Sep 30th, 2013

kitkat android contest

In case you didn’t realize, Google and Kit Kat have already started their promotion for 1,000 free Nexus 7s being given away to lucky folks who buy specially marked packages of Kit Kat bars. More than that was begin given away, with tons more people getting a chance to win $5 in Google Play credits for use with anything in Google Play other than devices.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like you will be permitted to win more than that $5. Kit Kat’s terms for the contest state that there is a limit of “one prize per name, address, email and/or household,” meaning you’re wasting a lot of money on Kit Kat bars if you’ve already won one $5 voucher (unless, of course, you just happen to really love Kit Kat bars).

This language was confirmed with an email from The Hershey Company explaining the rules to a curious customer. Unfortunately, the rep didn’t clarify if this meant that those who won $5 were no longer eligible to win a Nexus 7, or vice versa.

For the record, we’re hearing customers in the UK have not been hindered by such terms, with those guys reporting that they have successfully won multiple £5 vouchers. You know we’ll be reaching out to clarify, but if you’ve already won something from this promotion then you may want to slow it down as all those dollars spent might be in vain. In the meantime, let us know how everything is faring for you in the comments section below.

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