AT&T is raising the prices of its grandfathered plans


Carriers like to introduce new plans every now and then. But since it’s not realistic to expect existing customers to switch to these new plans, carriers usually support the grandfathering of older plans. Unfortunately, it seems that AT&T has decided that they’re done with that and will be raising the prices of its grandfathered plans.

According to AT&T’s website, come August, customers who are still using the carrier’s old unlimited data plans will see an increase in their bills by as much as $20 a month. That will affect customers who have multiple lines attached to their accounts. For those with single lines, this increase will go up to $10 a month.

In exchange, AT&T says that they will be offering these affected customers with more high-speed and hotspot data. This means that if you insist on keeping your old existing plan, you’ll have to pay more for it but you’ll also be getting more in return. Presumably AT&T is hoping the price increase will drive users in grandfathered plans to their newer plans.

If you’re not a fan of these price changes, then you’ll either have to consider AT&T’s other newer plans or switch to a different carrier. There are several carriers like T-Mobile and Verizon that can be worth considering, or maybe sign up for an MVNO like Google Fi.

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