HTC chimes in on Android 4.3 delays for HTC One carrier models


Google Glass vs HTC One camera DSC00163

Yesterday we saw the HTC One Developer Edition officially receive its Android 4.3 update. While this all good n’ dandy for those that paid full price for the One (ie, yours truly), it goes without saying the vast majority of HTC One owners purchased theirs through their carrier (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc). It’s those customers who are wondering when they can expect Android 4.3 to arrive on their Ones and according to HTC… soon.

As a recap, talk of the One receiving Android 4.3 kicked off back towards the end of August when HTC’s President of US revealed their plans to update carrier US/Canadian Ones and the HTC Droid DNA to 4.3 before the end of September. With barely 3 days left in the month, John Mackenzie is back again with a quick status update.

In a tweet, Mackenzie mans up to HTC missing their original target release date — slightly — but reassures HTC One owners in the states and Canada that it wont be long before Android 4.3 gets pushed out via their network, and onto their devices. He also mentions they haven’t forgotten about the HTC Droid DNA, which is still very much included in HTC’s Android 4.3 update plans.

While Android 4.3 was never technically promised before the end of September (remember, HTC only said they were working hard to deliver it by then), we understand delays like this can be disheartening, but HTC’s transparency makes it a little easier to swallow. “Delayed updates” is kind of an ongoing theme in Android, but let’s not forget Android 4.3 Jelly Bean was barely made official at the end of July. Sounds like a pretty darn good turn over time if you ask us.

Seems HTC could be scrambling to update their flagship before rival Samsung who we learned just earlier today might also be targeting October/November for Android 4.3 on their line of devices. The race is on.


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  1. Cool way to go Htc at least there is a line of communication, most other oem’s keep you in the dark with their updates.

  2. All I know is that my HTC one x+ has not even got 4.2 but the international version has and probably have a better chance of seeing 4.3 before ATT even Consider giving a crap about their customers

  3. It’ll come when it comes I guess

  4. I can honestly forgive them if it’s really only a few more days. I think OEM’s really are working a LOT faster at trying to push out updates, and we’re all very harsh on them. Communication is welcome and I do think there was a time that we did need to be harsh on them, but now I think they’ve mostly fallen in line.(with some hiccups ala htc One S)

    1. They did bring out 4.3 for the Dev. Edition. Don’t forget, carrier models are special. So I don’t see it too far behind.

      It should be which carrier will get it 1st? LoL!!

      1. VERIZON!!

        Uh, okay, maybe not… (Actually, I’m happy that they haven’t forgotten about the DNA!)

    2. Agreed. I’m hoping the “slightly after 9/30” is only a week or two.

      It’ll probably drop right as Android 4.4 supersedes it. Haha.

  5. here’s to htc keeping up with this transparency going forward with their customers on support and software updates

  6. Anyone know what that ring around the camera lens is?

    1. A ring around the camera lens.

    2. Yup. Like @808Bill:disqus mentioned, it’s a sticky ring for attaching magnetic lenses to the phone. As a bonus, it also keep the phone raised on flat surfaces, protecting the glass from abrasions :)

      1. Thanks! Haha ye I’d only want it as a lens protector… Did you get the one that 808Bill linked? Thanks Chris

      2. Thanks Chris

  7. We’ll see it on November 31st

  8. And still no word on the Evo 4G LTE. C’mon HTC, it’s not that old of a phone!

    1. It’s not old, just ancient in tech terms, time to get a better phone

      1. My 2 year contract isn’t even close to being up yet!

        1. I feel you luched1, my contract is nowhere near being up, and there’s no sign of an update. i have asked every post on every forum for info, and nothing. I’m fearful of our future sir. My Evo is not receiving the EVOLOVE that was promised at launch :( Helppp

          1. IDGAF if its to 4.3 or not even. I just want 4.2.2/sense 5. thats it. then I’ll be happy, (til kitkat launches)

    2. It’s not getting an update to Android 4.3. Hate to say it.

      See here: http://www.pocketables.com/2013/09/htc-evo-4g-lte-will-not-receive-android-4-3-coming-soon-for-htc-one.html .

      1. Blame that on Sprint.

        1. I don’t really have much interest in it. I don’t own an EVO 4G LTE and I’m not on Sprint.

          I was just delivering information above that I thought might help people. I used to be a Sprint customer so I still keep tabs on it occasionally.

  9. Another REASON WHY NOT TO BUY HTC. They screw and fck up the ONE X now the ONE. They might as well go bankrupt

    1. I wanna come thru your screen and give u a noogie so bad right now

    2. samsung still has no updates so go sleep

      1. What are you talking about? Samsung has updated their devices as it was able.

        1. what samsung device has 4.3?

          1. As it was able to and isn’t Android 4.3 less than 2 months old? Wtf do you think it takes a day to make 4.3 to work with all devices? come on now

          2. i’m not saying that, but i’m saying its VERY silly to bash HTC for delaying the 4.3 update to a date that’s still scheduled to be released before any one else’s device. That’s like bashing the Broncos for only beating the Eagles by 30 when they said they would beat them by 40.

          3. I’m not bashing HTC for ONE delay I’m bashing them for their entire record they are horrible no consistency what so ever their method is releasing new versions of phones to get more than 1 update watch by next year when kit kat is sched to be out for HTC One its not going to get it because the one Max plus infinity is going to be released. Its the same thing that happened to One S, Amaze 4G, Sensation, EVO LTE HTC has a bad record. Once a new device comes out its screw you time.

    3. screw htc for being the first OEM to offer android 4.3?

  10. This is why its NEXUS or NOTHING!

    1. Verizon & Sprint Galaxy Nexus are still on 4.2.x

      1. Switch carrier. Problem solved

        1. unless you if you live in the woods

      2. Not a real Nexus unless it gsm go T-mo!

        1. Replied to this gripe up above :)

      3. Just root and install a Nexus ROM and update yourself. You’ll get much faster updates, and if you have unlimited data, you’ll get tethering as well.

  11. Lets be honest with ourselves guys, its not like these updates from HTC/Samsung etc are pure 4.3 anyway… we’re basically waiting on new versions of Sense/Touchwiz/etc.

    You want real Android updates, do like the cat below me said and get a Nexus.

    1. Its still a real Android update, regardless of whether its a Nexus or not. The carriers are holding up the updates, they always do.

    2. yes but these newer versions of sense/touch whiz do offer some advantages to stock android, so I wouldn’t dismiss it entirely

    3. Hmm. You’re still getting OpenGL ES 3.0 support, Bluetooth LE support, and FSTRIM support (though I believe HTC already supported that) in Android 4.3.

      Not to mention the GPU usage and batttery life improvements in Android 4.3. Can’t complain about more butter and battery life.

  12. The Evo 3D – Never Forget – 6-24-11

    1. Still got mine. Although, I retired it back in June after switching to a GSM carrier (bought a Galaxy Nexus to tide me over to the Nexus 5).

      I still putter around with my EVO 3D. It has Android 4.3 on it right now and it runs great.

      1. I still have mine too. It’s also running 4.3. I use it as a streaming music player.

  13. Hey F&*(ing Verizon. Where’s the 4.3 update for us Galaxy NEXUS owners? Its a F&$^ing NEXUS! Update it already.

    This is slow even for you Verizon.

    1. Its not a real Nexus if its on Verizon should get t-mobile or at&t if you want updates clearly verizon doesn’t want to approve of for whatever reason.

      1. The GSM Galaxy Nexus doesn’t have LTE or HSPA+ 42, and it was released later in the USA. I wasn’t starting a fight, just stating a fact.

        I recently switched my wife from Virgin Mobile to T-Mobile … she likes that her phone doesn’t suck anymore, but her coverage is worse now outside metro areas (New England). On the upside, they give her free Wifi-calling (a feature not on the Nexus 4).

        1. To be fair. I’m perfectly happy with the 10-20 Mbps I see on my GSM G’Nex.

          LTE may be slightly faster at times, but I’m not missing it. Especially since I originally came from Sprint which was 1-2Mbps on 3G.

          1. i had hspa42 now lte on t mob

            the is no difference what so ever

          2. I’ve tested the LTE on T-Mobile on my wife’s HTC One. She got around 35 Mbps, which is pretty good.

            Her HSPA speed is basically the same as my G’Nex’s speed. Can’t complain.

    2. I wouldnt expect anything from Verizon. Since they stopped selling the phone, I doubt they will be pushing out updates for it.

      Root it, and enjoy 4.3 and beyond.

  14. love my HTC one but HTC sux with the updates like come on really yea I’m going right back to Sammy at least they keep there word note 3 all day

    1. and their word is next month. this will still come out before Samsung’s and they will still be the first OEM to update so I don’t understand the issue here

      1. There word is next month now after they couldn’t make there own deadline Samsung well received there’s early october probably the same time we received ours either way don’t care I like android not Sammy or HTC all kno is that it nvr took this long on m gs3 which will receive 4.3 in November droid DNA haven’t even received 4.2 yet but there faster with the updates come bro

        1. im still confused, you are blaming htc for releasing the update to the One… before the update to the gs4 comes? Or are you blaming HTC for releasing the update to the DNA around the same time as the update to the GS3 is scheduled to receive theirs? HTC isnt doing 4.2 they are jumping from 4.1 to 4.3.

    2. How does HTC suck with updates ? The updates to developer and Google Experience phones are rolling out ON TIME ! Also the ONE’s in Canada are also getting the update as we speak. The US carriers are holding up the updates for all of us. Educate yourself before you embarrass yourself.

      1. Lol right so HTC themselves didn’t make a promise to deliver by the end of is this month to all htc one owners not just the developers edition. and of course the developer edition received 4.3 it runs vanilla android nexus 4 received there’s a month or so ago and also they also promised 4.2 not fr off after it’s launched but I guess we never received 4.2 because the carriers held up also huh lol yea okay make a better argument fanboy

        1. > and of course the developer edition received 4.3 it runs vanilla android

          No, Developer Edition runs Sense. You’re thinking Google Experience.

          Models of One with official 4.3 *now*:
          Google Experience
          Canadian carriers (all)
          European carriers (at least some)

          Other phones that have been *updated to* (not released with) 4.3:
          Nexus 4/7/10/Galaxy (not Verizon versions)
          Galaxy S4 Google Experience edition
          …. (End of list)

          1. He’s just hating to hate HTC with nothing to back it up. Sad.

        2. HTC said they would release the update, but that the carriers control when the US phones would see the update. They have sent out the update as scheduled and as promised. Canadian HTC ONE’s are also receiving the update. As for 4.2 HTC decided to skip it because it was a minimal update compared to 4.3. If you knew how to read i wouldnt have to explain all this to you.

        3. In addition to not knowing how to read, you seem to have problems with writing as well. The proof is the run-on sentence you wrote that turned into a run-on paragraph.

    3. lol, hTC ONE got 4.3 before S4 did when they were launched within similar time frame. Note 3 is the latest fragship from samsung that is about to come out 6 months after the hTC ONE. Are you making the right comparison here to make your argument even worthwhile?

      1. Well actually only the developers edition have 4.3 here in the states s4 launched with 4.2.2 on board and will be updated early october to 4.3 my HTC one which i currently own launched with 4.1.2 and still haven’t received an update till this day not to mention they promised to deliver 4.3 by the end of the month to the carrier models so What your saying is just a whole bunch of fanboy talk bro all im stating is facts deal with

        1. They have delivered 4.3 to the carriers, and it isn’t the end of the month yet. It’s up to the carriers to release or reject now.

          Sounds to me like you just want to keep the hate on.

  15. The Droid DNA isn’t getting Android 4.3. It’s getting Android 4.2.2 with Sense 5 and it’ll be “by the end of the year.”

    I’m not 100% sure if the Droid DNA will ever officially see Android 4.3. http://www.phonearena.com/news/HTC-One-to-get-Android-4.3-starting-this-week-no-Android-4.3-for-HTC-DROID-DNA_id47704 .

    1. not really missing much in 4.3

      1. Well, they’ll be missing OpenGL ES 3.0 Bluetooth LE, and FSTRIM support. Not to mention the big performance improvement on the GPU in Android 4.3.

        Users on Sense 5 with Android 4.3 have reported an even more buttery experience. But, yes, user-facing features in Android 4.3 will be very close to Android 4.2.2.

        1. Sense 5 with Android 4.3 is more buttery than Android 4.1.2 was on the HTC One, but it’s not more buttery than 4.2.2. Mostly because 4.2.2 on the HTC One was already smoother than stock Android. I was running the international HTC One 4.2.2 software and updated to the Developer Edition 4.3 and there are seriously no noticeable differences at all other than the build number. Android 4.3 was a fairly boring update.

          1. Good information. Thanks for sharing.

            I’m betting that, at the very least, GPU based benchmarks (and actual real world game performance) is better on Android 4.3 with Sense 5, but perhaps it’s not as noticeable in general UI manipulation between Android 4.2.2 and Android 4.3. Android 4.3 did bring along GPU usage improvements.

  16. I love my HTC One, except for the wretched camera, but I’m considering dropping it when the Nexus 5 comes along.

    1. lol if you think the nexus 5 camera will be anything compared to the One

      1. Actually nexus 5 camera is basically the same camera on the LG g2 and that kills the HTC one camera

        1. i dont know if you can say its “basically the same camera as the G2, You have to take software into account. The Nexus 4 as basically the same phone as the original Optimus G, yet there were a couple differences in performance area, some of which favored Optimus G.

          I’m not saying its impossible, but I’m just going by history here.

    2. The ONE has one of the best cameras on any smartphone. Its hardly “wretched”

      1. Says the guy that believes the marketing crap

        1. What marketing crap? I own a ONE and use the camera. I just read in a separate article that the 4.3 update is going to improve it even more.

          1. You are gullible sir if you believe the hype jus sayin

          2. Ok since you said it twice, explain how im gullible and believing the hype. Elaborate please.

    3. Typical “If I can’t take good pictures, the camera must suck” comment.


  17. “HTC One owners purchased theirs through their carrier (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc)”

    I lol’d.

  18. like it

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  20. And here my Optimus G is STILL on 4.1.

    1. so are most Galaxy S3’s

  21. u HTC fanboys are just sad sorry for not caring about writing run on sentences it’s the comment section im not writing a blog for the world to read so at ease captain this is not grammar school take a chill pill bro anything negative towards HTC and guys throw a fit starting to feel like apple fanboys

    1. I don’t give a flying turd about HTC, but it’s virtually impossible to take somebody seriously who writes as badly as you. You sound ignorant. How do you expect anybody to believe that you’re an intelligent person who makes valid arguments? It would be understandable if English wasn’t your native language but you’re just lazy. Would a period kill you?

      You’re a joke. Deal with it.

      1. Lol yea a period would kill me actually and y so mad bro lol

  22. HTC One is just a beast… STILL, I never thought I’d like this phone this long, still haven’t gotten bored with it.

  23. Still waiting for tmobile xperia z 4.2 update even though Sony’s version has had 4.2 since June -___- … I know it has to work for tmo but still

    1. Same version

      1. Nope my co worker got his from the Sony store and he got 4.2.2 and his is black but looks blue while tmos is pitch black update less

  24. I really do not expect 4.3 on my LG Optimus G Pro. It would probably be a miracle if we get 4.2.2. Even though I love my LG Optimus G Pro, LG still carries the history of bad timing on updates.

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