Nexus 5 service manual leaks, reveals 8MP OIS camera, 32GB and more


Nexus 5 Service Manual

As we progress into the fall season, also known as Nexus season, more and more leaks are continually hitting the web. This time around, we have a 281 page service manual for the LG Nexus 5. The LG D821 service manual contains a lot of technical information needed to assemble, disassemble or repair the LG Nexus 5, however we’ve been able to comb through it and pick out the goods for your reading pleasure.

Nexus 5 Service Manual

  • 4.95″ 1080p display
  • 32GB and 16GB internal storage
  • 2GB RAM
  • MSM8974 aka Snapdragon 800 at 2.3GHz
  • 8MP OIS rear camera
  • 1.3MP front camera
  • 2300mAh battery
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass, Proximity/Ambient Light, Pressure
  • Slimport compatibility
  • Micro SIM slot
  • Notification light
  • Wireless charging
  • NFC
  • Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth 3.0 was also listed, but this is most likely an error.)
  • UMTS/GSM/CDMA/LTE compatibility

If you’re feeling up to it, the LG Nexus 5 Service Manual has been uploaded to Scribd and you can take a look below to dig through the manual yourself. If you find anything interesting that we might have missed, let us know in the comments.

Source: Android Police


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  1. You guys are a bit behind reporting this story. I am disappoint.

    1. make your own website :P some people need rest on the weekend you know

      1. Yeah! We were out doing a team building exercise (drinking alcohol…and I have pictures.)

        1. I just woke up.. What happened?

      2. You also might want to cite sources

        1. Android Police has been cited as a source

    2. Props to you for recognizing a story that has already been posted elsewhere… yet you clicked on it and commented. I am disappoint.

  2. Oh Yeah!

  3. I was waiting for this all year but that battery is just shameful. I’ve owned the nexus 4 which battery sucked, HTC one battery sucks, and this I promise you the battery will suck. Note 3 here I come. First nexus I won’t buy. Wish they would of charged 50$ more for the battery

  4. this is a poor man’s G2 what’s the point. The nexus should be high end specs through and through for a reasonable price not lag behind previous phones and then just offer vanilla android. Yawn!!!!

    1. 5″, 1080p, s800. Worst phone ever.

    2. Is that how the Nexus should be or is that what how you want it to be? It seems that Google should be making those decisions. Don’t like it, don’t get it, simple.

      1. I got the better phone it’s based off of the G2. You Are right I won’t be buying it but that was what the Nexus line was all about when it first came out.

        1. It’s never been about that. Where are you getting your facts?

          1. well lets not forget the nexus 4 was the highest end phone when it was released and this nexus 5 will probably be arguably within the top 3 highest spec’d phones upon release. google is making a point to make their nexus phones high end after having the galaxy nexus released with outdated specs. (outside of the 720p screen)

          2. i think the GN was in the top 3 at release.

          3. it was vastly inferior CPU/GPU wise compared to the phone it was loosely based on that had been released half a year earlier. samsung made the nexus worse as to not eat into their own sales.

          4. I tried to reply to this earlier but I guess it didn’t go through. As far as the GN’s specs, if you remember Samsung released it half a year after the Galaxy S2 with a much, much worse GPU. The CPU was comparably decent for its time but the thing was getting 20-25fps compared to the top of the line phones 50fps.

            Compared to the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 5 that is a huge difference in specs by release date.

        2. haha, you are insane. the only thing the G2 has over it is battery size (can’t say battery life, because you have no idea) and more megapixels. also poorly optimized software to drag it down. sounds fantastic!

          google might as well not even release this outdated junk. who the hell wants this stupid trash? no 13mp camera? they’re probably going to be bankrupt over this blunder.

          1. It’s not entirely about the 13Mp camera though, it’s the point that the camera LG made was actually pretty good compared to the N4. I agree though, the N5 will still be what I go for since it’ll be over 300 dollars cheaper (guessing).

          2. all these arguments you are having with yourselves are pointless. The lg g2 has awesome battery life a great camera and a awesome screen. Plus it doesn’t drag at all. Also vanilla android isn’t all that great to begin with but hey to each his own.

          3. Why on earth would I sign up with a carrier like At&t, pay nearly $100 a month, pay $300 or so for a phone on contract when I could get nearly the same thing on straight talk for $50 a month and pay $300 for a phone almost as good. That $600/year would buy me a top of the line graphics card every other year.

          4. Definitely to each their own. I think vanilla android is great, it doesnt lag, stutter and crash like all the custom UIs. It’s a damn shame watching the top hardware (Galaxy S4) lag when opening and closing apps.

          5. Google, bankrupt? Over this? What crack you smoking?

          6. do you have a tough time reading between the lines on the internet?

            not that there was anything really hidden in that post. here’s to hoping you were drunk.

        3. The G2 has LG software on it though and a ton of bloatware. (I’m too lazy to root and install buggy ROM after buggy ROM in hopes to find one that doesn’t crash 20x a day.

    3. HTC Nexus 1 was probably the only nexus phone to offer “high end specs through and through”. Nexus S was a watered down Galaxy phone it was based off of, the Galaxy Nexus was just generally weak but showed off ICS really well. The Nexus 4 was better than previous iterations but still lagging because they had a price point in mind.

      Really you should be looking for Google Edition phones if money is no problem. Then again you’re with Verizon so none of this is even an option for you.

      1. Nexus 4 was ahead of everything at the time it was released. Tied for 1st phone to have an S4 Pro with the Adreno 320.

        1. It was good in the CPU area, absolutely. It still lacked behind in camera quality and lacked LTE. Thats pretty much been the story behind the Nexus phones since the Nexus One. They all have that thing that lags behind current mainstream flagship phones.

  5. I love this site, but this story was on other Android news sites 2 days ago. Phandroid always lags behind in this kind of stuff, especially on weekends. Hate cheating on you guys, but you’re forcing my hand…

    1. Agreed… accept it was one day ago, but still. We were slow on it.

      1. “accept”……

        1. No.

          1. X’D

        2. Dictionary. Use it.

          Accept – consent to receive (a thing offered).
          “I accept the fact you don’t know what a dictionary is”
          synonyms:receive, take, get, gain, obtain, acquire

          Except – not including; other than.
          “I threw everything except the kitchen sink at him”

          synonyms:excluding, not including, excepting, omitting, not counting, but,besides, apart from, aside from, barring, bar, other than,

          My grammer sucks but at least the definitions are correct. Next time get your ducks in a row before correcting someone.

        3. http://i.imgur.com/O15Dtj6.gif

          **When I read Albert Orange trying to correct Derek Ross**

  6. Whenver I read NFC I can’t help myself first seeing it as KFC…

  7. Darn, I was hoping to myself that it wouldn’t be a 2300mAh battery, but oh well. I’m still in. Could downclock that S800 to 1.5Ghz and still probably have a buttery smooth experience. I’m also sad to not see the LG G2 camera on it.

    1. perhaps they “stole” some battery saver tips from Moto … ???
      The Moto X with it’s “always on” core lasts a full day ona dual core with a 720p screen.. Maybe they did what Asus did with the TransPrime and added a 5th core for the “always on” as well …
      We ALL will know soon enough!

      1. The moto x is roughly a nexus 4 with an amoled screen. I can tell you, I only get 2 hours of screen time over 2 days with my N4. As for the transformer prime, it had a tegra 3, those absolutely sucked at battery life. If anything, it may be key lime pie optimizations, but I doubt it. We’ll probably just get 2 hours or so of screen time.

        1. Auntie Emm, Auntie Emm … Say it isn’t so (click your heels 3 times) …

        2. (said quietly in reverence : “there’s no place like Nexus, there’s no place like Nexus , now click your Manola’s 3 More times chanting there’s no place like Nexus : barely whispered so the masses don’t steal them allall … )

        3. Seriously… Perhaps they Do have a “power saver” mode like the Galaxy S3 OR a”fifth core” like ASUS does with the TrsnsPrime, or a completely new Snap 800 processor specially built like in the Moto X. We could (and Are) talking about this all day BUT : we’ll see in exactly 1 week! Cheers All !

    2. you do realize that 2.3 GHz is a maximum, not a constant, right? it will likely spend most of its time much lower than even 1.5GHz.

  8. 8MP is okay for cam, here’s to hoping the sensor is as big as the htc one! 2300mah battery is quite disappointing though if true.

  9. I find the the protruding camera lens bothersome. It’s especially puzzling given that it appears to have little to no utility.

    Still gonna buy it.

    1. Maybe the utility is that it’s actually good compared to the N4’s. We can only hope…

    2. i’ve never used any camera optic-add-on accessory, but perhaps the added ring material around the camera is for magnetic snap on optic things.

      1. You may be right. However, I can’t tell you how few f**ks I could give about such a feature.

        I’m not going to go on a trip or to a party with a pocket full of mini lenses. Honestly, how many among us would?

  10. Well that battery sealed it for me folks. as much as i love the nexus program i will have to get the Note 3. 2300 isnt enough juice for the amount of use my phone sees on a daily basis. besides the extra screen real estate will be good for looking up part numbers on the fly.

    1. If you don’t mind the heft then, why not a battery extender case?

      1. dunno never liked those cases with an extra big battery. reminds me of the voltron like original gameboys. super paddle grips with the 30x zoom lens and the car battery complete with scud missile launcher

        1. Fair enough …and LOL :)

    2. this is definitely understandable. my note 2 does about 6 hours of screen on where my nexus 4 was dead within 4. hopefully the nexus 5 will be better optimized.

    3. Note 3 it is.

    4. Hopefully that will make it easier for me than last year to order one.

    5. I’d love to join you but the note 3 is just too big and touchwiz is atrocious. But that’s all opinion, enjoy the new phone.

  11. Battery is very worrying. It’s got the same size as my current S3 but it’s pushing a much more powerful CPU/GPU as well as a much higher resolution screen…

    1. my best friend’s mom makes $68 hourly on the internet….­ ­

      1. Waaaay to expensive for your friends mum mate. She ain’t worth $2 an hour!!!!

    2. The s800 is supposed to be fantastic with low battery usage and 4.4 is supposed to put more emphasis on battery life. the 2300mah battery in this phone might be the equivalent to a 2700mah battery in another.

      Of course this is all speculation, but it’s definitely something where we’ll have to wait and see how it turns out.

      1. It’s true and I hope that is the case, but a phone with 3000mah plus running 4.4 would be even better.. The software can always change on any phone but the hardware you are stuck with. That being said I would still be willing to give up some specs for great software support.

      2. Yes, but screen-on time will be affected because the screen is the main power draw in a phone.
        The 6 to 7 hours screen-on time on the note 3 is great. I don’t think that the N5 will surpass 3 to 4hs with the screen on, no matter how power efficient the SD800 and 4.4 are…

    3. That same much more powerful SoC also has battery optimizations that are not present in previous devices. KitKat may also bring better battery management. We just have to wait and see. There are too many people crying about the mah on the battery, not meaning you specifically. But just as megapixels do not tell the whole story on a camera, the same goes for battery stats on paper.

      1. Sure, but a bigger battery never hurt anything.

        1. “hurts” phone size and price. those things do matter. i’ll agree that i could live with 0.5-1.0 mm thicker phone and more operating time, but where do you draw that line in the sand? I’ll just continue to use my usb power battery things when needed.

  12. For everyone mentioning we were slow on it, it kinda played out weirdly for us. I typically write on the weekends but since I live in India, my shift ends pretty early (a little after noon EDT). The news broke soon after that, at a perfect time for writers based in Europe and the US. Derek noticed that I hadn’t covered it, and took out some of his own time to do it.

    Just like every blog, we like to be the first to the news, but just like every blog, it won’t pan out like that every time. Fortunately, we’re quick more often than not.

    1. did you really take down my post we can’t even have an honest conversation here about phones and specs. So what I said vanilla android isn’t that great. That’s why we have android because we aren’t locked into one system unlike crapple

      1. No i didn’t. In fact, I can still see yours. It might be a case of Disqus behaving weirdly.


        1. Ok cool

          1. it does that to me too, especially with the mobile app

    2. its all good man. thanks for the explanation tho. and derek ross is a pretty good fit here, he really reminds me of Chris

    3. *hands you a beer* It’s cool man :).

  13. Ugh. 5″ screen? The 4.7″ on the Nexus 4 is already pushing what I consider too big. I can’t reach my thumb all the way across it to get to one of the dumb buttons that’s in a top corner. (I’m left handed, so it’s always in the wrong corner for me.)

    Bigger isn’t better when it comes to screens, Google! I know Samsung hasn’t gotten that message, but I was hoping you would. :-/ That screen is just too big to be useful for me.

    (I’m still hoping they have a Nexus 10 refresh that I can drool over, though…)

    1. 5 is fine…… seriously.. wtf

    2. Aren’t you aware that this phone is the same size as the nexus 4?

      1. The Nexus 4 has a 4.7″ diagonal screen. This is a 4.95″ diagonal screen. That is larger, if only by a fraction of an inch. The overall bezel may be larger/smaller, but the screen is bigger on the 5.

        1. Yep, everyone knows that, but the dimensions of the N4 are 133.9 x 68.7 mm, whereas the N5 is 131.9 x 68.2 mm, shorter than my GNex and only .3mm wider. Yes the screen is larger, but in this case taller, and with shaved side bezels. I don’t think bigger is better in any way, but the fact they made it smaller in dimensions is what mattered to me.

          One thing I’m wondering is what apps are using that have Apple-esque top corner buttons?

    3. It would be nice if Google would think about us lefties and put an option in the settings to move the holo menu to the top left.

      1. I’m a lefty too, but I don’t have any issue with the current setup of buttons.

      2. lefties are evil

    4. While this phone’s dimensions are largely the same due to reduced bezels I am with you on the size thing. I love my N4 but I would love them to reduce the bezels while keeping the screen the same size.

      And also a lefty, a “flip” option would be awesome.

    5. Agreed. 4.3 – 4.5 was a really good size. iPhone is too small and S4 / Note are way too big. Now all the 4.3 – 4.5 phones are mid to low range and usually not worth buying.

  14. This are the characteristics of the Nexuseless 5, come on, who the hell designed it with a 2300ma battery?… I prefer the LG G2 miles away!

    1. g2 has an aweomr battry

    2. I couldn’t handle those cheap feeling buttons on the back! Felt so cheap!

    3. Well that’s your preference. Personally I think LG’s customized UI is garbage and I don’t have the time in my day to mess around with rooting.

      1. The software is not important, you have tons of option on Google Play so if the stock UI is fine, good, if not there are plenty of options. Is the hardware that counts in this case. A phone with a 2300ma is crap.

        1. This is outrageously ignorant.

  15. Guuuurls please. I think the fact I’m posting this comment with my Note 3 is self explanatory. XD

    1. note owns too hard… im sorry

  16. No matter how you slice it..if offered at a good price with LTE for US people will be lining up for the Nexus 5. The supporters, the whiners including me..I would trade my 4 months old S4 even at a loss

    1. The D821 is for everywhere but NA, and the D820 is for NA with bands 2/4/5/17/25/26/41.

    2. I plan on trading my S4 for the N5. I had the galaxy nexus, nexus4 and then got a S4 because I was offered an account device upgrade.

      Frankly I’m sick of the S4’s default software, how locked down the AT&T S4 and those stupid physical buttons which don’t work they way I want in a Google Edition rom. This is all personal preference, but I so much prefer a simple elegant unlocked vanilla nexus device to anything else.

  17. Ok, I guess I’ll just have to be generous and let my nexus friends borrow my Note 3 at 5pm when their phones die and they want to check their FB status.

    1. Oh I get it. That’s clever.

      1. It’s not THAT clever ’cause if it was you wouldn’t have gotten xD

        1. Oh man that was even MORE clever. You are a scholar.

          1. Anytime son, now go to your bedroom.

    2. Lol the battery life on the note 3 is in sain :)

  18. I don’t get all the complainers about battery life, comparing it to the Nexus 4. Do you people not know how to manage a device, letting apps do whatever the hell they want? My battery is just fine on my 4, sure I would like more but I don’t want to carry a brick or mini tablet in my pocket. /rant

    Looking forward to this with a good subsidized price given the battery, a cheap part they could have upped.

    1. There’s plenty of phones with over 3000 mah batteries that aren’t tanks.

      1. and i would rather have a phone that doesnt need to be modified to have decent battery life, i would rather have a phone that i can modify to make good battery life better.

    2. Managing apps behavior has a lot to do with battery life. You can run down any phones with 150 apps all pulling data down at the default settings. I make sure to turn off everything that I don’t need constant updates from and I had good battery life on my N4, more is always nice but not always needed.

      Also remember this runs on the 800 chipset which is supposed to be excellent at battery life. You can’t compare phones just on the mah rating,

      The system software, apps installed, chipset, display must all be taken into account.

    3. The N4 doesn’t have LTE which is a big power user. Also do you use the GPS much?, that’s a huge battery user. I use MapMyWalk, which is a GPS app, and Pandora on my afternoon walks. My Galaxy Nexus eats 40% of its 3800ma battery in two hours. Hopefully the N5 is more efficient that the GN but it would have to be nearly twice as efficient as the GN to compensate for it’s tiny battery. What’s worse is that you can’t swap the battery. With my GN I carry an extra battery when I’m going to be out all day (it’s fine when I’m near WiFI but if it has to rely on LTE it sucks down the battery). It also means that my battery is always pretty fresh. A 3800ma battery for the GN is only $20 so I replace it every 9 months or so. Lithium batteries wear out in a couple of years which puts an upper limit on the life of a phone that lacks a replaceable battery. Phone have reached the point where they are as good as they need to be which means that you could theoretically keep them as long as a PC if it weren’t for the battery.

      1. I could hack it and enable the LTE, I haven’t read anything horrible about battery life with doing that. I use the Nike running app, Maps, etc. constantly and have no issues. I do agree GPS sucks down more battery than my hotspot feature even, but of course that depends on how much the GPS has to work get signal.

        The G Nex is notorious for crappy battery times due to being one of the first with LTE. Battery optimizations are better on the N4, and can be expected to be better on the N5. The G2 can easily pass two days on a single charge with average use, the N5 will easily go one day with a charge since it’s a clean OS.

        If you’re beating the dead horse on removable battery options, Samsung is your manufacturer. It’s too much of a hassle, and I don’t want to create more waste in the environment when I don’t have to. Apparently Google agrees.

        My dad still uses my OG Galaxy S1, no issues for a basic user. But we techies need the latest tech in regular cycles.

    4. even if they are letting apps do whatever they want, some phones handle that much better. Some people don’t like baby sitting their phones to extend battery. I have a Nexus 4, the battery life is fine for light to moderate use, when in heavy use i do things like airplane mode and turning off data /screen brightness to try and make it further, but it would be nice to not have to toggle on n off airplane mode to check to see if i got messages when im late into the night. I’m sure this nexus 5 will be better than nexus 4 in that respect, but how much better is the question.

      1. Download Battery Guru from Snapdragon. It has a great feature set and keeps improving. The only thing I toggle manually is my sync, I don’t need constant updates on my Google accounts. Oh also Llama helps out a lot.

        1. whats Llama?

          1. Llama is a location aware app. E.g. when I’m home Wi-Fi turns on sound set to loud, mobile data off. At work sound off, sync off, etc. You get the idea. Saves me from having to make manual adjustments depending on the locations I’ve taught it.

  19. If only it was made in collaboration with HTC…

    1. They should collaborate with HTC or Motorola to make a midrange Nexus that retails for like $250 or lower (same pricing structure as outgoing N4). I’m thinking something along the lines of the HTC First, HTC One Mini, or S4 Mini but as Nexus.

      1. If they make the Nexus any cheaper then it will start to creep into the mid to low range category. I’d prefer to pay more for less gimped hardware.

  20. Its a cutting edge to go for nexus or lumia?

    I use nexus but something make me attract to lumia – Its charging portability without plugin, and design with own kind of app size adjustment.

    1. You mean wireless charging, which is there in Nexus 4 and should be there in 5 as well?

      1. yes, i use it lot, but now it go for service. Unable to charge anymore. or very frequently get disconnected in my nexus.

    2. nexus 5 will use wireless charging too

  21. Android vs iOS, pros and cons @ http://tinyurl.com/free-your-device

  22. After reading last week that the battery was 2300 and the camera was downgraded. I went a grabbed the G2. Love this phone tho. I had the GNex and knew that my next ohine had to have a good cam and strong battery.

    Im also rooted and rom’d at the moment. I know dev support willbe higher on the N5, but with the phones having identical engines..we wont havr any issues collaborating with yalls (n5’s) roms

    1. Camera was downgraded? Where did you read that the camera was downgraded?

      1. G2 has a 13 mp camera. All indications show the N5 has an 8 mp camera.

        1. For me, if the sensor tech and size were the same, I would consider that an upgrade. The MP race is something that has always been a bad idea. 13MP in a sensor that small means bigger pictures, yes, but grainier pictures compared to the same sensor size with larger “buckets” for the light (aka fewer MP).

          Its not like anyone is blowing up these pictures to hang them on their wall.

        2. if you care about megapixels you should read this. they are not very important at all: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/02/08/technology/08pogue.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0

  23. for the first time in several years I just don’t have a big draw to buy a new phone. for one Verizon never gets the nexus line and the new phones don’t have a huge wow factor. I kept waiting to see what would come out and I’m not feeling impressed enough to buy a new one. my gs3 is still humming along fine. might just hold out and skip to the gs5 next year

    1. Phones have gotten “good enough” that upgrades aren’t necessary every year. I doused my EVO 4G LTE, and am seriously considering just getting one used as a replacement, even though I currently have an upgrade available on the account.

  24. The umpteenth integrated-battery useless P.O.S.
    (and too small non-expandable internal storage)

    1. Don’t like it, don’t buy it. Simple.

      1. Obviously. My last 4 smarthpones of the last 4 years have been the Galaxy S, SII, Note and Note II. That doesn’t mean that I am wed to Samsung for life though, I would LOVE to have more choice than I do now, as it is I could never buy anything but a Note III (which I am in fact going to buy very soon).

        1. You have plenty of choices. You just have made it very clear that you are picky. There’s nothing really wrong with that, but you can’t complain about a device when that device doesn’t fit ALL of your needs.

          I still think that people tend to forget what Nexus devices actually are for.

          1. I do? So care to list all of these big-display-removable-battery-big-storage choices that I have..?
            Assuming that I am willing to forgo the S-Pen (which I don’t use that often but when I do is VERY useful) and Samsung’s many added features (some of which are killer like for example the MultiWindow) those 3 aforementioned ones are my most essential deal-makers/breakers.

        2. It’s all about habit’s, my first few phones were samsung’s and jam packed with data on both internal and sd card storage.

          Once I got over my flash addict stage, I learned to run leaner. I still install root and custom recovery on every device I own and try out a few roms. But it’s not as hard to go from having an sd card to not as people make it out to be, I was ok with 16gb on the nexus 4, and 32 should be more than enough, just have to keep the backups lean.

          1. there is nothing about “habits” here, it ‘s a simple matter of actually needing and (knowing how to) using smartphones to their fullest potential.

            You are obviously not a poweruser.

    2. Though I agree, XD….your comments are still harsh. I have friends that have phones with removable batteries that have never had the back cover off. To some, it’s just not that important.

      1. I’ve never owned a device with non-removable battery, but I also have never swapped a battery out before either. The back cover only came off if I needed to change SD card or SIM. It’s never been a big deal to me before and definitely won’t start now. Can’t wait for the Nexus 5.

      2. Yeah I know many morons like that. Why “morons”..? Well, what’s one of the most common complains (if not THE most common complain) from the average smarrtphone user (which is, I maintain, an ignorant and/or a moron)? The limited battery life.
        Idiots fool around with all kinds of external batteries and battery saving settings (which are really just features-crippling settings) but refuse to see the obvious and most ideal solution before they very eyes. Removable batteries not only solve the battery-runtime anxiety, they also mean keeping one’s MOBILE device ALWAYS mobile and make dealing with a degraded battery a cheap, quick and easy swap affair.

        1. yes battery life is the biggest complaint… but those “morons” also don’t want to charge multiple batteries at night and lug around 2 batteries all day. So there really isn’t *much* of a difference between carrying around extra batteries and carrying around a portable charger. So what’s the problem.

          1. Nonsense.
            You buy as many of them as many batteries you go through the day AND you keep your MOBILE device mobile, charged and ready even at night.
            This alone is worth having removable batteries for even if a single charge gets you through the day!

            I don’t know how people can stand to chain down one’s MOBILE device to a wall charger FOR HOURS EACH AND EVERY DAY (assuming they NEED and actually USE them, of course).

            Also nonsense is the complaint about “lugging” additional batteries, you either NEED to be able to get through the day no matter how much you use your smartphone or you don’t. If you need it you would be *lugging* an external battery which is HEAVIER AND BIGGER than additional internal batteries and, when you actually use it, you would not have a MOBILE device anymore but a cumbersome 2-precariously-tethered-devices combo…

          2. that’s not exactly what i was getting at. I’m saying that getting through the day is more of a WANT than it is a NEED, most of the time for most people (obviously there are exceptions. So people don’t NEED to get through the day they just want to. With that being said it is annoying when your battery dies short on you, but its not going to necessarily ruin your life. Some might find it annoying to carry around 2 batteries in their pocket, especially when one battery is good enough for 90% of the time. I had a removable battery and 2 batteries in my Evo 4g for 2 years, and i carried both batteries around with me less than 5 times. If anything maybe i’d use 2 batteries maybe only on some saturdays/sundays (i usually leave work friday evening with a full battery). But that’s not enough to deter me and others from buying a phone without a removable battery. I’d rather have a non removable 3,000 mah battery than a removable 2500 battery.

            As for a portable charger ggoes, i wasnt saying it was a replacement for those who dont want to carry around a spare charger, i was saying was it really that much of a difference most of the time as an alternative for those who do carry around extra batteries already. Yes MOBILE device i understand, but if im sitting down eating dinner in a restaurant or at a bar, having my phone sit on the table being MOBILE isnt much different than it sitting on that same table being charged by something the size of a deck of cards. It’s still mobile n just sitting there while im eating/drinking/whatever. It was simply suggested as an alternative to a “Deal breaker” kind of comment.

    3. Doesn’t seem to have ever hurt iPhone sales.

      1. Which proves what exactly..?
        Apple does very well almost only in the US anyway (and it has lost the crown even there). And Apple users are, as a whole, the LEAST knowledgeable users of them all so that does NOT confute my point (actually, it confirms it) that only people who don’t really need and use to the fullest their smartphones buy integrated battery, limited internal storage crap.
        I have never met a single Apple user whom I would call a poweruser…

        1. Totally agree. Most users that know what android is also care for removable storage and batteries (at least outside US, where 3/4G is very spotty and most cloud services are not available due to legal geographic BS). The rest just buy Iphones or the cheaper model in the carrier shop…

    4. both of these are stupid. google knows we want both. 32gb is fine for me though. i only average around 15 on my current phone.

    5. How could you need more than 32 gbs on a phone, how many movies and games do you actually watch on your phone?

      1. You would if you used your smartphone like the pocket computer that it is……
        I have ZERO games on my Note II but my 16GB internal + 64GB microSD are almost filled with files of all kinds: music, video, photos and, above all, the *same most used files that I keep on my laptop* (doc, xls, pdf, scanned images, Google Keep files, other notes including vocal ones, calendars, tasks, contacts, messages, e-mails and on and on and on…).
        I use my Note II on the go more or less as I would my laptop, it’s a *real pocket PC*, I LOVE IT and couldn’t do without it.

        As a matter of fact, I travel a lot and on my shorter trips I don’t bring my laptop anymore, just the HDMI adapter, the USB OTG adapter and a small bluetooth keyboard and mouse and use it as an “actual” PC with my hotel room’s/rented apartment’s TV… AWESOME doesn’t even begin to describe it.

        1. did you seriously just call your android device a pocket PC ?? shame.

          1. As in a “personal computer”? I think he’s using that acronym how it’s meant to be used. PC doesn’t (have to) equal windows.

          2. I didn’t say anything about windows. PC is generic enough. “pocket PC” is what i used last decade. :)

      2. I could fill 32gb with music in the blink of an eye. However, i’m happy 32gb is an option this time. I have the n4 which i’m happy with, except the storage. I filled the 16gb the day I got the phone and now have to purge the phone every couple of weeks and remove things i’d rather not have to remove. I imagine 32gb will be the same, but significantly better than 16.

        I know.. i know… you can stream it from a cloud server… not good enough because I don’t always have access to data.

    6. Stop posting this, we know some people don’t like integrated batteries and the lack of sd cards.

      On the nexus 4 people said they needed 32, now they give you 32 and it’s still not enough for some hoarders, big surprize. Google is never going back to including sd cards, it’s that simple get over it.

      Integrated batteries also seem here to stay as it gives the phone manufacturer more freedom in designing devices.

      You may not like these two factors, but the fact is the iphone and many other phones from motorola, lg, htc sell very well without removable batteries or sd cards, because the average user never removes them,

      At this point I wish we could segregate android sites into sd card / removable battery zealots and everyone else. I’m so sick of reading this argument.
      Buy your Samsung device and leave the treads about other devices alone lol.

      1. “hoarders”, “zealots”… LMAO! Try “powerusers who actually need and (know how to) use smartphones to their fullest potential”.

        And yeah those other companies copying Apple crap and Apple’s worst choices are doing so well that Samsung is by far the most successful Android maker and smartphone company in general…

        1. I am a power user too, and I’ve been on the other end of this argument. While it may help you don’t actually need a removable battery or a sd card in order to be a power user. There are many concessions you make by buying a carrier branded device too. Sim locks, bootloader locks, slower updates.

          It’s a question of what matters to you more, speedy updates matter more to me, unlocked bootloaders and sim unlocked phones matter more to me, knowing I have a solid AOSP build that will always be up to date matters more to me. It’s not as clear as you try to make it out to be. I’m tired of fighting manufacturer’s just to get my phone to operate as I want it to, and that’s what you get when you buy a non nexus device.

          I know I’m getting a nexus 5 the day it comes out and selling my AT&T GS4 which I hate and have hacked to all hell just to get it to operate as I’d like and get around the pointless restrictions they put on the device.

          The argument is old, and tired and sd card and removable battery zealots act like it’s the only thing that matters, which is an incredibly myopic argument. and it’s reaks of Samsung Fanboy

          1. The best smartphones out there (like my Note II) can grant you 6 hours of screen-on time at best so if you are positively sure that a charge WILL get you through the day no matter what, you are very much NOT a poweruser to me….

            And even worse if the fact that you may risk ending up with a dead smartphone is of no great concern to you…

            P.S. And no, I have NEVER bought a bootloader-locked or SIM-locked smartphone. Especially the latter is a deal breaker to me.
            I have ALWAYS bought my smartphones outright with no silly contracts, no silly carrier brandings, limitations and personalizations and so on.

          2. My $25 external 6000 mah portable charger can solve the problem of a dying battery, $25 will not overcome the limitations and restrictions I mentioned above as the reason I’m ditching my GS4.
            I also keep a charger in my car, for days that I’m a particularly heavy user, there are ways to mitigate the concessions I make to use to nexus device, there are concessions to be made with a samsung device as well.

            There are concessions to be made with any choice of available Android phones. Only a fanboy pretends that their choice is the only viable one and that every other phone is garbage.

            All I’m saying is I’m tired of the pointless no sd/ removable battery = FAIL posts that pretend like that is the only feature that matters.

          3. LMAO!!
            So instead of bringing around SMALLER AND LIGTHER additional internal batteries you lug around an HEAVIER AND BIGGER external battery which, when in actual use, instantly renders your once MOBILE device an unwieldy, unhandy, unpocketable, cumbersome 2-precariously-tethered-devices combo…LMAO!!
            And once at home you have to chain BOTH of them down to a wall charger instead of simply putting your “spent”, swapped out internal battery in its SEPARATE BATTERY CHARGER keeping your smartphone mobile, charged and ready… LMAO!!

            P.S. and no, it’s not “the only feature that matters” but to me no removable battery is the biggest instant deal breaker ever.

          4. I agree somewhat. I’ll admit I own 3 batteries for my GN–all different sizes, each requiring a different back plate, so I rarely swap them in practice. a usb backup battery may mean a separate device to carry, but then so are my batteries/back plates. the usb battery can charge other stuff too. when i’m in outdoors (away from power) my usb battery easily charges from my solar system. charging phone batteries in their own charger bases is possible, but less energy efficient (involves going up to 110Vac).
            point is, it matters what the situation is. at least market-wide we still have choices. iOS users do not.

      2. “Stop posting this, we know some people like integrated batteries and sd cards.

  25. But this could still be carried by Verizon, it has CDMA. I am still holding out hope..

    1. It doesn’t support Verizon’s current LTE band, but does support their AWS LTE band, which they were supposed to roll out at end of year. However, I doubt VZW will allow it to run on the network knowing that customers won’t be able to access all features.

  26. no Bluetooth? …. read manual !!… I think this could be fake … !!!

    1. Blue tooth 3.0 is mentioned which makes me believe it’s fake. I don’t see Google going back words on it especially with glass being blue tooth and 4.3 supporting bt low energy.

      1. Bluetooth 4is mentioned as well.

  27. is it coming with lg????because earlier it was reumoured that nexus 5 is coming with motorola

    1. It’s LG. There have been others rumored along the way but LG has been the most widely speculated to be producing the phone and all of the leaks seem to confirm that. If anything, another OEM like Motorola could offer perhaps a mid-range Nexus phone, but if this is priced like the Nexus 4 I’m not sure how much cheaper you can go. I’d like to see a Nexus with a Snapdragon 400 processor, 4.3″ 720p screen, and storage options of 8 GB and 16 GB personally. Like an HTC First or One Mini or an S4 Mini but either a Google Play edition or a Nexus.

      1. 8 – 16gb? really?

  28. Don’t know if I am reading this right. It looks like this will have support on the Sprint network. Am I right (hope)?

    1. That’s what way I read it as well. Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T …. #lolverizon

      1. Thanks! That would be cool, I will keep an eye out for this. I am ready for an upgrade and I like the look of the Nexus 5 so far.

      2. Verizon doesn’t deserve a Nexus device after the fiasco with the Galaxy Nexus.

  29. If that a removable abttery I see in the picture??? Sure looks like a removable back plate to me…

    1. “removeable” With a special tool used to take it off. It will probably be something that voids your warranty.

    2. As removable as the N7’s back plate.

  30. If that Burgundy color is real, I am not a fan of it. Is the 2300 mAh battery the reason why the phone can sell for a tad bit cheaper? Why not put a 13 MP camera from G2 into the Nexus 5? I might have to buy a new phone since USPS botched my phone replacement shipment to my carrier, so I have to wait until their crummy insurance procedure to begin to get my money.

    1. Battery size does matter (to an extend), but software and hardware optimization play a bigger role here…if not see how apple has way smaller batteries and they still deliver on battery performance…leaving apple aside this phone will come with Android 4.4 which will be based on the new Linux kernel that has been optimized for power management so you can expect higher performance with lower power consumption…look it up…don’t jump into conclusions based on numbers….same thing applies to the camera…the MP count don’t dictate the quality of the photo just the size.

      1. But my point was about the prices. The G2 has a very similar body and internal hardware set. So why have a lower pixel size camera. You did correct me, which is fine, but you didn’t really address my money question.

    2. the mauve is just a photography artifact. moving on…

      (why would you USPS your phone back the carrier?? if turn-around time matters, take it to the store)

  31. Well it looks like it has the same wcd9320 audio codec as the G2 so sound should be good.

  32. This could have been a great phone, but 2300mAh battery is unacceptable. Google continues the culture of crippling their nexus devices. Also, there shouldn’t be a 64gb model. It should start at 32gb and there should be a 64gb also.

    1. Babs Oyed, size does matter (to an extend), but software and hardware optimization play a bigger role here…if not see how apple has way smaller batteries and they still deliver on battery performance…leaving apple aside this phone will come with Android 4.4 which will be based on the new Linux kernel that has been optimized for power management so you can expect higher performance with lower power consumption…look it up…don’t jump into conclusions based on numbers….same thing applies to the camera…the MP count don’t dictate the quality of the photo just the size.

      1. MP in a cámera counts because you have more color information, the more the MP the better color information in the red and blue channel.

        1. Not necessarily. Factors such as the quality and size of the sensors, and the quality of the glass used for the lens, amongst other things, count as well.

          1. Not necessarily what?… I said MP counts but I didnt say “only”.

          2. Marcus, you are right, it does matter, that is why I said at the begging “to an extend”…but for the regular smartphone users, that will only use their photos to print some of them, some will go to Facebook and some to instagram…this is totally irrelevant…now if you specifically do image editing or any sort of advanced image edition that requires a higher pixel count, color saturation, etc. this camera should not even be on your radar at least not for that type of “expected quality” and remember, right now they are (not me but reviewers) saying that the best mobile image quality is offered by the iPhone 5s which has a 8MP sensor…so again…don’t jump to conclusions just because of a number, there is much more behind it than that.

          3. I agree with you about the camera phone, I’m a professional photorapher and I only use a camera phone only in a emergency, again MP in a camera phone makes noise even smaller (the dots, not the quantity) and it’s better to clear then in photoshop. For the iPhone 5s, personally I dont like the biased colors of the all Apple phones, totally biased, this is something normal even with entry level DSLR but with camera phone you get the worse case.

          4. I haven’t play with an iPhone 5s myself but I have heard from friends that use it and know their way around image editing that the software “improvements” done automatically by the iOS software ends up altering the colors fidelity more often than not…again they are also pro photographers and do care about editing time and effort that you have to put to get a decent final product….but for the average Joe like myself (or probably I should say average Juan since I am latino :)) it will be good enough unless the camera really royally sucks…I have heard that the Nokia 1020 41 MP camera with OIS is a decent backup camera for a pro…but you have to get a Windows Phone :(

    2. HTC One has a 2300 mAh battery and it’s more than good enough. Battery size isn’t everything ya know.

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  34. And now its gone. “Document removed due to copyright infringement”. Anyone save it off to pdf or something?

    1. Wondering the same… Sad day…

    2. And found it, on this Spanish blog. It’s a google doc link called link at the end of the article. Get it while it’s hot:-)

      1. thanks! I thought to myself “I should save this off” as I first browsed through it but didn’t. Then still didn’t the next morning I browsed it again. duh.

        1. Understandable, was thinking the same myself when I read the manual the other night, but didn’t want to sign up for Scribd.

  35. To all complaining about the removable battery, there are perfectly tiny and portable battery chargers available. To you “power users” you just can’t cope with 32gb’s you are being inefficient besides media & entertaining content, what are you running up 32gbs that you need every day . If you do need all that space and battery everyday well this is a wake up call to get off your phone and do something more productive.

    1. I lost a phone to water damage. I sat there and watched it blink on and off, unable to pull the battery. If the phone had a removable battery, that phone would be working today. Instead, I have a $500 paperweight, and am back on my old EVO… which DOES have a removable battery.

      And please don’t be that guy and tell people how they don’t need whatever storage space they need. Different peoples needs are just that. Different. You’re being a douche by telling other people what they “need.”

    2. Are there perfectly tiny portable wall outlets available too?

      1. USB battery chargers; easily pocketable. Just got one on eBay for under $5, has 3000mah, and was from USA seller. Decided to go this route, since I just sold my GNex for $175 in anticipation for N5, and am back on a Nexus S I picked up for $70. Battery life sucks compared to GNex and every other 3rd+ gen phone.

        1. Right, so you carry around a spare cell phone battery, except it’s housed inside a big piece of plastic and requires a USB cable to use it. That sounds fantastic.

          1. It sure is fantastic. It’s the tiny wall outlet you were asking for, not housed in huge plastic either, though some probably are. It’s twice the size of the regular Nexus S battery and the big benefit is that it’s not limited to being used for just my phone.

  36. I’m still not thrilled about the headphone jack being on the top side of the device. Apple got that part right. For quick use of devices in pockets when using headsets, it just makes sense… I don’t see why the Nexus isn’t going that route. :(

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