Oct 10th, 2013 publishUpdated   Sep 10th, 2021, 9:11 pm

Chromecast Featured ready to cast

Every now and then I like to look at Amazon’s best selling products in a few different categories, and one of my obvious interests is electronics. That category seems to always be dominated by Amazon’s Kindle products, be it a Kindle Fire, a Kindle Paperwhite, or even a regular old Kindle. It’s always Kindle. But today it’s not. No, today, it’s Chromecast.

Google’s $35 media streaming dongle seems to be selling like hotcakes at one of the biggest and most popular online retailers out there. While the device itself is a bit limited in its streaming capabilities right now (functionality is limited to a few Google apps and a couple of third-party apps), there’s not much you can complain about for $35.

The timing is definitely interesting, as it was only a few days ago that the Chromecast was made available for international shipping. Perhaps that was the availability it needed to zoom past Amazon’s wide range of Kindle products on the best selling list.

We don’t have any sales figures, but what does this mean for Google? It means Chromecast is big-time, and it means there’s a real market out there for devices like this. It means Chromecast is sure to be a highly supported item for quite some time, and can evolve into a product that many would consider must-haves in their homes (even if they’re not tech enthusiasts like you and I).


We didn’t need this bit of news to figure out that Chromecast was big-time, though. We concluded that much throughout the initial weeks of the device’s availability, with it being harder to find than a needle in a haystack in some cases. Google weathered that supply shortage storm quite well, and the device is now readily available for anyone who wants one.

The scariest thing is that we’re just getting started. Google has yet to release a public SDK, though the company promises that will happen in due time. There’s no telling what sort of development will surround this device once that happens, but we can only expect good things from here on out. Have you gotten your Chromecast yet? (If you haven’t, Amazon has one with your name on it.)

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