Oct 21st, 2013

To say HTC hasn’t had the best of luck in the tablet sector would be quite the understatement. In fact, you might say that the tablet market has been a bit unattractive for anyone not named “Samsung” or “Apple.” LG’s jumped back in with the 8.3-inch G Tab, and now another OEM who once tried their hand (and failed) at the tablet market is getting ready to give it another go.

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HTC’ executive Cher Wang mentioned as much in an interview conducted by the Financial Times. “When the tablet comes out it will be something nice and disruptive,” was the quote, which leads us to believe HTC will be focusing on just one device. We aren’t sure what this tablet might bring, but one can only assume Android will be the driving force behind whatever it is they’re cooking up.

Peter Chou also mentioned the company’s view on wearables, noting that it was an important sector that HTC would want to get right. He says the Taiwanese company isn’t interested in coming out with a weak “v1” release, but instead wants their first foray into the new product category to be something special and useful in the everyday lives of people.

One might think HTC is referring to devices like the Samsung Galaxy Gear, a smart watch seemingly rushed to market by the South Korean company that likes to try everything. Most will contend Samsung’s biggest mistake was making a product that doesn’t work with everything, with only a couple of the company’s smartphone compatible with the watch.

Of course, without an actual product to show anyone it’s HTC who will have to prove their worth in this market, and many others they’re interested in trying out. We’re not sure when, exactly, to expect the next round of the company’s products, but you can bet they’ll have our undivided attention when they do.

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