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Rockstar launched Grand Theft Auto 5 with the promise that folks would be able to customize their cars and take care of in-game pet Chop with a mobile app, but we were saddened to learn that the app was only available for iOS folks to start. Well, it’s been close to a month and a half since the game’s launch and us Android folks can finally get in on the fun. The iFruit app for Android is now available for download in the Google Play Store.

Alongside the aforementioned functionality, iFruit will allow you to check up on Rockstar Games Social Club, check out LifeInvader (Rockstar’s Facebook parody), and will feature links to helpful destinations like the GTA 5 site, Rockstar’s online store, and download links for Vice City and GTA 3.

Some might be screaming “too little, too late” though. Any huge Grand Theft Auto fan has likely already played this game into the ground, and the app doesn’t add so much to the gameplay experience that people are going to be rushing to the Play Store in droves to download it. In fact, my time with the app on iOS revealed an experience that fell well short of the expectations I had. It didn’t help that the servers were so bogged down that the app wasn’t even working properly that first couple of weeks after launch.

Long story short — the app is here, and it’s waiting for you in the Play Store if you want it. You probably don’t need it, but in case you were wondering whether you were missing out on anything, you can now find out for yourself. Grab the download here.

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  1. *downloads begrudgingly*

    1. I didn’t see the root word “grudge” in there. That’s why I couldn’t get an understanding on what this meant.

      To save anyone the trouble.

      1. I got it right the first time mate.

  2. my Aunty Mila got metallic Mitsubishi Outlander Hybrid just by some parttime working online with a computer… official

    1. your Aunt had to be picked up by Trevor in his truck and do some stuff in an alley before she could afford that Mitsubishi

  3. …— (Home more)

  4. my device isn’t compatible -.-

    1. How in the world can they botch up such a simple thing… ugh…

  5. People still play that game? I got completely bored right after k finished the story. Worst GTA in the series in my opinion and they are most likely going to release a lot of dlc that you have to pay for which is bull sh*t

    1. What made it worse than other games of the series?

      1. Its mainly because the characters felt empty to me. Like Michael he’s drama was he was rich and hated It, so he went bank robbing? Also the game is over too soon. Large, diverse map but they did nothing with it.also mp is empty the only things to do after the story is pointless minjganes

  6. cool but im playing Arkham Origins now…way too late

  7. Fantastic game I have already finished. Arkam Origins is keeping me busy until the 4th then I won’t have a social life for at least a month.

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