HTC says no One Max for Canada


When the HTC One Max was still a rumored device, we thought a Canadian would be a sure-fire bet. Verizon was already tipped ahead of the announcement, and Sprint announced plans to sell the device shortly after the press release came through the newswire.


So why wouldn’t Canada get a shot, right? Well they aren’t, according to a statement received by MobileSyrup:

“HTC devices differ from country to country, we work closely with carrier partners in each region to determine what is best for their consumers. Every market is different and has specific needs and demands.

We consider a number of factors such as, the HTC devices currently available, the competition etc. At this time the current HTC line up of devices is sufficient for the Canadian marketplace.”

We’re not sure if the carriers are rejecting the One Max or if HTC just has no interesting launching there. We’re leaning toward the latter, because we find it hard to believe that every single major carrier in the Great White North stand on the same side of the line.

With that, some may begin letting their assumptions get the best of them. Whatever the case may be, Canadians will have to look toward their friends in Europe if they want a smartphone that’s somewhat compatible with their networks, as there are no current plans for AT&T or T-Mobile to carry the device here in the United States. Bummer. Any of you folks up north affected by this news?

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Well, I’m a Canadian and was on the fence about the note 3 and one max. I guess the decision has been made for me.

    1. Well, a true spec battle would favor the Note III, and that will probably get more updates over time, so the decision is a bit more obvious than one would think. This is coming from an HTC One user. The One Max is just a bigger HTC One with a finger print scanner.

      1. your attempt at impartiality by saying you are an htc one user doesnt cut it. you are a samsung shill and you know it, lol

        1. Explain to me how it is not just a bigger display and finger print scanner? It will still run Sense, have an UP Camera, Boomsound, same RAM and Processor. I fail to see how am I wrong in this situation. Is it clear Samsung has the spec advantage? Yes, very clear. 3 GB of RAM is just setting the market behind. The processors vary based on regions. You just seem to troll everyone on this article.

          1. you purportedly own the one. have you had any issues with speed, stutter, lag or what not with the sd600 contained within? Do you not have the best display in the industry bar none? The best sound system with amp? the best-looking device of ANY? Not to mention the most highly acclaimed smartphone by tech reviewers around the world.

            its just that it is inconceivable to me that your are you going to be satisfied with a phone that is plasticky and ugly, has an sd800 chip yet still manages to stutter, has a bluish screen and a mono speaker that essentially sucks?

            my efforts are at meaningful discussions and if you see my posts you will see i try to engage in productive discussions but find it necessary at times to call out the samsung marketers, paid students and shills

          2. *first world problems* That’s all the issue really is. LoL!!

          3. elaborate please. I haven’t a clue as to what you mean

          4. You are right. There is nothing wrong with the hardware in the HTC One Max. The reason that the commenter wanted more even though they didn’t need it is an example of “first world problems”.

            My HTC One is out of date. They have the s800 processors out. My phone is now super slow and laggy.

            That’s clearly not true. People just want the best for no reason: the latest thing out. Like me. I’m perfectly fine with my HTC One, but I wished I had the S800 processor. Why? Because it’s the latest. LoL!!

            First world problems.

          5. i understand now. first world has a “keep up with the jones'” mentality. third world is content and happy with what theyve got, if theyve even got anything at all. thanks

          6. I tried the Note III for the first time today at Best Buy. The device is awesome. 2.38 GB of RAM accessible to the user, 13 MP camera, unique controls, great looking display and nice feel. Don’t bash something just because you are pro HTC. Give credit where it is due. You realize that HTC has a worse replacement process if the phone craps out? Gotta send in the entire unit rather than individual parts like a battery if there is a battery issue. Stop being a debbie downer. I love my HTC One and I like it more than the S4, but the Note III is the best phone by far. Nothing surpasses it. Samsung > HTC in general, but I can like both. It’s not like politics, so stop making it like that.

          7. thanks for the great explanation. this was a thoughtful and meaningful response actually which contributes in helping people make informed decisions

          8. My responses provide better insight than yours simply because I am not just being super biased. Your agenda is to be a HTC first person and you just seem to bash Samsung. If you want to bash products, that’s not my forte, so good luck with that.

          9. im not just spouting contradictions like some of the samsung shills here do. i actually provide counterarguments backed up with reasoning, supporting evidence and or facts. if your insight consists of same then good

          10. 1. You’re not providing anything of use here. People wouldn’t dislike your comments every time you type something. 2. Your grammar is really bad and I suggest you type better because it is just a nuisance to people when you butcher the English language. 3. Everyone doesn’t have to think the HTC One is the best product on the planet. 4. Choices are good for the market so people can decide what they want instead of listening to an ignorant person like yourself. Do yourself a favor and just please stop commenting on my posts. You’re just embarrassing yourself with your lack of common sense.

          11. 1.thats your opinion. my goal is not to get as many likes as i can. you can bet its mostly samsung shills hitting the dislike button anyway.

            2. i regret that my writing communication abilities are not at the same level as yours

            3. its not the best product on the planet. however, neither is the samsung as a lot of the shills are making it out to be.

            4. people have a right to choose whatever phone they want without undue influence from shills and marketers on these boards. there is something called the 1st Amendment so if you want me to stop commenting on your posts, then stay out of the forums because there is no way you will silence me. I’ve tried to be considerate of you but consider yourself a target now that you have just tried to infringe on my right.

          12. Your “1st Amendment rights” only applies in certain areas. Phandroid is probably ran by some company or some group of people and advertising is apart of their site. Discuss is their commenting provider. If you violate any terms of conditions, you can be removed. Try to preach that “right” to corporations or some private parties? It means squat. Like I said, you sound ignorant. Not my problem. If we need a national “Head Up Their Ass Party,” you’re the leader. You have no effective way of determining if people are “shills.” Instead, you continue to show off as a fool. You keep on using ad hominems to criticize Samsung fans. If there’s an Apple fan here, do I make it my agenda to ostracize them? No, I don’t. Maybe you have some sort of sociological factors causing you to act childish; I wouldn’t know. I am not an expert either. I just know that you seem like someone who would spite and smite people for disagreeing with you.

          13. if you think I have violated any of the rules on this board, then complain to the mods so they can remove me. otherwise just deal with it because I will certainly not have you dictate what I can and cannot contribute in these forums.

          14. I was talking in general. I cannot enforce anything myself. My responses are merely suggestions, where I feel like each time you type; you’re sound nescient/cretinous. As a reader, I just cannot stand charlatans like you. So do yourself a favor and stop dragging on an argument that you lost ages ago.

        2. Are you trolling Richard?

          1. just for samsung marketers, paid students and shills who try to influence peoples decisions in these discussions Kiwi.

    2. dont despair. skip the note 3 and wait or you will regret it. note 3 is bloated and stutters despite the sd 800. worse yet it is ugly with a pleather back and has a bluish amoled screen, is flimsy and though not cheap, definitely cheap looking

  2. Boo HTC. Though I don’t like the max, you need to improve your marketing and presence here. Its all samsung and apple. Btw lm going to ditch the HTC one for a note 3..

    1. you sound like a samsung shill kiwi. why would you ditch the one?

      lol, you dont really have the one do you?…

      1. I got The HTC One the first day Rogers had them in stock. Second Android phone after leaving iPhone (First was the Google Galaxy Nexus). I got the phone for the Camera and screen mainly but I feel that having the stylus would really help my use of the phone into a smartphone for me. I’ve been using PDAs since the days of Palm, PocketPCs etc etc. Remember the Sony P900?? Anyway, I’m no Samsung Shill.. maybe a Apple fanboy in the past, but now I use what tech suits me best..,.

        1. so you got it for the stylus? fair enough…it just that it is inconceivable to me that a one owner would just “ditch” their one for a note 3 without some kind of plausible explanation. shills do that a lot here you know as they try to influence peoples decisions

        2. This is why I got the HTC One over the S4. I play games on my phone all the time and love how the sound points toward you.

          It was my greatest pep peeve when I was in a loud place and couldn’t hear my phone while waiting.

          1. Same, I was all set to get the S4 but when I heard the sound and saw the bright screen of the One, sold. Also, I guess I’m one of the few that like Blinkfeed, I use that along with Currents and Flipboard. I just couldn’t get past all the gimmicky things and poor screen quality of the S4 and I used to have a Samsung and have been posting about the necessity for the removable battery and micro sd expansion for forever.

          2. After i cracked my year old htc one x screen earlier this year, i was actually looking at getting a galaxy note 2 because i was desiring a larger screen. However, the htc one came out shortly after and after comparing the two phones side by side and seeing the bluish screen of the note next to the pristine, crisp and BRIGHT 369ppi screen of the one, it was a no brainer for me.

            The amplified dual front speakers were just the icing on the cake and the beautiful aluminum unibody build meant i could have that cake and eat it too!

            I will say though that the battery is mediocre under heavy use, the daytime pics are subpar and I personally hate blinkfeed. I took care of that by just installing nova launcher though. These are not minor cons or drawbacks but damn the pros sure do outweigh them.

  3. Canadians always get the shaft.

    1. patience is a virtue supreme. perhaps by the time you get it it will be a more refined device with more features and higher usability

    2. Not always.

      Many US cell users, especially on Verizon, would be very happy to have the options we Canucks do, with compatible GSM & often LTE, almost everywhere.

      I’m a happy user of PC Mobile prepaid (Bell MVNO) and can only laugh about the grand-fathered unlimited data plan I have at 25 cents a day. I rarely use voice so $100 a year covers me. I just pop my SIM in any of the many unlocked phones I’ve bought outright the last few years.

  4. No canadians cared that day..

    1. lol, do i detect an air of sour grapes there max? otherwise, what compelled you to enter this discussion?

      i, as well as most people just ignore the threads we don’t care about much less go about taking the time to make comments.

      don’t hate because you cant get it dude. just wait for it

      1. This is why OEM’s come out with devices no one likes. If you don’t take the time to say what you do and don’t like, then how are they supposed to know? Every opinion, regardless if its for or against, is always useful.

        1. bona fide opinions coming from the masses are fine. however, the shills populating these boards are not here to contribute to the overall good but rather to further some marketing agenda. they disrupt the flow of the beneficial information you describe so they need to be dealt with

  5. HTC is only hurting them self

    1. Honestly, I think they are just testing the waters to see how it sells. Just like when the note 1 came out and it was initially only available on att.

  6. So much for “One Phone to rule them all, One Phone to find them, One Phone to bring them all and in the darkness bind them”

    1. I feel like you got that from somewhere…

      “The darkness bind them…” I feel like I’ve heard that from somewhere… Hmm…

  7. how the hell isn’t this coming to ATT ?!

    1. tmobile to

      1. I highly doubt it wouldn’t. I mean that would just be Ace Level Retarded.

  8. Can’t say I’m disappointed, the specs were pretty disappointing when compared to the note 3, all it had going was the build quality

    1. funny you don’t mention the dual front facing, amplied stereo speakers, an awesome display that is not overly saturated (which has true whites rather than bluish whites like the note 3) and lacks ugliness, something which is highly plentiful in the note 3, lol

      1. By your rampant posting (13), you either work for HTC or a fanboy?

        Anyhow what I said was my opinion, I rarely use my phone without earphones, I find the Note 3 to be a good looking phone and I’ve seen the screen (Note 2 and Note 3) and am very satisfied with it. Also you have options to turn off the saturation.

        1. sorry. I thought you were a shill.

          no, I don’t work for htc and I don’t think I’m a fanboy because although I have an htc one, I have said elsewhere in these discussions that I would not buy the new htc max because of 1) fingerprint scanner which ruins the stylistic cohesiveness, front and back of the beautiful design 2)removable back diminishes the structural rigidity of the phone, thereby rendering it flimsy 3) daytime pictures suck 4) battery life is mediocre at best with heavy use.

          you opinion is fine and thank you for clarifying your reasons. your thoughtful response adds tremendously to this discussion because it helps others become better informed

  9. I was deciding whether to wait for the One Max or get the Butterfly s while I travelled in Taiwan. Glad to have made the decision – the last (high end) HTC phone with 3 buttons. Its Snapdragon 600 is clocked faster than the One Max, same speed as the i9505 Galaxy S4 (1.9 gHz). The only problem I’ve had with this is similar to what S4 users had in the beginning; some bass crackling with certain types of headphones at high volumes (maybe I listen to music too loud). Other than that it is a great phone and the battery life is amazing.

    I am disappointed about the One Max though.

    1. if the htc one is any indication, from a performance standpoint the one max is definitely going shine in that area. The sharp and bright lcd3 display with truer whites that outshine amoleds (and without the bluish hue) and amplified dual front speakers will continue to be a successful selling point

      However, the exclusion of the optical image stabilization feature is going to be a point of contention for many and i dont blame them for that. Since it has the same camera as the one, the daytime picks will still be subpar (although night pics still are better than most). HTC really should have upgraded the camera for improved daytime pics and definitely not leave out OIS.

      Furthermore, the removable back (although made of aluminum), compromises the rigidity of the phone and makes the one just as flimsy as other phones on the market that have removable backs, and the fingerprint scanner (shaped in square no less), which appears to have been plopped onto the back without any sort of afterthought just totally ruins the understated yet beautifully stylish design (like on the one) and clashes with the round shape of the camera lens. it doesnt help that there is also now a plastic edge trim (similiar to the one found on the one mini).

      Again, from a performance standpoint, just like the original one, the one max is awesome. They share the same SD600 snapdragon chip which doesnt falter. Rarely will competing phone owners contradict the one’s performance because they cant. Rather, they will counter with specs (faster chip, etc.) on competing phones which doesnt translate into anything meaningful in real-world use.

      However, i prefer a handset that strikes a balance between function and form. The Max lost much of the latter compared to the original one which is the reason, like you, i am sorely disappointed in the one max.

      1. They had a removable back but no removable battery which was carried on from the Dual-SIM Variants of the HTC One and Butterfly s (this one is essentially a plastic 5-inch HTC One as the battery is 2300mAh). I’m indifferent about the issue of removable batteries but a unibody is possible; look at the Desire HD and Sensation. They had patches on the sides to open up the battery and external storage etc. It’s also rather silly that HTC’s lower-end Desire phones still have removable battery and storage, but they leave them out of higher-end phones.

  10. It’s funny that Canadians don’t even get a chance to thumb their noses at Max. I can just imagine some Canadians saying “well, we didn’t want it anyway” to which HTC goes “well you can’t want something you weren’t going to get”. I guess for those who want a bigger One, then this is it, literally, it is just a bigger One. I prefer my One’s 468 ppi screen.

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