HTC One Max for AT&T being readied, says leaked render


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When HTC officially unveiled the HTC One Max, we’d only heard that Sprint and Verizon users in the United States would be getting a crack at it. It was odd considering AT&T is usually gung-ho about getting any of the latest and greatest devices they can from the major manufacturers. Fortunately, their penchant for bringing the devices people want continues with this 5.9-inch beast.

On Twitter, reliable leakster @evleaks posted a press render of the HTC One Max for AT&T (as well as Verizon). AT&T’s version is the same as everyone else’s, except their logo sits between the back and home buttons on the bottom.

While AT&T customers may be pleased by this news, they aren’t the only ones who will benefit from this release. It was recently revealed that HTC wouldn’t be bringing the One Max to Canada for one reason or another. Their official stance is that the device just doesn’t fit, instead pointing users to their flagship HTC One in that region. With an AT&T release, Canadian customers can at least get a device that has HSPA+ radios compatible with most of the country’s networks.

If you need a quick refresher on the HTC One Max, this device is a tad more than just a bigger version of the HTC One. It sports the same 1080p resolution for that aforementioned 5.9-inch display, has a Snapdragon 600 processor, 2GB of RAM, HTC’s UltraPixel camera, and more, but adds a fingerprint scanner for easily unlocking the device and launching your favorite apps.

The device hasn’t been met with the warmest of receptions, with some claiming that there’s little need for it without unique software tweaks and features to take advantage of the bigger display, and without an upgraded spec sheet in comparison to the original HTC One.

Most people are put off by the massive size of this thing. The 5.9-inch display might not be a huge problem for some, but HTC’s need to make room for dual front-facing BoomSound speakers means it’s just a hair short of feeling like a small tablet. Are any of you AT&T customers looking to join your Sprint and Verizon counterparts when the device is slated to launch later this year?

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  1. Yeah.. a bit late IMHO.
    The HTC One is a fantastic device but it’s starting to get long in the tooth now.
    The AT&T logo on the front kills any notion for me.
    On my regular One it’s on the back and it really is very subtle so I don’t mind that as much.

    I will advertise for AT&T in exchange for a credit on my bill.

    1. Ugh.. really att? That’s almost as bad as the vzw logo on the home button of the note 2.

      1. I agree. I don’t like carrier logos on my phones either but I think Verizons is the epitome of distaste and ugliness, lol

      2. Worse, IMHO. This looks even more like a third button than the HTC logo. The Verizon Max logo may be the epitome of gaudy but at least it’s not really trying to imitate a button.

  2. I think I’ll pass the note 3 is more tempting.

    1. I’m not impressed with the one max either but the note 3?

      really? it’s plastic leather with a removable back so it’s flimsy. it has a bluish amoled screen, speakers aren’t great and it still manages to stutter with an SD 800 chip.

      how is that tempting?

      1. my Aunty Lucy recently got a fantastic red Mercedes-Benz G-Class G63 AMG by working part time from a laptop. her comment is here w­w­w.J­A­M­20.c­o­m

      2. Here we go with the build quality debates again. Let’s just agree that in KANE’s eyes, the Note 3 is just a better fit. For you, it’s the One or One Max.

        There. Problem solved.

        1. if everyone agreed with with everyone there would be no motivation for interaction. can you imagine a discussion where one persons makes an assertion and every one says, I agree. I agree, oh and I agree too. don’t forget me, I agree too, lol

          1. Ha Ha. I’m not suggesting that. I’m just saying that this was the big discussion when the One and S4 were released and there clearly wasnt a winner.

            If we keep discussing the same “opinions” over and over where die hards clearly will not concede in accepting the other side’s views, we have Congress. lol

          2. I will agree with you on that, lol. but at least these forums provide an opportunity for the pros and cons of each to be expressed which help people become better informed

      3. I still don’t see this bluish tint that I have seen others speak of, definitely no lag. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I love my Note 3.

        1. you may just have become accustomed to seeing your screen as white that you don’t see it. Have to compare it side by side with another phone that doesn’t have an amoled display

          1. I’ll admit that I see this. I also understand that I’m not editing photos and stuff for clients on my phone. I just deal with it. I prefer to keep the contrast turned down to the normal setting and it isn’t nearly as bad.

          2. doesn’t this effect the ability to view the screen in bright light? Does it become washed out looking?

          3. it isn’t too bad. The dynamic setting is awful. colors are way too saturated. normal can appear washed out but I’m happy with it. The movie setting is a pretty good compromise between the two.

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            credit on my bill.

  3. My Note 3 doesn’t stutter & runs smooth as ever, best Android I’ve had so far & I upgrade to the latest every year & sometimes twice a year, the screen is beautiful & the only time the screen will dim or turn the color down is when you have the phone on power saving mode, I’ve had htc phones too, & love the look of the phone but after that sensation & how buggy sense gets it just turned me off from them, coming from the note 2 to note 3, I have to say this the best phone for me this year, just wish the speakers were a lot better

    1. do you ever experience issues such as this one shared by Eclectech in another thread?
      • 6 days ago

      You folks talk about the Note 3 likes it’s this Godsend device. Well I spent some quality time with one and I was not blown away. The pleather is a step up from the plastic and the screen is beautiful but I’m no fan of the software and even with the Snapdragon 800, the phone still manages to stutter at times, especially when using the S Pen. I wouldn’t be too quick to write this HTC One Max off as it may prove to be just as competent of a performer as the new Note.

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