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Google’s Chromecast is an exciting little product for just $35, but as with a lot of Google products only Americans could enjoy it at first. Thankfully, that is changing a bit today as Amazon is now offering to ship the Chromecast to international consumers.

For just $35, you’re getting a small HDMI dongle that will allow you to stream video and music to your television over your WiFi network. Chromecast is in its infant stages right now, with Google only allowing certain third-party apps access to the device’s APIs while they build it up.

The company has promised that they’d be opening the APIs up for third-party developers at some point down the line, though we haven’t been given a clue as to when, exactly, that’d happen. For now, you’ll just have to be content with the few official Google services and the few officially supported third-party apps Google is allowing. That’s easy to swallow for just $35, though, so if you’re interested be sure to head over to Amazon’s site and order one right away.

UPDATE: Looks like there was a change of heart, as Amazon has stopped shipping of the Chromecast internationally. Those that have placed their orders, Amazon has notified them that the Chromecast wasn’t intended outside of the US, and that the manufacturer’s warranty would be void. There is still a chance to cancel if the device hasn’t shipped, but for those that want to still go through with their orders, just watch out.

[via Engadget]

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  1. To Canada, shipping and taxes makes it a $50 purchase. I’ll just wait when it gets to local BB. Even then, I think I’ll see what Koush will make possible with his little app, and may be I’ll just buy HDMI stick.

  2. Picked up three this morning myself Four weeks for delivery to Ireland

  3. When clicking the description on Amazon.com, it said that it was just compatible with the US. I don’t know if it was just not updated or if there still could be issues with buying it from the US.

    I contacted Amazon and they told me it was safest to ask Google myself.

    Are you guys aware of any issues there might be? I live in Denmark but guys there no differences amongst the countries of the European Union.

    1. Same to me.. can’t buy for same reason live in UK..

    2. I just checked and amazon won’t ship to Japan either. I’m guessing they’ll get this worked out soon.

      I just ordered two Chromecasts (along with a SlimPort HDMI adapter and a Cable Matters HDMI-to-VGA) all for about $35 each and had amazon ship them to my parents in the states and had them transship them to me. SlimPort adapters are still much more expensive here.

    3. Since it isn’t officially out internationally which means you can’t just download the app, and there seems to be a long wait for it to ship, I think I’ll skip it for now and wait for the international version to appear. Quite unfortunate, but just not smooth enough for me.

  4. I live in the UK and got mine yesterday, I suppose like many US buyers I’m both pleased with it but also frustrated with it. The incredibly limited number of apps make it frustrating but you can see it’s got huge potential. So many apps in the UK would be brilliant with chromecast support such as BBC iplayer, Sky Go, 4OD etc etc Google need to give developers full access or it will disappear in obscurity, which for a such a nice device would be a shame.

  5. So $35 gadget turns to be $81 gadget after adding taxes and shipping to UK… If you are lucky to get the international shipping that supposed to be available…

  6. I’m trying to ship to Victoria, BC and it looks like it’s not available for shipping again:(

  7. Not available to Hong Kong either. This is not very international is it?

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