Check out LG Canada’s huge Nexus 5 stock pile


Nexus 5 stockpile LG Canada.jpg

When it rains, it pours. As pictured by a member over on NeoGAF forums, here is where LG Canada keeps their Nexus 5 stash. Glorious, isn’t it? According to the leaker, Canada will have upwards of 30,000 Nexus 5s available at launch.

With Google paying that much attention to only Canada, we’re hopeful they’ll have a lot more for more densely populated regions. When will that be? Well, that’s still very much the million dollar question, folks.


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I’m getting so frickin annoyed

    1. At?

    2. solution: don’t click on articles with “Nexus 5” in their name.

  2. Hahahah, let the carrots swing.

  3. Do you guys think 30,000 is enough? I really hope there are no shortages this year

    1. There are only 34M people in Canada. Do you think more than 1 out of every 1000 people is going to run out and buy a Nexus 5 in the first week of availability?

      1. Very possible…

  4. .. it says 5 on the box!

    1. ;)

  5. So where exactly is this warehouse….

    1. I’m picking up what your laying down sir….

      1. Payday?

  6. lol this is ridiculous.

  7. Is the vacancy down the centre of each pallet where they hide the drugs to subsidise the price of the phone?

  8. Two words: Eeek!

    1. Isnt that just 1 word?

      1. He counted the colon.

        1. That’s cleansing

      2. “Charlie, two words: therapy.” — So I Married an Axe Murderer

        “Now here come two words for you: Shut the f*** up.” — Midnight Run

        “Well, it isn’t funny if you explain the joke!” — How I Met Your Mother


  9. Sweet Jesus! It’s like the warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark!

  10. Sold my like new N4 on Craigslist and I’m ready!

  11. Night vision goggles checked.

  12. It’s not enough!!!

    It might be a big stockpile, but that’s going to sell out in no time.

    I’m sure the photographer included as many boxes in the photo as possible, therefore we can assume that is the sum-total of the stockpile.

    We’re going to be in a situation like with the Nexus 4, where it sells out in the first hour. Then we’ll have to wait a month or two for LG to manufacture new supplies.

    1. I’m guessing this is why the launch hasnt’ happened sooner. After the nexus4 stock issues they will have learned to stock more in the first place – which takes time..

  13. You all are acting like teen aged girls.

    1. Since you’re intent on raining on everyone’s parade I’d just like to note that “teenage” is one word.

      1. Ha!

        1. I think teen-aged would have been alright. He did have the “d” at the end of “age.”

      2. Feel better?

  14. thats not good at all. looks like im going to have to wait months in order to get one here in the states.

  15. Oh yeah….

  16. Denzel knows what’s up….

  17. Save me some!!

  18. wow i never thought a bunch of boxes were soo BEAUTIFUL

  19. Please hurry with the U.S. release so I can give this locked bootloader Samsung garbage note 3 to my wife.

    1. You’re unable to unlock it?

  20. why is it glorious? it’s a phone.

    1. This is called hype.

    2. why is it glorious? it’s your mom.

  21. Oh God..I’m leaking

  22. Can I get a more precise address? Thinking of going to Canada for vacation, if you catch my drift.

    1. When you hire a car, make sure it has a good, strong bullbar.

      Y’know… In case you hit a bull…

  23. Chris, you’ve been really excited about it. So excited that I forgive your deeply insensitive “5S”.

  24. 30,000 only. Will last like 5 minutes.

    1. This is for Canadians, hopefully they have much more for the US.

  25. Que the pink panther music. Grappling hook away.

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