HTC One Max with Verizon branding breaks cover, reportedly sports fingerprint scanner


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We’ve been wondering when HTC would gear up to launch the phablet version of their 2013 flagship smartphone. It’s said to be called the HTC One Max, and would share a lot of looks and qualities with the older, smaller 4.7-inch sibling. This particular device is 6 inches large, and if earlier reports are to be believed we can expect 2GB of RAM, HTC’s UltraPixel camera, and either a Snapdragon 600 or Snapdragon 800 processor.

We’ve seen that bundle of goodness leaked every which way before, and now it’s ready to show its stuff again. This time, a Verizon-branded version of the One Max has been posted at Android Central’s forums, giving us a look at the thing in clear, broad daylight. You can see Verizon’s logo sitting neatly below the display, with buttons for the quick apps switcher and the home button flanking it.

An update to the original post notes that the device has a fingerprint scanner on the back, something we’d heard HTC might be looking to include. Perhaps the inclusion of that component is what’s taking the company so long to reveal the One Max. Whatever the case may be, though, we’ll be more than excited to see how HTC decides to implement it.

We’ve been wondering how long it would take for an OEM to bring us finger-scanning goodness ever since the Motorola ATRIX 4G came out. I pondered as much in my nostalgic look back at the fingerprint scanner following the announcement of the iPhone 5S. You can read that editorial here, where I also discussed possible reasons why the fingerprint scanner didn’t work for Motorola.

The poster also mentioned that the back cover is removable, something not currently possible on most HTC One units. Everything else looks the same — dual-front-facing BoomSound speakers, and all — except it’s just a whole lot bigger. Be sure to grab a good look at the photos above and below. And why not head to the big honkin’ rumors thread over at AndroidForums.com’s HTC One Max section to talk about this titan of a device with all the other eager souls waiting for HTC to introduce it? We’ll be waiting for you!

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  1. I think it’s a little to late I think there taking to long to release it by time it comes out people would have lost interest in it and probably already bought the note 3. True HTC fans would b the ones to buy this device cuz no matter ups and downs they stick with HTC.

    1. Not saying that it would be a success when it finally comes out, but people can’t lose interest in a product that they have no knowledge of. More than likely the only folks looking forward to the Max, are folks like us who read tech blogs. There strangely has been an overwhelmingly lack of leaks and info coming out about the Max. Until this, afaik all prior info has come from that same Chinese source. So weird. But in any event there’s going to be a very small percentage of people that buys the Note 3 because they got tired of waiting on the Max.

      If you’re actually waiting on the Max, you know something about it and like what you see. And there’s a good chance you’ll get it. The Note 3 is appealing to me, but not the price on the Now Network. Given the price, I’m debating if I’d actually use the stylus all that much, its main differentiator. If I’m thinking I would rarely take the stylus out, the G2 has a nice size quality screen and no stylus, and looked very good at At&t. And if the Max is more than just a super sized One, though it appears to lack a stylus, it has to have some enhanced features, there still could be more than one compelling alternative to the Note 3. It would be a bad move on HTCs part not to have something for the Max to hang its hat on. A waste of time and closer to the end for HTC.

    2. Exactly what I was thinking. I was about to just scratch waiting for the HTC One Max and pick up an LG G2 while it’s $0 down at Tmo. But just as I got ready to do that, I see the news about the release day Oct. 15th. So I’ll give them this little time to interest me. If it’s just a larger HTC One, then I might not get it. Might.

  2. If it has a micro sd slot, I am in!

    1. Doubt it. If anything, they may do with the One Max like they did with the One X+ and offer it only as a 64GB variant. Then again, this is HTC we’re talking about.

      1. A lot of leaked screenshots showed a removeable back + microSD slot, but of course time will tell when hTC announces it. Not sure what’s the hold up.

    2. It actually does. I’ve had the fortune to see it in person when an HTC rep visited. MicroSD is there, though oddly he said the back isn’t removable.

  3. I really want the largest screen available with high end specs. If Verizon had the Xperia Z Ultra, I would probably get that instead!

    1. That thing has a horrible screen protector built in, and is the smudgiest mess I’ve ever seen..

  4. the note 3 is very slick looking and I am surprised at how thin it is. I have a galaxy s 3 and thought I would be moving up to this phone. The problem is that when I am paying full price out of pocket I would want top end specifications on things like the camera and sound system. If initial reports are true, then it looks like the note 3 may have skimped in these two areas which are very important to me. For that reason I may switch companies for the HTC max. If, and only if, it has an SD card, and they have bumped up the ultra pixels in the camera. I might be OK with a snap dragon 600 instead of the 800 after I see how it handles a heavy multitasking load. I wouldn’t turn my nose up at 3 gigabytes of RAM either.

    1. Take it from me …go with the Note 3. I traded my HTC One and haven’t missed a thing! This is one helluva device my friend. Trust me, you want that snap 800 adreno 330 cpu and 3gb RAM. I can’t put into words how awesome this device is!!!

  5. I think this looks great, now I think at this point that it’s safe to assume that it won’t have all the features of the note 3 but it definitely needs to be a lot more than just a larger One.

  6. if no microsd slot this is all you need its like$12 plus shipping http://www.meenova.com/

    1. Would be more practical for a tablet than a phone though. Too obtrusive to leave in and it looks like no pass thru either. Might be something to consider for my Nexus 7 though.

      1. it is more for additional storage I’m sure it will have at least 32gb

  7. HDMI out?
    Its good if you travel to see it on a bigger monitor.

    1. HTCs have had MHL->HDMI since 2011, doubt this will be an exception.

  8. That iPhone looks like a toy next to it. Haha.

    I hope this does well for HTC but they need to hurry up and release it!

  9. If it comes with the Snapdragon 800 processor it will be the replacement for my note 2

  10. It’s not exactly Note 3 level but this phone looks great!

  11. i love the way HTC phones look but after owning a Thunderbolt idk if i can ever go back to htc

    1. Thunderbolt was a horrible one, but hTC ONE is nothing like that horrible phone though.

      1. Oh yea i know the htc one is a top phone..thunderbolt was an awful phone all around after they hyped it up so much

  12. They should release this kind of like a galaxy player version also but just strip out the calling and sell it for like 250-300 I would buy it. I love HTC but they really need to cut the bezel down more to make it less unwieldy. I originally was going to buy this but I was swayed by the LG G2 because of its awesome screen and pretty small size. Plus I was hoping it would have been out already

  13. This thing is going to be massive with those big black bezels on the top/bottom……

    1. In addition to the front facing speakers. Yikes.

  14. Can’t wait hurry up Htc, I want this.

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