordable price” and availability “in the coming weeks”, before the holidays. A nice bonus for T-Mo customers is the Nexus 5 will be eligible for T-Mobile’s JUMP early upgrade program, providing you want go that route. Options are always nice.

Chris Chavez
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  1. Im assuming this means no Verizon version. …. dam that sucks if every carrier but verizon gets it…… verizon get over your pride and carry the nexus phones

    1. Right. It’s Verizon’s “pride” that made Google choose to make the phone’s hardware incompatible with their network.

      1. replace “pride” with “severe control issues”

        1. Yep. The phone will work with verizon no problem. Its just a matter of getting verizon to register the esn on their network which they wont

      2. I work for Verizon… its not google that is choosing not to have it on our network, its the debacle with the galaxy nexus that screwed us. verizon wanted to control updates even though it was a nexus phone and google decided that was the end of it.

        if there is a sprint version than there is NOTHING that would be incompatible with verizon… its the exact same tech

        1. Oh you work for Verizon? And what do you do for them, exactly?

          1. sales associate / business consultant…

            whats your gripe dude? you have an “attitude” about you that makes you come across like you feel superior… you need to work on your e-peen skills cause they come across kinda foul

        2. Different LTE frequencies

          1. this is true but the chips is capable of our frequencies… as is the CDMA chip on board… its just a lack of willingness too because of the gnex


  3. 16gb or 32gb or both?

    1. Just through the play store, as far as we can tell.

  4. Can the Play Store one be activated on Sprint? I assumed it was one device with tri band allowing it to work on Sprint from the get-go.

    1. Yes, it can. It’s listed as supported on the Play Store.

    2. Still waiting on word from Sprint.. This single SKU launch is different from previous Sprint Nexus launches. This will hopefully change the game moving forward.

    3. Yes it can. I have spoken to sprint directly and so has androidcentral.

  5. I’m kinda thinking I should of waited to get the Nexus 5 on T-mobile instead of the G2.

    1. Too true, but you have a pretty sweet phone still, more battery life, larger camera sensor, and smaller bezels.

    2. My friend just sold his g2 for $520. Maybe you can sell yours and get the n5.

      1. That’s a pretty good price considering the retail price is $600

  6. Can you reach out to Sprint and ask them to comment on their stance towards unlocked Play store handsets? Also ask about their MVNO Ting and if they have made any decision on allowing the device to be activated and if so when? Thanks Chris.

    1. Hey, J L. This is very much something Sprint needs to let us Ting users know.

      1. While true, all roads lead to Sprint.. They’ll be making the decision for Ting, so who ever can extract that information for us faster will receive my gratitude. :D

        1. I wasn’t disagreeing with your asking Chris if he could get that info. I was just saying that Sprint, who has the info, needs to divulge it, through Chris or otherwise.

    2. Also bands 26(800) and 41(2500) since the Nexus supports both and it matters for almost all LTE phones going forward.

    3. You know you can reach out to them. I read it won’t work on their prepaid (for now) like Boost & Virgin

      1. Thanks, there is a large thread over on their site. As the day went on yesterday we got more information. We know they’ll have a N5 to sell from their store but it doesn’t look good for the unlocked Play Store handsets. Sprint is allowing their direct customers to activate unlocked, but as of now they are not allowing their MVNO’s the same access.

  7. So, available on Sprint for $150 with a new agreement. I’d like to know what EXACTLY a “new agreement” is. My contract (agreement according to Sprint’s site) was fulfilled on 7/7/13, so I should be eligible for a new agreement. Nope. Sprint tells me I’m eligible for an upgrade price, not new agreement price. Huh? How does that make sense? How is it not a new agreement if I’m out of contract and start a new one? Upgrades should be for those who are 20+ months into contract but not yet completed.

    1. ….have you ever worked for ….. a company based in a capitalist society? Ever seen a DirecTV commercial? New customers always get the line of Reese’s Pieces leading them into the house, once your in the house….they don’t continue to give you candy.

      Switching carriers is expensive. you get a prorated first bill with your new carrier, and your old carrier WILL NOT prorate your last bill, so you usually get double dipped on. Add the cost of getting 1-5 new devices (free – $1000) and throw in an early termination fee for the daughter that upgraded after everyone else last time around, and it cost a ton to switch. Many carriers offer port in credits, or higher device subsidization in order to make switching easier for customers, and to gain more subscribers. Every one is a new customer at least once, you got the better ‘new customer’ pricing when you first became a customer, so quit acting like your getting hosed, every company does stuff like this.

      So go ahead and complain, switch to Verizon and have fun on shared data, getting less for more money, and you’ll never get a timely SW update in your life, because a new customer got better deals then you.


      1. If you switch to tmobile they will most likely give you a $200 credit to compensate for a cancellation fee. They did on my 1 line I brought over from sprint. I plan on doing it again before end of year. I will pay off my etf with sprint. Tired of having to force roam on verizon towers to get decent data signal, even on verizon my 3g speeds suck!

      2. Is that you Dan Hesse? You mad?

        Also, *you’re

      3. I work in wireless. Agreed . I don’t like sprint but your point is valid. There is weird sense of entitlement that stems from the days of free flip phones.

    2. In telco terms, a new agreement is a new customer, not an existing customer upgrading. Sales places more emphasis on getting new customers as opposed to maintaining existing ones. To have a new agreement, you’d have to end your service and get a new line on a new account.

      1. Yeah, I know, just frustrating. I’ve been with Sprint for 8yrs so this will be my 5th 2yr cycle with them. To my recollection, device pricing after a contract was up has always been lowest stated price. Things have just changed as plans and devices have evolved. Also, thanks for being able to respond with comments in a non douche manner. It’s appreciated.

        1. Threaten to jump to another carrier & see if that gets you anywhere

    3. It’snew cust omers.. Not new agreement

      1. I realize that but Sprint’s wording everywhere always says new agreement

  8. What about AT&T? Will the Play Store version work on AT&T?

    1. yes it will

      1. Thank you

    2. No

      1. Won’t be offered, yet, by At&t, but it will work on their network, LTE and all.

        1. Thank you for clearing that up.

        2. But you’ll pay their super-sized rate plans while forgoing a subsidy. Not being able to get the largest GSM carrier is a big fail

    3. Yes it will. It has been confirmed on several sites and google play has it on their page also.

  9. will sprint carry 32 GB version too? or only on 16 GB config?

    1. Ill gladly pay the extra $50 for a 32gb option.

  10. What is sprint spark? Never heard of it.

    1. Its their way of saying look our network is slightly faster in a few select markets.

    2. It’s how they are filling in the gaps in LTE frequencies, 3 LTE bands(25/26/41).

  11. Pre-orders November 1st says who my Sprint store didn’t know anything about it

    1. You gonna trust those employees. They can’t even explain why their store in an lte city can’t get LTE.. And 150 is pretty high considering your subsidy deducts $450 from an iPhone unlocked price

  12. Pre-orders November 1st says who my Sprint store didn’t know anything about it

  13. I hope it is just $350 on tmobile. If that’s the case I will jump ship from sprint now that I can use google wallet with tmobile and get the monthly payment plan. If not then I’ll save up and pay the 350 from google play and hopefully leave sprint before end of year.

    1. Well they’re still selling the 4 for 479 on their website so don’t hold your breath just yet

  14. 150 on contract for this phone is high. The iPhone 5C is $200 more retail & is offered for $50 less on contract… Huh… Not too optimistic about T-Mobile as they’re still selling Nexus 4 16gb for 479…WTF.
    N5 NOT carried on the 2 biggest carriers. Will work on AT&T but you’ll still pay super high subsidized price without getting a subsidy. $95 plus fees for 2gb..better off getting AT&T Sim from Straight Talk for $45 & 2.5 go if you’re buying from Play Store. T-Mobile seems other option. Flagship with limited availability not good. But lost all faith in Android when they didn’t push 4.4 to Gnex users, who only got updated from ICS to JB.. One (minor 4.x uodate). I’m gonna get an iPhone next year. Last straw with Android messes for us

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