[Video] Koush from Cyanogen Inc demos AirPlay mirroring on Android


koush demos airplay


We have known for quite some time that CyanogenMod’s Inc’s Koushik Dutta, aka Koush, has been working on bringing AirPlay mirroring to Android via their ROM. Having seen Google target his AllCast app by removing the “video_playback” support from the ChromeCast application, which essentially made it impossible to stream local content on a ChromeCast, he had been looking at finding an alternative for a feature that has yet to be implemented perfectly on Android.

In the video, he showed his HTC One being mirrored to a Nexus 10 tablet with the entire setup working flawlessly with very little latency. As he pointed out himself in his post, this looks particularly enticing when you consider using an Android stick as a server that is connected to a user’s TV.

I know I said I’m sticking to Nexus devices and no more custom ROMs, but I can’t deny that I am really, really tempted.


Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Big fan of CyanogenMod, let’s do it to it!!!

    1. But are you a fan of the sellouts at Cyanogen, Inc. How many developers helped build CyanogenMod? And only five will stand to gain financially.

      1. If it ends up creating a better system for more people then you should be all for it. It’s not as if the other contributors would have made money if they didn’t go ‘inc’ and now lost everything.

      2. I’m a fan of innovation, some people are limited and can only go so far with a company so if moving on up by getting bought into another company that will affect a wider range consumers which is on our end too, either way its good for us. Yea it sucks teams break up and looks bad. Also we can look at it this way… The devs who left opened up new spots for new ideas from more devs that want to be part of Cyanogen. Look at where CyanogenMod is at at their current state. These dedicated 5 are doing a great job.

  2. “Having seen Google target his AllCast app…”

    Gee, way to spin that…

    No; Google doesn’t have it out for Koush, guys…or his apps. Let’s wait to make Google the “bad guy” until after the SDK is complete, hmmm?

    I’ll never understand some Android fan’s (and fansite’s) eagerness to put Google to the fire…

    1. This is just horrible reporting. I am very disappointed in Phandroid and the rest of the tech press for reporting this. First, this was reported without even getting Google’s side. That was just plain irresponsible journalism. Koush was an idiot to make that claim and the tech press were even bigger idiots for reporting it.

      I am a developer and I have used undocumented methods to accomplish things. And yes, it has happened to me that an update broke my code. Was I upset? Yes, but I also knew that was the risk I took and the only person to blame was me. When you use undocumented features, you can have no expectation that it will be there forever (or even tomorrow). Koush was trying this on something Google is actively working on. Although what he did was brilliant, it was still pretty dumb on his part. Until Google makes the SDK, their code will be in flux. If he had gotten this to work with the SDK and Google broke it by disabling calls he was using, then he would have a legitimate complaint.

      1. didn’t he also mention that is was a misundertstanding later, and he was actually offered at job as part of the group that is working on chromecast at google, or something like that?

  3. No longer a fan of Cyanogenmod as they have fragmented the Nexus community, but to say you’re sticking to Nexus devices and no custom ROMs is a bit…….. counterintuitive

    There is full support for Nexus devices, there are ROMs out there that is faster and more feature rich than the stock rom from Google

    1. You make no sense. Why is it counterintuitive to stick with Nexus devices and not use custom ROMs? The whole point of a Nexus device for most people is to have a pure Android experience.

      1. Do you guys even know what the purpose of the Nexus program is, the purpose of the nexus program is about development, you think Google goes through all the go through just to sell you a device that can be fully unlocked and has factory images, fully available proprietary blobs and libraries just to sit on stock

        Next thing you guys are probably think is that all the features in the Stock ROM was coded by Google.

        Hint: much of the code that is running on your “pure” android experience is actually submission from people who also make custom ROMS, both on the kernel side and on the ROM side

        1. You are right about development, but it is app development. The Nexus phone allows an app developer to code to a standard. When writing an app, it is important to have a target device to code to. That is the purpose of the Nexus device. If a developer codes to that device, they are mostly going to support most of the other other devices since the Nexus device is the standard.

          1. So if it’s about “app” development, then tell me why all the trouble “oem factory unlock” factory images with proprietary binaries (which are always a hassle)and the price?

    2. some people don’t like the little unstable nuances that come with romming… They already have the UI that they want, they might have little reason to rom

      1. Unstable nuances, smh, I see you are one of those that think Custom Rom + Unstable, I won’t even drag myself back 3 years to try to explain this to you

        1. I don’t think Custom Rom = Unstable, but there is a certain process that you must do in order to find a custom rom that is perfectly 100% stable. Even you have to admit that sometimes when you try out a new rom, not everything works. Or certain things might not work for you that are listed as working. I am currently running cm 10.2 on my nexus 4… but when i was trying carbon rom or different nightlies/last stable, i had an issue with bad gapps (android keyboard wouldnt work on installation so i couldnt do anything), my data wouldnt work on one build, and my voice calling would only work in speaker on one build. I’m not saying that’s a typical experience, but it does happen from time to time. People are always “Testing” things and sending test Texts to make sure everything works when they first flash a new ROM no? I know many ROMs are stable you just have to have the right build and right rom, but it can be annoying flashing something, thinking it works, and then finding out something doesnt. Some people don’t have the energy for all of that. That’s all I’m saying.

          Also the only reason i rooted my nexus 4 was to get LTE, if it came with LTE at stock, i wouldn’t have much need to root. Carbon rom offers a bunch of cool customizations, but i was never able to enjoy them for long.

          1. Those ROMs are always under heavy development, and as you said, you flashed a nightly, one should not expect a nightly to be stable in the first place, it is going to have bugs, hence it’s called a nightly, added to that, when they first started, they were building from JSS branch in AOSP which has bugs

            There are ROMs that are built from JWR branch which is the same as stock Nexus 4 and those ROMs are as stable as stable can be, and those are the ones I would recommend to anyone from the noob to the expert, then there is ROM called Cataclysm which is solid as a rock and it’s flash and use, no need to install Gapps and whatnot because it’s all included

            Google made a complete mess of AOSP this time around and CM made it even worse by going with CAF stuff, hopefully Google cleans that up with 4.4 release, as for CM, well, that’s a whole other issue right there

          2. maybe its the JSS thing you were talking about (as i also installed the latest stable) but yeah i know there are some solid ones. Probably the one you just named, but what i’m getting at is its hard for some people to know which one is and which one isnt 100% stable 100% of the time. So if you are relatively new or inexperienced, it can be a process finding that perfect rom, and there might be very little benefit to such for some people. When i had an Evo LTE i only rooted because i wanted stock UI/jellybean nothing else really. I didnt really use any other features. So for some people, simply just owning a nexus is enough for them.

            You are completely over my head with the JWR, JSS, CAF stuff lol. I’m go to my personal android guru to point me in the right direction. But i shall keep cataclysm in the back of my head.

    3. Going Nexus is WHY I ditched custom roms. I didnt need them. I used them to update old phones or removed gimped skins. Now that I am on a mature version of Android I dont really have the need anymore. ROMing my phone wasnt something I did for fun, it was to get the phone where I thought it should be.

      My Nexus 4 is where I want it to be and I havent seen anything done in a ROM that makes me want to give up the cleanliness and stability of factory.

      1. What you express here is fear of the unknown, what ROMs have you looked at to even make that declaration?

        My initial comment was not one that says you should use a stock Google image, it was one where the writer thinks that using a Nexus = No custom ROMs (they are no longer needed)

        Stock Google ROM ie: AOSP is just a foundation to be built upon, not a house to occupied

        1. I’ve been on countless custom ROMs. I made it pretty clear that I HAD used plenty of ROMs. I don’t know how you missed that.

          I also clearly stated that I didn’t see the need. Its hardly fear. I see a new ROM with some ancillary feature that holds little value to me. I’m not going to go through the trouble of flashing the phone and restoring backups just to get some pointless feature.

          AOSP is hardly a foundation. A foundation doesn’t keep you warm or protect you from rain like a house. Android already IS a smartphone. A great smartphone. Your analogy is poor. The foundation would be the bootloader at best.

          You want a house with extras on it. I’m just happy with a really nice house.

          1. You said that “Going Nexus is WHY I ditched custom roms. I didn’t need them”

            What that says is as soon as you bought the Nexus, you stopped using Custom ROMs, but I guess this is what happens when the Nexus goes mainstream.

            If you can truly say that you don’t see the need for a Custom ROM, then I am 100% sure that you have not used any Custom ROMs on the Nexus, Google falls short in many areas and there are Custom ROMs that exists that improve upon Stock with the same stability (because they are built from the same Source)and as many people who have used my device over their Nexus, they believe it to be faster, it could be placebo (I don’t know, I never stay on stock for too long)

            The analogy is correct, AOSP is the foundation, yes, it functions on it’s own, but what you people don’t see is that Google pulls from the community, there is a ton of code that came straight out of custom ROMs and Kernels, the same community that you claim are there for the “extras” and “ancillary features” and I have not even mentioned the optimizations that have been made kernel side yet, that is a whole different thread

            Now I have nothing against someone who wants to stay stock, that is your choice and you have full rights to make that choice, but what is wrong is people who stay on stock because the see Custom as either buggy, or some other incorrect assumption, that isn’t right, at all, there is no need to downplay one to trump up the other.

            ROMs in the community are just as stable as stock, MOST of the custom ROMs are definitely improvements over stock also, and it’s not about adding a feature, but about correcting the errors that Google made

      2. i totally agree i gave cm a go on my s4 and didn’t like it especially the crappy camera app so have the stock samsung version back now which i am sticking to , once you remove the unwanted bloat it is extremely stable and fast and i have reason to wipe it and the camera is fantastic compared with the dodgy stock android version.

  4. Koush has been teasing this forever – anybody have a clue when we’ll see this publicly?

  5. after trying 4.3 based pacman rom this weekend, i think i would find stock nexus boring, i’m amazed by the million options

  6. I don’t want to give up touchwiz! Bring this app to all and don’t lock it down to 1 rom!

  7. I said that when I bought my Nexus 4, no more custom roms and I ended up installing ParanoidAndroid, it’s simply amazing…

  8. had so many issues with cyanogen and other roms having tried them all and i found multiple bugs especially in Bluetooth and the camera app which is dire that eventually i went back to stock roms which quite frankly once you root and remove all the bloatware and optimise them are far more stable than any of the mod roms especially for Samsung devices.

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