Amazon’s Chromecast orders being delayed by 2-3 months


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If you have a Chromecast order pending from Amazon, I have some bad news for you. The retailer has recently announced that there has been a pretty lengthy delay on Chromecast shipments. According to reports received by ChromeSpot, the retailer is putting a shipping window of 2-3 months on all of its Chromecast orders from this point forward.

Some of those who have already ordered the devices are being affected as well, with Amazon telling those who had shipments scheduled as early as August 21st that they won’t be able to get their device until October 17th-30th. Fret not, though — Google Play still has a backorder window of 2-3 weeks, and while Best Buy’s online stock has been coming and going quite fast, you might still be lucky enough to find these in a store near you.

We’re not sure what’s the cause for such a huge delay, but two things come to mind. For starters, Google probably wants to make sure their direct customers are taken care of first. We also suspect Best Buy is eating up a good chunk of the supply chain — with a physical retail presence all across the United States, they are bound to get first dibs on huge batches of shipment.

That’s not to say stock can’t normalize and Amazon can’t speed things up before that 2-3 month window hits, but for now you’d be better off ordering from Google or trying your luck with Best Buy. Has your Chromecast order been delayed?


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  1. Thank God I ordered mine on day one from the Play Store!

    1. same here. I ordered it as soon as it was available. You can’t go wrong with a $35 wireless streaming dongle.

      1. Yeah I kind of pulled the trigger in haste ..but glad I did!

  2. Mine from Amazon is delayed but I’m not cancelling because I got confirmation that I’d get my Netflix code when it shipped. So I’m stuck unless I want to give up the Netflix promo….which I’m not doing.

    1. Best Buy still has the Netflix offer going so you might as well get it from them if you can try.

      1. I bought one from best buy and amazon the day they came out. I overnight shipped the one from best buy and didnt get the Netflix deal. With the one that I ordered my amazon is actually out for delivery right now and I got an email before it has even arrived for the Netflix offer…and already got it credited to my account.

      2. Not so sure about that ,I was able to weasel a couple from best buy Tuesday and I have yet to receive any Netflix codes , I even asked many different employees about the code , they all said that the promotion had ended, when I pushed and said that bet buys website still says the promotion was still active they just said it was not , if you find this not to be the case , please let me know who to contact ……….?

  3. I received an email 2 days ago that stated my delivery date was 8/20. Then yesterday i received an update that they did not have an estimated shipping date. Now this morning I woke up to an email stating it would arrive on October 12th. So annoying.

    1. You are ahead of me October 30th here

    2. I got the exact same emails…

    3. Makes you wanna punch a flower…

  4. I got mine last week and it’s incredible.

    1. can you play all the chrome web store games etc on the big screen?

      1. I am sorry, but I used my Chromecast for Youtube, Play Music, and Netflix. My Note 2 is getting repaired by Samsung right now, and my iPad is the only thing I can stream through my Chromecast. Rest assured, just using it for Netflix and Youtube, it is worth it. I felt it was an investment because I am sacking my 360 by selling it and all my games to put $ down for a PS4 and will be without online console gaming for the next three months.

  5. this thing has exceeded my expectations. i still cannot figure out how to get it to turn on the TV or switch inputs from when I’m watching cable, but even that is a minor convenience.

    1. only works if your TV supports it. My fancy new one does, but my older cheaper one does not unfortunately.

      1. yea, i’m thankful my best buy knock off brand for the bedroom has a USB port for the power.

    2. Also, make sure the Chromecast is powered by a wall outlet via USB and not your TV -> for the turning on of the TV….however, sounds like your TV is too old.

      My problem is with my newer Samsung getting it back to the right Input after I’m done with it. some report that it’ll just go back after you power the Chromecast down (ie, turn off the TV if its powered through a TV USB)

  6. And this is why I ordered both one from google and one from amazon

    1. Seeing as how much it costs that’s not a terrible idea.

  7. Oh Dear, same rake over and over again.

  8. Mine is scheduled to ship in October – early November… I guess I’ll wait it out

  9. This is the true meaning of the term “scroogled” As usual, Google releases a product with insufficient stock

    1. That’s a better problem to have than $1 billion worth of unsold inventory.

      1. A better problem for Google, not a better problem for the customers. What happened to customer first?

    2. Yes because iPhones are really easy to get within the first month……

      1. At least an iPhone is easier to get than a Nexus 4 during the first month of its launch, and I am not just talking about the iPhone 5 which was a bust. The iPhone 4, which was very well received when it was announced, was still easier to get than the Nexus 4.

    3. Google makes great devices for cheap and they cannot have excess inventory to over compensate for a the potential demand. The Nexus 4 sold out like crazy the first month and a half, but once the initial rush died down, the phone didn’t sell as consistently as the Galaxy line.

      1. That is what’s called unrealized opportunity. Google’s sales analysts are obviously aren’t smart enough to figure this out.

        1. But when some releases something this innovative, it would take an iStick or iCast selling at $20 (if the costs of the production for the item are that cheap) to undercut the Chromecast as well. I get your point, but I still think people will buy this regardless if Google makes a $70 Google Nexus or TV program receiver.

  10. got the 2 I ordered from the play store on Monday. haven’t had a chance to play with them yet but the wife loves it

  11. And that’s why I picked one up in Best Buy on the same day I ordered it from them.

  12. Ordered mine online from BestBuy last week. I got an email just this morning, that it shipped. Not bragging, my point being is that as stated in the article, BestBuy seems to get resupplied on occasion, so keep an eye out for when they restock. Shipping times seem much shorter.

  13. Ordered mine late on the release day from Amazon and it was delivered on Monday. So far it is really cool!

  14. Mine shipped just 3 days ago. Dodged the bullet there!

  15. Amazon probably oversold their shipment as well.

  16. Way to go Google….The internet compagny…. Miserable… Why launching products when you don’t have stock?

    1. They sold out. What’s so confusing about that? Do you blame a band when their concert gets sold out?

      1. True, sold out… But for a band you can always buy the CD or go to the online store…
        Gone is the confusion?
        Tired of Google not being able to forecast the craze about their product…

      2. You cannot compare a concert with a product. A concert takes place in a location with a physical size limit, so the number of seats will always be limited. The only restriction that a product has is time – the time it takes to manufacture them. If Google wanted to, they could have started production a year ago and have millions of chromecast ready to be shipped at launch day.

        1. Nobody wants to sit on 5 million unsold units. They tried to predict demand for such a device, turns out, people REALLY want it.

          1. The Chromecast currently is only available for sale in the US. There’s no way that Google is going to have leftovers once they start selling it globally.

          2. There is also a possibility, that Google outdid Apple. Purposefully straining supply, to create fake demand. That works for the iSheep…..

          3. If they were going to do that deliberately then they would have set the price higher. It’s pretty clear that Google FAR under estimated the demand for the product.

          4. They sure did. This is why it’s important to do customer surveys. Google has all our Gmail addresses, why not send a brief survey to see if people would be receptive to the idea?

  17. Got mine Monday from amazon , Netflix code came about an hour ago , guess I just missed the deadline ordered on the 24 the ………..Did I say it’s freaking Awesome……………..

  18. I’m trying to sell mine on eBay…. I don’t like the jittery playback, and the LAAAAAAG

    1. Man i have zero Laaag And Zero Jitttery Playback , this coming from a 7 yr old Mitsubishi DLP TV …. My wireless router is a cheap 35 netgear in the basement , maybe check and see how fast of a connection you are getting where your using your chromecast……….

      1. I totally agree.. No performance problems. It takes a few moments 7-8 seconds to start and then that’s it, it plays well.

    2. What are you trying to stream?

      1. 720P MotoGP race, from website, through Chrome Cast from my Alienware laptop

        1. The Chrome extension for casting a tab is still a beta feature, and that’s probably why you’re getting lag. Streaming through the apps works just as advertised.

          1. I tried YouTube, there’s a delay for the remote feature….I dunno, maybe i’m just used to a 2ms responce while gaming LOL

          2. You are using an Alienware computer aka a piece of crap that is why you are getting lag

          3. You can’t even back up your statement with facts. The lag is because of Chrome. It has nothing to do with the PC you’re using.

  19. I ended up with 3. 1 from Google and 2 from amazon. I tried cancelling from Google when I ordered from amazon but couldn’t. And then my wife ordered 1 from Amazon because she wasn’t sure if had ordered one or not. So I had 3. I sold 2 on amazon for $70 each. With this delay I may go ahead and sell the 1 I have left. I wish I would have ordered more now.

  20. I ordered mine from amazon, at 1st I had an email confirming that its shipping in a few weeks now a few months lol.

  21. Have had order “in progress” with Google direct since 7/25. Sent in inquires but still no response or updated status. Write an article about Google fulfillment. Getting frustrated.

  22. I bought mine from amazon it first told august 25 but a couple days ago it changed to it now having come today is pretty good so far

  23. I got my two within a few days of the announcement and they are amazing.. it’s totally worth the wait, and I’m sure there will be plenty around for Christmas!

  24. I ordered two chromecasts from Amazon during the afternoon of the 24th of July. I’m fairly upset personally, because mine have reported delays as late as October as well. BestBuy may have a physical retail presence but I have to think that Amazon could sell more of them if given the chance because they reach everywhere that BestBuy has closed down and no longer can reach with a physical presence.

  25. Google…you have YET to do a PROPER product launch to date! Every super-hyped product has had the worst supply chain.

    These things are super tiny, cheap and easy to make. Why dont you have 10 Million+ of these ready to go?

    1. Super-hyped?

      Did anyone even know about these things until a couple of days before they shipped?

      You try guessing the demand for a new product that didn’t exist prior to launch. Guess too low and you have backorders. Guess too high and you just cost your company wheelbarrows full of dollars.

      1. Poor wording, I was tired. But still. As small as this product is in terms of size and cost they should have more initial stock

  26. Why would anyone order from amazon unless you live overseas. Best Buy online still has Netflix, free shipping and taxes were cheaper for me. Only thing is… you have to check the website i suggest every 45 min during the day. But once you order it normally ships next day! Last block of orders was this morning 08/07/13. Each block of orders normally last about 45 mins.

    1. Who has time to check every 45 minutes?

  27. I got that email this morning, promptly cancelled my order and reordered through Google. I originally ordered from Amazon to get free shipping, and because it said the whole time that it would be here the 21st of August.

    1. Just got my email confirmation:

      Dear Customer,
      Thank you for your recent Chromecast purchase. Earlier today, you received an email indicating an incorrect estimated order delivery of late October. We are actively fulfilling orders weekly based on customer order date and all customers who placed orders prior to August 7 should receive their orders in the coming weeks and into mid-September. We will notify you as soon as your item ships and apologize for the confusion.

      1. got the same email

        1. Just checked with Amazon via chat. Seems that the email is sent in error, and there is no way they can have stock to send out before October..

  28. Just received update to my 7/26 order.

    Thank you for your recent Chromecast purchase. Earlier today, you received an email indicating an incorrect estimated order delivery of late October. We are actively fulfilling orders weekly based on customer order date and all customers who placed orders prior to August 7 should receive their orders in the coming weeks and into mid-September. We will notify you as soon as your item ships and apologize for the confusion.

    1. Just checked with Amazon via chat. Seems that the email is sent in error, and there is no way they can have stock to send out before October…

  29. Same here. Just received a follow-up email that stated the original October timeline was incorrect. I ordered July 27 and was just about to cancel my order and buy from Best Buy. But I’ll give Amazon another couple weeks now.

    1. Just checked with Amazon via chat. Seems that the email is sent in error, and there is no way they can have stock to send out before October…..

  30. How ’bout updating this article, and apologizing to Phandroid readers for continuing to lie to them 12 hours after everyone else has corrected their stories?

    1. Much better than Chromecast is the new Miracast TV — which doesn’t limit the content you display like Chromecast does, and a new Miracast HD Wireless adapter ($39) became available this week, which offers a lot more features and works much more like Apple’s $100+ Airplay Wireless display technology –

      One of the first sources to carry this new device is Tablet Sprint – worth checking out for this alone… and for Android tablets, including a new series of tablets that launch next week that outprice and outperform the new Nexus… definitely worth reviewing.

  31. I was told I would get mine sometime in October. Hopefully I will find one in Best Buy before then, but the people at Best Buy told me they never got their stock in because the bigger stores on the East coast took them all.

  32. Considering that I tried to order through the Play Store and they redirected me to Amazon, I’m a little upset…

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