HTC says their upcoming tablet will be “disruptive”; also working on a smart watch


To say HTC hasn’t had the best of luck in the tablet sector would be quite the understatement. In fact, you might say that the tablet market has been a bit unattractive for anyone not named “Samsung” or “Apple.” LG’s jumped back in with the 8.3-inch G Tab, and now another OEM who once tried their hand (and failed) at the tablet market is getting ready to give it another go.

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HTC’ executive Cher Wang mentioned as much in an interview conducted by the Financial Times. “When the tablet comes out it will be something nice and disruptive,” was the quote, which leads us to believe HTC will be focusing on just one device. We aren’t sure what this tablet might bring, but one can only assume Android will be the driving force behind whatever it is they’re cooking up.

Peter Chou also mentioned the company’s view on wearables, noting that it was an important sector that HTC would want to get right. He says the Taiwanese company isn’t interested in coming out with a weak “v1” release, but instead wants their first foray into the new product category to be something special and useful in the everyday lives of people.

One might think HTC is referring to devices like the Samsung Galaxy Gear, a smart watch seemingly rushed to market by the South Korean company that likes to try everything. Most will contend Samsung’s biggest mistake was making a product that doesn’t work with everything, with only a couple of the company’s smartphone compatible with the watch.

Of course, without an actual product to show anyone it’s HTC who will have to prove their worth in this market, and many others they’re interested in trying out. We’re not sure when, exactly, to expect the next round of the company’s products, but you can bet they’ll have our undivided attention when they do.

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  1. This should go well…


    1. My Uncle Andrew got a 2012 Acura RDX SUV helpful hints w­w­w.J­A­M­20.c­o­m

  2. Not expecting a real winner here.

  3. lol sounds like this is gonna be the beast of a device with a skin more horrendous than motoblur and a bootloader locked down so tight the developement community will curse its existence type of disruption.

  4. Yeah, whatever. What is it gonna look like? An 8.9 inch One? I am a huge fan of htc but I am starting to get a little embarrassed for them. Anyway, design wise it has to stand out from the rest just like the One did(just don’t make it look like a One) as well as having cool software features. It should also be priced as close to the nexus tabs as possible if they want any chance of moving a respectable amount of units.

    1. > What is it gonna look like? An 8.9 inch One?

      That would make it one of what, 3 tablets with front facing speakers? I could certainly think of worse things…

      1. I am sure you knew what I meant. You have the One then you have the One Mini and One Max. I don’t think it will be a good idea if the “One Tab” or whatever they may call it, has the exact same design as the other current One devices. Front facing speakers are not the issue.

        1. Oh, I did. I was just saying that as silly as it would be, the FFS would still be worth it.

          1. Definitely, I think one of the biggest reasons for me not yet getting rid of my One is the front facing speakers and I would definitely expect front facing speakers on htc’s tablet, I just don’t see them rehashing the same exact design.

  5. Does HTC have adhd? Seriously, it’s like they can’t concentrate on one thing for more than a few seconds. If they had kept at it, the flyer might have evolved into something better. Now if this one comes out with a lackluster performance, will they just say F it again, until a couple of years from now when they decide to try it once more?

  6. Release a Note 8 or G Pad sized/shaped with snapdragon 800, 1080p and 4gb ram and 4G otherwise it will be nothing special

    1. except staples just had to clear out their note 8’s for $225 already (they had it on clearance for $299 and then had a $75 off any samsung tablet coupon).

      Android tablets are a compromised experience, honestly, and getting a manufacturer like HTC who sucks at hardware AND software to try to disrupt this experience is laughable.

      1. Note 8 is a crap device, dual core 720p etc. Of course it isn’t selling compared to Nexus 7 etc. Do you want a medal for stating the obvious? Hence my mentioning of far superior specs.

        1. You really think people shop by looking at specs at staples, best buy, etc? just curious.

          1. Well I’m not American and noone buys tablets in those shops in England or Poland so I couldn’t tell you.

      2. HTC sux at software? Have you used Sense 5? It’s very nice. It’s not blogged down with extra features.

        I’m not saying the extra features are a bad thing, but if you don’t want to use them, it’s a waste of RAM.

      3. Sorry buddy, HTC got probably the best software this year with sense 5, and by the far the best hardware, infact HTC has been the best at hardware the last couple years

  7. Hopefully a nice combo tablet/phone, like Asus, but probably not…

  8. No thanks

  9. Sweet! Maybe we’ll finally get a tablet with the following specs:

    4K Resistive Touchscreen @ 7″

    Single core 528MHz Qualcomm Processor
    1GB Onboard Storage
    Removable xD Card Slot

    Take my money!

  10. HTC really needs to re-focus there energy and the entire operation on a really good set of specific devices. I am not the one who has all the answers and Im sure no one here does. But from my simple minded outlook(outside looking in) I think they should take the Samsung style approach. Apparently its working since Apple and a few other began to *mimic Samsungs product offering.

    IMHO there product line should be structered as such:

    -High End device like the One. Dont compete head-on with the likes of SOny, Samsung, LG and Apple. DO what they all do, make it unique enough to stand out while being in the same fight as the rest.

    -Mid Range phone for on contract people who dont need he best specs

    -Make a good 8″ tablet! We all have 7″ and 10″. I think for my bigger hand a 8″ would be great!

    -Smart watches are odd. Not sure it the best time to enter the market, especially for HTC. Id rather be late to the game (like the tablet game?) than waste resources on a possibly stagnant market. Look at 3D, the market was FLOODED and it still didnt catch on.

    A few areas to fix:

    -Become the absolute best at support. This is what kept TMo alive long enough so they could be the cheapest. Not TMo’s LTE Network is faster than most and no ones complaining! Shake up the industry! Offer customer loyalty trade-ins on your devices or something

    -Prove you can offer support! Release phones in all markets. Standard and the D/E. The developer phones will get direct support from HTC that is priority #1 from the support team.Work with the community!

    -Launch a phone that makes you stand out! Oppo figured this out a long time ago. LG got the back buttons, Sony and Nokia have the cameras, Samsung has….a little of everything. What does HTC have over the others in terms of raw specs and performance or reviews?We could fan-boy all day long. But in the end its preference. I need to be drawn to HTC in the first place to be considered.

    HTC, please get back to basics.

    TL;DR! HTC needs to re-focus on the core of any business model.

    1. Even though you make decent points, these are not htc’s issues. HTC can do every single thing you suggested and they will still be in the same position they are in right now. The bottom line is that htc needs strong effective marketing but the big problem is that htc does not have the working capital to spend that kind of money. Companies like samsung, lg and sony sell countless other types of products so they can afford to do whatever they want with their mobile division because revenues from other divisions can help offset whatever additional costs are incurred. HTC sells mobile devices and that’s it, htc’s best chance to becoming relevant again is to be bought out or at least partner up with with someone that can then give them the working capital needed to grow.

      1. Not really, people vote with their wallets, so they must be doing something the consumer doesn’t like

        1. I guess sony, samsung and lg had better quit spending all that money on advertising then, it’s clearly not working out for them.

        2. I don’t think you understand how this works. Your mainstream consumers vote with their wallet based on what they see but what they see is based on a great marketing campaign. You can make the greatest product ever and without the proper marketing it won’t sell. Look at samsung, their major galaxy success didn’t start because the galaxy s3 was so cool, it started with great marketing when they took apple head on with their “next best thing is already here” campaign. That campaign is what took samsung to the next level not the device itself. You saw those ads everywhere from tv to billboards to the internet. Because of that, the galaxy brand became synonymous with iphone.

    2. An 8 inch tablet would indeed be very nice.

  11. HTC is company with the best hardware, screen and build, sexy ass software, good sound quality, and less gimmicks. Yo I say I hope they release a nice tablet and just focus on advertising. Heck they showing some of the best support with the htc one and other previous models. And who ever got something stupid to say, well Yall know what Yall can kiss

  12. I would buy a smartwatch from HTC they have great designs and solid products, just can’t stand the bezels on their phones

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