Motorola wants to tell Moto X owners a story, starts with Motorola Spotlight Player app update


Motorola wants to tell Moto X owners a story in a unique way. Today, Moto added another piece to their cryptic Windy Day puzzle by updating the Motorola Spotlight Player found on all Moto X devices.

Motorola says they love stories and love technology. Pairing their software engineers with with award-winning directors, they were able to come up with a unique storytelling platform for mobile. The Motorola Spotlight Player uses advanced 3D graphics, thanks to the Moto X’s Adreno 320 GPU, to deliver rich and interactive stories in real-time.

To get started, you’ll want to visit the Motorola Spotlight Player on Google Play and download the latest update. The update adds functionality to the previously hidden application. There’s now a 1×1 widget that you can install on your home screen. Upon tapping on the widget, you’re greeted with the screens above which give you a little more insight into Moto’s storytelling platform. If you don’t want in on the upcoming fun, you can choose to disable content being pushed to your Moto X from there as well. That’s about it for now.

Spotlight should get interesting in just a few more days when Windy Day launches. We’ll keep an eye out on October 29th and keep you posted.

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  1. Here’s my story… Motorola made the 32GB version an ATT exclusive, so as a Sprint customer, I passed.

    1. The ATT thing killed the motox especially since Verizon has droid

    2. Also why I didn’t give much thought to the MotoX. No 32GB or MotoMaker on Sprint at day one? No thanks.

      1. Yeah. I REALLY wanted this phone, but GSM coverage by me is horrible. So I pretty much stick with Sprint. Now hopefully the Nexus 5 will launch on Sprint, so Moto lost a sale here. I absolutely would have bought a 32 GB one on launch.

        1. It is all but guaranteed that the Nexus 5 launches on Sprint. It had all three Sprint LTE bands during the FCC inspection.

          1. Right, but I meant I want it the same day as the GSM Play Store launch. You would think there would have been Sprint training materials leaked by now if it was going to be available concurrently.

    3. I’m still a little pissed about not being able to use MotoMaker on my Verizon Moto X. But, whatever. It’s still the best damn phone I’ve used to date.

      1. Best phone I’ve ever used – but mediocre camera, even post update. Haven’t found a phone yet that can match the shots of my kids (and other things) I can get with the S4 – and that includes the G2 and 5S (sorry, no Windows Phones here). Admittedly, I’m a phone-camera snob and that’s become much higher priority to me than I ever imagined it would.

  2. No 32gb, small battery, no MotoMaker on Verizon. I bought the Maxx instead.

    1. I don’t need 32gb, battery always gets me through the day, I was pissed about MotoMaker, but I love Cruzerlite cases anyways. Lovin’ my Moto X.

      1. I have the 32gb Moto X. My phone comes off the charger at 8:30am everyday and doesn’t die until around 11pm with hard use, and later with moderate use. It’s comfortable in my hand or pocket and smooth as butter when running apps. This is the best phone hands down I have ever owned.

  3. Where the latest Moto X sales motorola?

  4. Best phone I’ve ever owned and I’ve been with Android from day 1.

  5. I really wanted this phone to come to T-Mobile with motomaker. I might have even given up the waterproof glory of Sony’s latest offerings.

  6. Motox phone runs circle around 3 year old iphone5s

  7. I love my moto x.

  8. how activate the spotlight stories dosen’t work in my phone

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