Aug 8th, 2013

Chromecast Featured ready to cast

If you have a Chromecast order pending from Amazon, I have some bad news for you. The retailer has recently announced that there has been a pretty lengthy delay on Chromecast shipments. According to reports received by ChromeSpot, the retailer is putting a shipping window of 2-3 months on all of its Chromecast orders from this point forward.

Some of those who have already ordered the devices are being affected as well, with Amazon telling those who had shipments scheduled as early as August 21st that they won’t be able to get their device until October 17th-30th. Fret not, though — Google Play still has a backorder window of 2-3 weeks, and while Best Buy’s online stock has been coming and going quite fast, you might still be lucky enough to find these in a store near you.

We’re not sure what’s the cause for such a huge delay, but two things come to mind. For starters, Google probably wants to make sure their direct customers are taken care of first. We also suspect Best Buy is eating up a good chunk of the supply chain — with a physical retail presence all across the United States, they are bound to get first dibs on huge batches of shipment.

That’s not to say stock can’t normalize and Amazon can’t speed things up before that 2-3 month window hits, but for now you’d be better off ordering from Google or trying your luck with Best Buy. Has your Chromecast order been delayed?


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