Oct 8th, 2013


We’re always thinking about unique and interesting uses for Google Glass. Some are practical, some can help you out in life, and some add little value but are just damned cool. This particular hack fits into that last category. A gamer has whipped up an application that will allow you to get your Grand Theft Auto radar on the heads-up display of your Google Glass unit.

How does it work? Well, he had to create a two-pronged application — one on the PC that captures the radar in real-time and sends the stream off to the cloud, and one on Google Glass that will receive that stream and display it on the device’s heads-up display.

I should note that he only has this working with Grand Theft Auto 3 right now. The technique should actually be able to work for any game. The hacker tried to do it with Grand Theft Auto 4, but had problems installing that particular game. And, of course, Grand Theft Auto 5 wasn’t an option — that game has yet to come out on PC.

But as cool as all of this is, it definitely isn’t quite that useful. The on-screen radar is easy enough to glance at, and this app doesn’t add much more to the gameplay experience. To boot, he says it doesn’t look very good and that you can only have it going for less than an hour before the Glass unit ends up dying.

If you did want to try it out, though, you’ll have to wait a bit. The developer says though he has every intention to release it, the setup is more of a “proof of concept” right now, and he isn’t comfortable letting other folks play with it before he can tighten several things up. His personal website might be a good place to keep an eye on for details whenever he does decide to release it for any eager soul to try.

[via TechCrunch]