Oct 8th, 2013

koush demos airplay


We have known for quite some time that CyanogenMod’s Inc’s Koushik Dutta, aka Koush, has been working on bringing AirPlay mirroring to Android via their ROM. Having seen Google target his AllCast app by removing the “video_playback” support from the ChromeCast application, which essentially made it impossible to stream local content on a ChromeCast, he had been looking at finding an alternative for a feature that has yet to be implemented perfectly on Android.

In the video, he showed his HTC One being mirrored to a Nexus 10 tablet with the entire setup working flawlessly with very little latency. As he pointed out himself in his post, this looks particularly enticing when you consider using an Android stick as a server that is connected to a user’s TV.

I know I said I’m sticking to Nexus devices and no more custom ROMs, but I can’t deny that I am really, really tempted.


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