Nexus 5 press images leak… again; could we see a Monday unveiling?


We’ve seen the Nexus 5 leaked every which way since Timbuktu. Hell, even Google themselves gave us a look at an official image of the device. That particular episode was a mistake, of course — all traces of the device were quickly wiped away from the servers just moments later. But, as we all know, nothing is ever truly deleted on the internet, so it’s still swirling about for all the world to see.

Now, leakster extraordinaire @evleaks has gotten a press shot of their own, with the device shown in all its charcoal-black glory. Not much has changed since we last saw the Nexus 5, but another appearance of the handset through @evleaks suggests we could be close to an official launch. How close, exactly, is tough to say, but there are a few theories still swirling about.


Some folks are still clinging to the October 28th unveiling after many other rumored dates have come and gone. It’s a Monday, and this timing gives that particular date more strong legs than we could hope for at this point. And if all else fails, “end of October” is still a possibility — even if that means interrupting the trick-or-treat activity to drop some breaking news.

The only thing we’re still scratching our head about is the fact that there has yet to be an event scheduled — at least, not to our knowledge, anyway. Perhaps Google decided that an event wasn’t necessary, and instead decided to do everything online. We’d hope that’s not the case, though, because we’d love to be able to get our hands on this bad boy as soon as possible.

The Nexus 5 is rumored to be a 5-inch handset with 1080p HD resolution, a Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, an 8 megapixel rear camera with a 1.2 megapixel front camera, Android 4.4 (stock, of course), and more. As we were treated to with the Nexus 4, we’re expecting two different storage configurations (16GB and 32GB, most likely), neither of which would come with a microSD card slot if Google’s recent handset and tablet launches are anything to go by.

Nexus 5 Google Play Store live

We’re expecting Google to price this thing around $300 – $350, as the software giant is interested in getting these things into as many folks’ hands as possible more than turning a profit on hardware alone. We’ll have to play the waiting game for a while yet, but it feels like we’re quite close to getting the treat we all deserve (unless the folks at KitKat and Google are interested in tricking us some more, of course).

[via @evleaks]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. “As we were treated to with the Nexus 4, we’re expecting both 16GB and 32GB configurations,”
    The Nexus 4 was only 8GB and 16GB. And the play store leak showed a base price of $350. So we’ll probably see a 16GB and 32GB for $350 and $400, respectively.

    1. You read it wrong. “As we were treated to with the Nexus 4, we’re expecting two different storage configurations”. And then he assumed 16 and 32 for this version. He is just saying there will be two different storage options, just like the Nexus 4.

      1. I didn’t read anything wrong. What I wrote is a direct quote from before he fixed it. It was a misprint and I simply was giving them a heads up about it. Now it reads properly. So you’re welcome.

    2. I’d be just fine with $399 for a 32GB version.

    3. 16GB here. I cloud store/stream everything now.

  2. I havent been on the edge of my seat as much as ive been these past few day hurry up any other case would be i didnt have the money but its not the case this time got 450 in hand ready to be taken by google hurry up!!!!!!!

  3. I don’t know how I did it, but I think I convinced my wife we should order them as soon as they come out. We are on sprint and told her that we will cancel our insurance on our Evo LTE’s and sell them now vs in 219 days when our contract is up. Convinced her we will save more money this way and then once the contract with Sprint is done for, off contract from here on in.

    1. good job xD

      1. Thank you kind sir.

      2. Mayhem!

    2. Smart move because you get a new phone and the wife oblidges with the “saving” money part, which works for both sides.

    3. No offense but why the hell are people so desperate to have the latest phone, that’s insane. How about keeping a phone until you actually need a new one, did that ever occur to you? I love tech stuff as much as the next guy but jez, at least keep your phone a few years, it’s not like it turns bad after a year.
      And then you have to make up stories like that because your wife is obviously smarter than you and knows it’s dumb to buy yet another phone for no reason. Again I love tech gadgets too, but buying a new phone every other 1-2 years is just dumb in every possible aspect.

      1. My phone does work fine. The major part of it is that I just really want this phone. Plus, I am not sure if you read what I wrote, I will save money in the long run by these steps:
        1) Not going to be paying for insurance anymore (I know I can cancel it now but I have had HTC phones break and wasn’t willing to shell out $600 for a new phone.)
        2) Sell my current phone in order to get as much money from it as possible
        3) Once my contract is up, go off contract at a cheaper rate with potentially better service.
        4) Since I will be buying a phone new in 219 days, when my contract is up, this plan would save me the most amount of money that I can in the long run.

        One thing that seems nice with this phone is that I have the option from moving from a CDMA network to GSM. From what I understand, not all phones have the radios to support this. If you can provide me a rational path to me getting a great new phone that is inexpensive and has the ability to run on CDMA and GSM, please tell me and I would be more than happy to entertain that idea.

        1. How do you save money on Sprint off contract?

          1. I wouldn’t save money with Sprint off contract. I would rock the nexus until my plan is over and jump ship to another carrier. I don’t use a lot of mobile data (less than a GB a month), so I will most likely go with StraightTalk using a ATT sim and pay up front for a year, which would put the bill at $41.50 a month. I pay about $55 a month now through Sprint but I get horrible service where I spend most my time. The amount that I would save within that time is how much a nexus 5 is rumored to cost (16GB). On top of that, I will have much better service and data speeds. And since the nexus 5 is the only phone that has what I want from a phone and can work on Sprint and GSM, it is my obvious choice.

        2. Yikes. How much is your insurance? I pay $10 a month with no deductible. That’s $240 over a 24 month period. I have broken my Evo lte 4 times now lol poor best buy. Anyway, if you pay $400 for a phone today, break it tomorrow, then you’ll have to pay another $400. Bleh. But to each their own. I am considering, but insurance options are a concern.

          1. I used black tie and it was nice since I have had a couple of evo’s mess up. They recently changed their plan so that when a smartphone breaks, you have a $150 deductible. I average 1 break in two years (1 was a camera disconnect from the motherboard, the other was it wouldn’t charge). I hope I won’t have these problems with the nexus and if I do, I hope a manufacturer warranty will cover it. If not, $10 a month plus $150 deductible for 2 years is still $390. At that time, I would rather get a newer model than the same one. Here is a link to the deductible policy change if you were interested:


      2. If you think buying a new phone every 1-2 years is ridiculous and to often, your not a tech guy (at least not with phones). I know many people who aren’t techies, and aren’t really into phones, but they upgrade every 1.5-2 years. I understand if you’re not that into it, but when tinkering with phones is one of your hobbies it’s not that ridiculous and depending on your situation it’s not necessarily expensive either. I have averaged an upgrade every 8 months since I got my first smart phone, but I always use an upgrade (and keep unlimited data) and sell my old phone for nearly the cost of the new one if not more.

        1. Tinkering with phones is not one of my hobbies at all.

          “I know many people who aren’t techies, and aren’t really into phones, but they upgrade every 1.5-2 years

          It is exactly those people that I’m criticizing.
          Everyone is like that and no one sells their old phone, only tech people do that.

          It’s the average dumb consumer I’m criticizing, that buys a new phone every year because marketing tells them to.

          I love technical gadgets and I know everything about them and I love to be up to date as much as anyone.

          But buying something new when it’s almost the same as you old one just because you feel like you want it is pretty low to me.

          If you sell it and come out of it positively or at least with no minus that’s great and perfect. But the reality of it is, most of the average customer is blindly buying the latest crap, doesn’t sell anything and doesn’t need it or even know why they would need it. Best example: Apple.

      3. i need to jump from Sprint to AT&T GoPhone but i need the Nexus 5 to do it.

        1. Exactly.

      4. I justify the action further by reselling my old device to go towards the purchase of the new one.

      5. Your name fits you well

        1. Awww is someone pissed because I hit where it hurts :) Go cry a bit :)

          1. What exactly did you hit? All I just saw was false opinions…

          2. You must be the one who’s pissed here, considering you posted a horribly written argument regarding buying new phones every year or two. Maybe look into planned obsolescence, or the fact that some people don’t mind spending a little extra money every year or two to have a nicer phone. I guess you think you’re clever because you assume you “hit where it hurts” (insulting others about phones just hits my soul, you know?) and you can put smiley faces in your comment. I thought at first that was a bad attempt at trolling, but that would be too easy for me.

      6. Think of it this way.

        Unless you are on pre-paid, within 1 or 2 years more than likely you will still be using the same phone service and making the same monthly payment then it makes sense to upgrade your phone every 2 years for $200 and sell your old phone every 2 years for $200, which is very easy since it’s only 2 years old phone.

        But if you want to keep your old phone for long time and stay out of contract (but you are still using the same services with same payments) maybe after 4-5 years your phone needs a replacement then what are you going to do? Buy a new phone for $200 right? but now your old phone does not worth anything. So within that time period you and I paid same amount of monthly payments but you spent extra money to buy a new phone in 5 years where as I get new phones every 2 years for free.

        Does in contract or out of contract, really matter this case?

      7. Some people like tech. Who cares if they want to spend plenty of money upgrading when the newest phone is out. You act like it’s your money lol. If a person has extra money to blow they should spend it on what makes them happy, whether you think it’s dumb or not.

        1. Yup, because saving money is for the dumb, right?
          I pity you.

          1. I save money but not ALL of my extra money. And no need to pity me, when I finish school I’ll be making a ton of money so I have nothing to worry about. I pity you, never buying anything extra you want because you don’t need it sounds boring as hell.

          2. Ok and where did I say I never buy anything extra?
            That’s exactly the point. It’s fine to buy something extra. But buying a new phone very year when your old one isn’t even old or bad yet isn’t just spending extra money but plain stupid.
            Doing that once, ok, but every year?

            And just because you will make a ton of money, it means you wast it?
            I guess I was just raised differently than you.

          3. If buying the phone is your one extra thing you buy yourself every year then I don’t see what’s wrong with it. Your extra purchases aren’t stupid to you because it’s something that you want. Me personally, the only extra stuff that I really want is tech stuff. It’s the only thing that really interests me. An I was raised to not waste it but growing up I learned that I didn’t like that so I made a decision to do what I want when I got my own money. I pay all my bills, save money, make sure my wife and kids have everything they need, and I buy myself one phone every year. That’s just my thing. I don’t look at it as a waste as the old phone always goes to use. That’s just my opinion, guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

          4. Agreed.

      8. no body “needs” anything. a Nokia phone from 2002 would still work fine today, as well does a computer from 1999. but newer can be much more convenient especially if you have the expendable cash then I don’t see the problem.

        some people spend their “extra” money on going out and dinking (me) some people spend their extra money on tech and videogames, some people spend their money on restaurants or clothes shopping. it’s not dumb of you can afford it and appreciate it.

        1. That’s exactly how I feel. I’m typing this on my Nexus7 2nd gen.

      9. Apparently you do not love tech stuff as much as the next guy. I guess all the carriers and their early upgrade plans are also stupid too.

      10. I agree. Never did understand all the excitement over every new phone that comes out every 3 months. They all do basically the same stuff the ones before them did.

      11. I completely disagree. Just because you’re satisfied with your phone for two years doesn’t mean the rest of us should be. I had my Gnex for 6 months before I bought an S3. I had my S3 8 months before I bought an S4 and 4 months after I got the S4, I traded it for an HTC One. Couldn’t be happier. When the next phone I want comes out, I will either sell this or trade it for that one. Maybe I’ll even give it to my gf like I did with the S3.

        1. Seriously, what is so hard to understand about this. No crap, of course I’d like the latest stuff every day too. But how can you be so oblivious to wasting money just because you want something?
          Do you go and buy anything you want???

          1. Yeah, actually I do. Or I do like I said I did and I trade. What is so hard about understanding the English language?

          2. I am sorry I assumed you had more brain than what it seemed like from what you said. I gave you too much credit, I apologize, apparently you really meant what you said.

          3. You’re a fucking idiot. When you trade, you spend no money. All you’re doing is proving how incredibly incompetent you are.

  4. Hurry up 4.4!!! My Nexus 7 needs you!!! Mostly because 4.3 screwed it up…

    1. Sounds like you got a hold of a bad flash…my N7 improved in almost ever way. I’d be wondering if the new OS wouldn’t do more harm than good until all the old gremlins were laid to rest. Might be time to check out XDA!

      1. I would, but I can’t flash from a chromebook.

  5. Great, I’m in class all day. Hopefully I won’t be waiting a month to get it into my shopping cart.

  6. Love the way the app says “Quentin Kennemer – posted this -tomorrow”. Changing the clocks IS a funny time. : D

  7. Looks beautiful but I don’t know if it’s enough to split up me and my Note 2.

  8. My understanding is they are going to make an announcement on Halloween to coincide with KitKat. Makes sense to me, and good play on candy.

  9. I just want 4.4 for my Nexus 4.

  10. just take my money “sobs”

  11. Come on Monday 10/28 daddy needs a new phone.

  12. I’ll be in class, but luckily it’s computer class.

    1. Buy me one too

      1. ;)

        1. I’ll pay you back =D

    1. Are… are those Twizzlers?

      1. Yes delicious delicious twizzlers

        1. nasty

  13. Monday would be the perfect day for me. (My birthday:)) other than that being awesome if so, worst thing is of course I’m on Verizon and we all know what the end results will be. I just want to hold it :'(

    1. What the hell is it with this company Verizon. Everywhere you look online for news of the Nexus 5 in the comments there are only horror stories about Verizon, what the hell have they done, did they kill someone?

      1. Lollll u win the internet

  14. I’ve been seeing a lot of LG adverts recently. I’m taking that as a sign that I should start saving in order to upgrade from my Galaxy Nexus to this baby!

  15. It would make sense to have the unveiling on the 28th and the update turned on for Halloween so that the big kids can get their Kit Kats.

  16. Has anybody considered that on Halloween you should be expecting Google to pass out some Kit Kat?

  17. 300 to 350 ala moto x? i believe it when i see it!

    1. It starts at $350… and the nexus 5 is a much better phone for those that want custom stuff.

  18. Couple of observations:
    1) Anybody notice the dot that looks like some sort of button or sensor on the bottom middle front of the phone (or is that part of evleaks logo?)
    2)The time on this shot says 7:00 and not 4:40
    3) The back rendering is missing the volume rocker on the side

    Seems fake to me.

    1. 1: More then likely the microphone.

      1. Mic’s on bottom left face, or maybe one of the speaker grills on bottom is the mic.

    2. We already know its real. It was on Google play for a bit

      1. I know that, the latest “leak from evleaks” seems inconsistent with the one from the Play Store

        1. Actually it’s the exact same one they posted a couple weeks ago from maplesyrup having to do with Telus.

    3. It’s probably the notification light

    4. notification light, positive about it.

    5. For number 2, maybe the 7:00 means it launches on November 7. (And announced October 31. Google usually announces stuff on Thursdays and it being Halloween makes perfect sense)

  19. No…..what makes sense….unveiling on Monday, update to Kit-Kat on Halloween…Available next monday November 4th. also…have a sh!t load for inventory!!! Google..don’t.. fu¢k..this..up!!

    1. I said the same thing. It’s unveiled Monday, you get it by Halloween. There’s your Kit Kat on Halloween.

    2. Well what sucks is the ass hats who buy 10 of them, then turn around and try to sell them eBay for like $800. Wish there was some way to control this..oh well I guess

      1. Had a dream they only allowed 2 per address. Wouldn’t totally eliminate the problem, but might help. Yes, I know, it’s sad I had a dream about the N5…..

        1. That DeJa Vu. You could be on to something.

      2. What they need to do is fix the site so it doesn’t get jacked up on launch day. People thought that the ads selling nexus 4’s because they accidently bought too many were bs. Maybe some were but there were a ton of people that bought extras accidentally because it looked like the order never went through. I almost went back and placed another order because it looked like the site crashed in the middle of mine. Luckily I looked at my bank to see if money was taken out and it was. Hope its fixed this year.

      3. Let them. They’ll buy 10 defects since the 1st batch of anything always sux. Then they won’t be able to sell them once everyone finds out about the 1st batch defects.

  20. This is what I look like everytime I see the Nexus 5… http://replygif.net/i/1049.gif

    1. yeah me too…

      …and then its ******* non-removable battery, little and non-expandable internal storage and small (to me) display come to mind and I go back to loving my Note II and its removable battery, 80GB total storage, big-enough display, S-Pen and exclusive SW features.

  21. Headline is kind of misleading. No new evidence suggests a Monday unveiling.

    1. I never said that anything in the leak suggested a Monday unveiling. I merely questioned the possibility.

      1. inflection is everything.

      2. At this point, people are hungry for information. You gotta be careful with your words to avoid the torches and pitchforks.

        1. or you can try reading

          1. I like krisyadao’s way of thinking better. I was kinda expecting to see something this Monday, even though Quentyn is right. He only speculated it.

    2. It’s also misleading because that image was leaked earlier this month by Telus. Looks like evleaks just took the screen side from that and the back side from the other leak. Nothing new here, just more misinformed hype.


  23. I think with KitKat, it’s going to be Thursday……it was right in front of us this whole time!

  24. Hope its thursday. I get paid and i will buy 3.

    1. It’s people like you, who order more than one (selfishly) that lead to it going sold out so fast. One Nexus 5 is good enough, let’s be fair and put this bad boy in a few hands first. I’m sure many more would agree!!

      1. Chris you are assuming that I am buying 3 for myself? How can even use 3 phones? I am buying 3, one for me, one for my girlfriend and one for a dad.

          1. Girlfriend’s dad?

      2. How do you know I am ordering 3 for myself?

      3. Oh don’t you worry, I’ll be putting any extras I order in to any hands that want them . . . for a price.

    2. I be thinking like that too. =.P

  25. I am still debating myself between buying a contract phone LG G2 for $99 vs buying this for $350. With $99, I would be saving $250 bucks. The problem is, I won’t be getting latest and greatest android updates and I have to deal with all the bloat. I have been with att for 7 years, been in and out of contracts. I am out of contract now, but continuing with them. I don’t see any difference in payments when in contract or off contract. Can anyone shed some light why off contract is better? Where could I be saving? (Not that I cannot buy this new phone. But I do not want to spend, if I can save) PS. Yes, I am a techie. But I look for savings, if possible.

    1. I was with At&T for years and finally made the switch to nexus & StraightTalk. There were a few headaches early on but I have been hassle free for months now on AT&Ts towers and LTE for only 45/month. So, if you are staying with the same “contract” with at&t, then there is not benefit, but if you are willing to jump to a MVNO you can save a good chunk of money.

      1. I’m thinking about switching to Straight talk too for the Nexus 5. Would you recommend it?

        1. I had an issue with them throttling one of my lines and calling in is essentially a waste of time. I had good luck with their customer support in their forums and they got it straightened out. There are even ways to pay ahead or watch for some sales and you can get it down closer to 40/month. Can’t beat that for Att networks and LTE. I recommend it all the time if you are willing to put up with a little hassle. Also, getting the APN settings correct at first is a pain, but that is a 1 time thing. Just search around the forums and keep trying until you find one that works for you.

      2. Thanks. That looks enticing. I am open to switch, if there is a saving :-) . But how is their coverage?

        1. it’s identical to Att, They lease towers from them.

          1. Thanks, Tom! Going to try them. Hope I can keep the same number!

  26. Is the Nexus 5 gunna be able to work on CDMA and GSM? With the same phone?

    1. yes, I believe so…tho’ check the specs, usually all the info as to bands, is there…

      1. From the FCC filings it looks compatible with sprint’s cdma network, so it seems the nexus 5 will run on every network except Verizon’s

        1. Sweet, so that means is be able to throw a SIM in there and be on t mobiles network wihout getting a new nexus 5 device?

          1. if currently on Sprint and you decide to switch to T-Mobile after buying the Nexus 5 we believe so yes, you’d keep the same phone and switch. Nothings confirmed though so take it with that in mind.

          2. That would be great if one phone had all the radios and software in it for every network. I know qualcomm was making an antenna that could use multiple channels for LTE but you would still need other hardware for cdma and other 3g networks. So doubtful one phone could run on all carriers, at least not until all carriers are lte only and run volte.

  27. Aye where is the headset grille?

    1. The circle right in the middle above the screen is the earpiece.

  28. monday that is too soon lol

    Ok is the video camera better than a samsung Galaxy S2 camera?

    1. the pictures will be more stable because of ois but the quality will be the same side it’s the same camera as the nexus 4. which is quite disappointing if you ask me

      1. what do you mean it’s the same camera as in N4? proof/source?

      2. No one ever said it’s the same sensor as the Nexus 4. It’s 8MP, yes, but probably not the same (crappy) sensor.

  29. release date might be november now.

  30. considering this phone has top of the line specs and for that price range. something seems fishy. either this phone is going to fall apart in your hands or just blow up. I’m not going to lie but I’m really excited about this but I want to know what the catch is.

    1. Not sure what you’re getting at. If you just mean the price, well it’s obvious Google has a hand in that.

      1. my point is that how is it even possible for a phone with top of the line specs to be so cheap. what is the catch?

        1. Like I said, Google. They do it because they can. You look at Google’s catalog of service, and the vast majority of them are free to everyone, yet they literally make billions of dollars every few weeks. Android is their Trojan horse in this sense. By getting their own pure Android device into people’s hands, which isn’t mainstream or mass produced in the traditional sense mind you, then they are able to lock in those profits on the backend, and whatever losses they accrue from the subsidized phone itself is a drop in the bucket. Google ain’t hurting for cash these days.

        2. The cost to make these phones are cheap. You add production cost and all that and it’s still pretty lower than the amount OEM’s sell it for. They just sell it that high because… well… IDK… LoL!! They just do.

          I think the prices Google chooses gives them the least amount of profit, or they break even exactly: they don’t gain or lose.

    2. Google sells the phone at cost

    3. The catch is that Google doesn’t know how to sell phones. They have very small retail presence compared to Samsung or even HTC.

  31. I’ll miss this one, since I’m on Verizon. Love my GNex. But I also like Verizon’s reliability and coverage more. Also, I’m a bit disappointed in the specs of the Nexus 5. Otherwise, I’d be complaining.

    1. What are you looking for, spec wise?

      1. probably a 2.5 octo-core cpu with 4 GB ram, 5.2 inch 1080p display, 3500 mAH battery, 13 MP camera 2.5 front facing camera, with LTE-A capabilities that wont be useful til 2015 probably.. just a guess

        1. lol I agree it was a little silly to begin with, but I wanted to give the guy a chance to explain himself.

          1. Probably the poor 2300mAh battery.

        2. Why the octo core 2.5 ghz beast…? I think this Snivelly runs on battery, not on Google-powered generators :-P 1080p display’s there in One.

    2. you clearly haven’t been on tmobiles network. I had my dads iPhone 5 on Verizon for 3 days since he was out of the country and the LTE kept dropping on me a lot. also when trying to watch YouTube videos it would buffer a lot. on Tmobile I can watch videos without having to worry about buffering or any dropped signals.

    3. Disappointed? How? The specs can’t get any better. I mean, they can throw a higher MP camera, but that’s about it. LoL!!

      Like what were you expecting? The hardware can’t get any better.


    1. 9am PST for Nexus 4.

  33. I knew it was too good too be true too get some new info on the nexus 5 on a saturday

    1. It’s happened several times on Saturdays, but yes @evleaks rehashed mobilesyrup’s pic, though probably found it elsewhere…

  34. Take my money already, Google! :p

  35. It will come out eventually, no need to freak out :P

    Though if you’re going to parallel import, do check the hardware thoroughly upon arrival as Nexus devices seems to be prone to defects.

    Or it might be better to get the second or third wave.
    Let the early adopters point out the defects first :P

    1. Yes. I never get the first batch. There are ALWAYS problems. It also gives me time to see consumer reviews to see if I truly want the device, or whatever it is I’m thinking on buying.

  36. Is this amount of release teasing called bullying and crushing hope of a real release, or just standard PR and Marketing?

    Or is there something really wrong with either production of the phone or the release of KitKat that is really delaying everything?

    Remember the stop, start, sellout release of the Nexus 4, the reported problems when the Nexus 7 (2013) was released of bad tablets and problems with software ( bad nexus phones and tables– for you no KitKats on Halloween! only Mars Bars!)

    But if you are good, and the great pumpkin smiles on you maybe you will find a Nexus5 in your treat bag on Halloween morning!

  37. I am married to VZW. It’s an abusive relationship, but my luv for it’s unlimited data, and reliability keeps me with her. Till death of unlimited do us part. However… I am interested in watching a Nexus 5 twerk, just can’t take it home.

    1. Verizon is not the only unlimited data carrier and reliability.

      1. That’s where coverage comes into play. Sprint & T-mobile coverage is almost nonexistent where I live unless I stand on the tips of my toes, by a window on the 2nd floor, with zero clouds in the sky (with VZW toilet & garage calls are still reliable). As for AT&T, I can’t get the same grandfathered in data/rate I already have with VZW, and as per opensignal VZW still beats their coverage area (at least where I’m at). So until other carriers step up their coverage zones, and/or VZW drops my unlimited data, I’m at where I’m at, sadly with no Nexus. However, VoLTE might…just maybe…be my ticket to get a Nexus in the near future.

        1. You shouldn’t have had to explain that. People should know that Verizon has superb coverage and that their unlimited plan is no more. You can only be grandfathered in that plan. LoL!!

          But I find it funny that someone said reliability. I SURE hope they’re not referring to Sprint. Used them for 2 years. They are NOT reliable. They’re data speeds were so slow and I actually had dropped calls and calls not coming through. If it wasn’t for Google Voice Integration, I wouldn’t even have known of those missed calls and text. =.=

  38. take my money Google

  39. I don’t understand all the excitement over every new phone that comes out every few months. they pretty much all do the same things.

    1. this may not be the rite site for u!

    2. yeah they all do the same base things, but every few months they do all of those things significantly better. Impressive cameras, greatly improved battery life, couple of new handy features here and there, and with the nexus also comes a new OS with even more new features and ui aesthetics.

    3. I actually agree with you when you say they all do the same thing. That’s why I pick my phones based on the little things. LoL!!

    4. hozer, another site a guy wanted a brown N5, I heard that the news going around the POTUS is in the works on pushing out a hot steaming one, a new government required feature.



  41. Guys guys guys….. the EVLEAKS one is oviously a photoshop. I mean just compare the official image below and the evleaks one. They are not the same phone.

  42. Question what makes this phone different from any other phone?

    1. For one, it’s $250 cheaper.

    2. A number of things set the Nexus 5 apart from the competition:

      1) It’s one of the best values in the industry.The Nexus 4 launched with some of the best specs of any phone available. And, as Rachel Q. stated, Nexus phones are 200-350 dollars cheaper than the high-end phones made by other manufacturers. The Nexus 5 will likely continue this pattern.

      2) Nexus devices are the first devices to be updated to the latest versions of Android. When Google releases a new version of Android, they also release a new Nexus phone or tablet to show off that new version. Older Nexus devices usually are updated within a few weeks or sooner too, which is months before any other device.

      3) The development community behind the Nexus line is unrivaled. Google makes it EXTREMELY easy to unlock, root, and tinker with Nexus devices. There’s no end to the number of ROMs, hacks, and other modifications available to those adventurous enough to dive in.

  43. Holly Batman, this article seems to get it.

    Another speeding bullet just zipped by, another date that will come and go, another chance for me to rent lawn chairs for those that are waiting for the N5.

  44. While a new Nexus phone is cool and everything, I’m more interested in when the original Nexus 7 (2012 model) will get KitKat. Would it be safe to say that it will happen soon after the Nexus 5 geyts released?

    1. Id be willing to bet it happens around that time.

  45. I can see this being 300 or 350 for gym carriers.. But watch it get marked up to 540 or more for a CDMA model, if they decide to offer it for CDMA carriers….. Hoping it stays a flat 300-400 for everyone..

  46. I’m done with all these rumors!:)


  47. Hold your breath, Samsung Galaxy S5 to land with 4GB of RAM along with 64Bit chip!!

    take a look:


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