Sep 30th, 2013

google play vending machines

There’s been a bit of a strange infatuation with vending machines over in Japan over the years, with the big boxes spitting out everything from noodles to beer, and everything in between. Now, Google is looking to capitalize on that trend by offering a vending machine of their own. The company has launched the first ever Google Play vending machine.

No, it doesn’t hold Nexus devices. In fact, it doesn’t hold any physical items for purchase. Instead, customers can use the vending machine to discover new apps, and download them right there using NFC-enabled phones. For now, just 18 free and paid apps and games are populating the machine, though more are expected to be added over time.

For those who don’t have NFC-enabled devices, Google will have a Nexus device on-hand for users to try it out. Perhaps they’re hoping people find it cool enough to encourage a few more sales of Nexus phones and tablets.

I can’t say I’d find myself using one of these should they ever come to the states (cool vending machines often don’t come stateside, but one can dream), but we’re sure there are more than a few of you out there who feel differently. If you do, let us know in the comments section below.

[Engadget via Google+]