Oct 17th, 2013

When the HTC One Max was still a rumored device, we thought a Canadian would be a sure-fire bet. Verizon was already tipped ahead of the announcement, and Sprint announced plans to sell the device shortly after the press release came through the newswire.


So why wouldn’t Canada get a shot, right? Well they aren’t, according to a statement received by MobileSyrup:

“HTC devices differ from country to country, we work closely with carrier partners in each region to determine what is best for their consumers. Every market is different and has specific needs and demands.

We consider a number of factors such as, the HTC devices currently available, the competition etc. At this time the current HTC line up of devices is sufficient for the Canadian marketplace.”

We’re not sure if the carriers are rejecting the One Max or if HTC just has no interesting launching there. We’re leaning toward the latter, because we find it hard to believe that every single major carrier in the Great White North stand on the same side of the line.

With that, some may begin letting their assumptions get the best of them. Whatever the case may be, Canadians will have to look toward their friends in Europe if they want a smartphone that’s somewhat compatible with their networks, as there are no current plans for AT&T or T-Mobile to carry the device here in the United States. Bummer. Any of you folks up north affected by this news?

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