Google VP announces Google+ event for tomorrow morning, will live stream to the world


Google Play coffee

It’s not directly Android related, but that doesn’t mean you wont find something of value during tomorrow’s live streaming Google+ event. Google VP Vic Gundotra announced the G+ event scheduled for 9:30am tomorrow morning where it’s being called “A Morning, with Google+”. Looks like this may have been what both Vic and Sundar were losing sleep over the other night.

We’re not sure exactly what Vic has in store for tomorrow’s event, but we’re really hoping Hangouts with SMS integration is at least one of the announcements to be revealed in the AM. Who’s joining the event? I’m bringing donuts!

[via ChromeSpot]

Chris Chavez
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  1. So 12:30pm Eastern Standard Time?

      1. So 04:30pm GMT?

  2. In the words of the xda nexus 4 shipping thread. “IT’S HAPPENING! IT’S HAPPENING!”

  3. It’s about time Google…

    1. So very, very ready…

  4. :D

  5. Warming up the F5 key with card in hand . . .

  6. Will Chris Give a tutorial on switching everything from and old phone to a new phone ;-)

  7. No Nexus announcement? Okay, now Google is just screwing with us :P

  8. Kit Kat?!?!?

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