PSA: Cyanogen Inc looking for CM Installer Beta Testers


Cyanogen Installer

One of Cyanogen Inc.’s tasks to tackle as a new company is to make CyanogenMod easy to install. In fact, they want it to be easy enough that your mom or grandmother could do it with just the click of a button. The team hopes that with Cyanogen Installer, you’ll be able to get up and running with CyanogenMod with little to no learning curve at all. To help them reach this harmony between well designed software and a great user experience, Cyanogen Inc. has opened up their installer beta program to eager testers.

CyanogenMod Installer

To participate in the Cyanogen Installer Beta program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • A camera to record yourself doing the installation
  • Have a supported device (maguro, crespo, toro, toroplus, grouper, flo, mako, manta, skyrocket, hercules, i9100, i9300, d2att, d2spr, d2tmo, jfltexx, quincyatt, quincytmo, t0ltetmo, m7ul)
  • Submit bug reports and feedback

If you meet the above 3 requirements, head on over to Koush’s post to let him know you’re interested in helping out. Once you’re in the beta program, you’ll get access to the Google+ Community, the application on Google Play, and the Windows CM Installer application. Good luck!

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  1. Interesting. So I’m curious, would the auto installer also root/unlock your phone (assuming unlocking is possible)? That’d be the only way to get it to where my mom could install it.

    1. Yeah, it unlocks the device, installs CM, and then you have a fully functioning CM (including root access).

      At least according to demos I’ve seen so far. It’s literally built for people like your mom. Plug yo stuff in, hit the “hell yeah” button, and boom, CM. Easy peasy.

        1. Anytime :D

          1. Wait are you Joe HIndy from AA??

          2. Alcoholics Anonymous?


          3. Haha damn lol I meant Android Authority.

          4. Haha I figured. Just being funny.

          5. Yeah I’m that Joe Hindy lol. I gotta give kudos to Phandroid, they were on top of this.

      1. Very nice :)

      2. Sweet, thanks for the knowledge.

      3. I wonder if the user can choose between nightlies or stable builds.

        1. I doubt this is going to have the ability to install nightlies. While most of the nightlies I’ve had have been relatively bug free, you want as stable of an experience as possible for the “newbs” this Installer is aimed at.
          Then again, anything is possible.

  2. I like where this is headed!

  3. Maybe some of my unfortunate friends can see the light that is AOSP now. They’ve never seen beyond Touchwiz or Sense .. and I never take chances with other people’s devices. The CM Installer will serve God’s will :p

  4. I have a SGH-T989 laying around I would love to be a tester :-D

  5. Here’s hoping this is headed towards Note 2 and GS 3 :)
    (I was never able to go past the yellow triangle when trying)

  6. I’m interested, but not sure if my device is one of those, is there a list somewhere that translates those supported devices?

    1. What is your device?

      1. LG G2, guessing it isn’t supported, but still wondering what that list of devices translates to :)

        1. Ahh, yeah, I don’t think yours is there. The list appears to be mostly Galaxy S’s and Nexus’s… If you want to find out though, go to the cyanogenmod site and look for your phone in the devices section

          1. Yep no luck, thanks for the help

        2. Considering the LG G2 was released not too long ago (compared to the other phones on that list), Cyanogen probably won’t have a G2 CM for a while.

  7. I’m surprised d2vzw isn’t on this list. I don’t remember it being difficult to root or flash the unsecured bootloader

    1. There is no unsecure bootloader for it, only bootstrap. You could root it and flash roms (and a few other things besides kernels) and even change the clock speed, but it still had a locked bootloader.

  8. I see the note 2 for tmobile. I hope they come out with the att version really quickly and i’ll be more then happy to beta test

  9. Is that an iPhone I see in the picture? So the iPhone can even install CM? =.3

  10. I thought Cyanogenmod was now a private company. Whats wrong can’t they or Oppo pay for their own testing.

    1. Microsoft, the #1 software company in the world does this. I think CM with their $7 million in funding is allowed to do it too.

      1. exactly, for example when microsoft is getting ready to release a new os, they’ll let people that want to help, install the os throughout the beta and RC stages, since the general public is pretty much bound to find bugs that the team never knew existed

        1. I work for such a company and they do not release betas or RC’s for testing. That practice dies over 10 years ago for various reasons. Beta releases allow third party software houses to make their software compatible with the next release before its actually released. This is why you often need developer ids or accounts to get on these programs.

          This is just another example of cyanogenmod taking advantage of and making money from many contributors who donated their time for free thinking it was a non profit. No major software house has ever done that.

          1. It is actually common practice for game companies to release betas to let the public help look for bugs too.

            I think you are just reaching for things to hate Cyanogenmod for, and you are making an ass out of yourself doing it.

          2. First cyanogenmod is not a game. Secondly maybe you can point me to the beta of the next Call of Duty game?

            You can call me whatever you want that doesn’t change the fact they do not want to pay for this testing. Funny how you can’t be critical of cyanogenmod without words like hate being thrown at you. All I am saying is they got $7 million pay for your testing.

          3. How about WIndows 8 consumer preview. Many software dev shops do this when there is a large ecosystem to support. CoD is a very different example as it has no ecosystem to be concerned with. Both examples are concerned with bugs, but public beta, preview, etc. releases are not the only way to reduce risk there.

            I don’t really consider this a useful place to “blame” CyanogenMod.

          4. There are many reasons for releasing betas or early releases. Like Apples iOS betas or Windows 8 previews to as I already said allow app devs to get their software ready for the new release. Or IT support staff get ready for rollouts. Other reasons are for marketing reasons and many others. All major software companies stopped releasing betas for testing a long time ago. Certainly all the major ones.

            This is a cynical attempt by cyanogenmod and Oppo to not pay people for their hard work and time. Thats fine while your an open no profit but when you have 7 million in bank and a multi national with thousands of employees.

            First I hate now I am blaming, whats with this forum and people flaming.

          5. EA has a beta for battlefield 4 starting on tuesday, i think that’s a pretty major company, with quite the major release, please tell me why such a massive company like EA needs a beta?

          6. Are you really claiming that 3 days before release that EA are releasing a beta for testing.

          7. way more then 3 days, it doesn’t come out for atleast another month, it isn’t all that hard to look up facts, rather then just guessing

          8. Really actually October 29th that less than a month. Ironic somebody complaining about facts doesn’t get his facts right.

            Then of course your point is it only takes what 25 days to test Battlefield 4.

            Of course EA explain exactly what their beta is for.

            “Learn below how to access the beta on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. Simply by joining, you will be helping us make the launch of Battlefield 4 as smooth as possible.”

            Hold the press this isn’t me saying this is a staged rollout its EA.

          9. this is also mentioned: “You’ll have the option to provide feedback with gameplay ideas, bugs you
            find and other thoughts on the Exclusive Beta experience.”

          10. Now your saying providing a feedback button is a beta test! You are scraping the bottom of the barrel now.

          11. > All major software companies stopped releasing betas for testing a long time ago.

            Microsoft and Blizzard aren’t major? Windows 8 had a *consumer* beta in addition to the developer beta. Blizzard released StarCraft II into limited, public beta prior to release.

            Most Linux distros have a rolling beta program, too. See Debian Testing/Unstable.

            I know in Software Dev we have a tendency to think that the way we do things is the One True Way™, but each software house has their own QA cycle. Many include user testing, many do not.

          12. Again Microsoft and Blizzard do not release betas for testing and have not done so in a long time. These companies have vast QA resources that are not so incompetent that some John Doe will find bugs they could not. Microsoft release windows early so software companies can upgrade their own software or networks to be compatible before release. The Starcraft 2 beta was a staged rollout in much the same way Google rolls out its services. All these companies and their software is extensively tested by internal and outsourced teams who get paid for their work.

            As for Debian its an open free platform that makes no money and have no intention of making money. Its not a commercial entity, doesn’t have 7 million in the bank or a deal with a manufacturer. Is it clear, do you understand the difference between a commercial company and an open source voluntary association.

          13. > have not done so in a long time.

            Windows 8 and Starcraft II. Both within the last 1-2 years.

            You’re ignoring the facts to continue your rant. Congratulations, troll.

          14. OK now I am ranting. My bandwidth is groaning with the waste due to the attack the messenger arguments. That’s 3 times now.

            Again you miss the point. A beta does not mean a beta test. There are many reasons why companies release betas I have pointed out a few already. Do you understand this basic and simple point?

            Microsoft always collect and fix bugs from users even after release. As do most reputable software vendors. This does not make it beta testing.

            What your claiming is just wrong as you have been unable to differentiate between a beta and a beta test.

          15. > A beta does not mean a beta test.

            But a beta test does mean a beta. A pre-release version of the software that is not intended to be the final release. Therefore, providing beta software to anyone (internal, contractor, public) for testing is a Beta Test.

            > Microsoft always collect and fix bugs from users even after release. As do most reputable software vendors. This does not make it beta testing.

            It does when the software is a beta, or even an RC.

          16. Lol that logic is so flawed I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. Its just a fallacy. Betas are released for many reasons not just testing. One example would be to limit liabilities. For example its.not our fault my you lost your data our software.was.just a beta. Used to be a common Google release tactic.

            Clearly you missed the point. Microsoft fix bugs in alpha, beta, RC & released software. They almost always have a feedback button. Neither of these mean a beta test.

          17. Apparently you have a different definition of “Beta Test” than everyone else in the discussion, then.

            What is the definition of a Beta Test that you’re operating under?

          18. Now its the everyone else agrees with me I must be right fallacy.

            I have the same same definition of beta test that everyone has a released beta to a group or wider public for the purposes of testing. Its a process as much as a build.

            The problem is you and everyone else so this as a the same thing as a beta. A beta is a just a type of build in the software development life cycle. Others are alpha, release candidate and master. Some software companies release these various builds to the public or groups for various reasons. eg Microsoft and windows to allow developers to upgrade their own software before release. This is why you need to register an iPhone as part of the developer program before you can install iOS beta and RCs. Sometimes its for marketing reasons to release a build so they can claim to be first to market. Sometimes a company may label their release beta to limit liability(you should not use betas for important use), Another reason especially use by multiplayer games is for a staged rollout to have gradual server growth and build a community of gamer’s before the main release. There are dozens of reasons to release software to limited or unlimited groups before release and label it a beta.

            One thing for sure the days of releasing software for the specific reason of testing is only common among-st open source and community driven projects as they have no funding for testing resources.

          19. > Now its the everyone else agrees with me I must be right fallacy.

            I never said that. There is a distinct possibility the disagreement is just a difference in semantics.

            > Sometimes a company may label their release beta to limit liability(you should not use betas for important use),

            I’ve seen it be a reason to label a product a beta, but never as a primary reason to release a beta.

            > a staged rollout to have gradual server growth

            Which is a beta test of the backend by a different name.

            > the days of releasing software for the specific reason of testing

            And *here* is the breakdown in communication.

            Everyone else here’s arguments allow for Beta Test to be a non-exclusive reason for the release of a beta build.

            Beta Software + Bug Report Collection + {Other Objectives of size [0, n]} = Beta Test

            You’re discounting any release with an “Other Objectives” size greater than 0 as no longer being a beta test.

            And in the case of the Cyanogen installer? “First to Market” definitely applies.

          20. Sorry you certainly did try the my definition differs from everyone else’s fallacy.

            From posts from cyanogenmod and others they are releasing a beta for the purposes of usability testing.

            Companies give users the ability to report bugs at all times. Even for released software. Feedback or the ability to raise bugs is not beta testing. Beta testing is a process that is planned & managed. Look at cyanogenmod, clearly its a planned test on a beta. They have published a clear.list of requirements for testers. Eg.the ability to record video & to work on bug reports. Device specifications etc etc. This is a beta test process of that there is no question.

          21. > They have published a clear.list of requirements for testers. Eg.the ability to record video & to work on bug reports. Device specifications etc etc.

            As did Blizzard, since only people with specific hardware combinations were allowed access to the first round of Beta releases. So your assertion that Starcraft II was not a “Beta Test” disagrees with this assertion.

            > Companies give users the ability to report bugs at all times.

            Correct. And allowing users to do such on Beta software is the definition of a Beta Test, regardless of how formal it is, or how many other objectives are present.

            > This is a beta test process of that there is no question.

            When did you think that was in question?

          22. All I was addressing was your comment “That practice dies over 10 years ago for various reasons.” That is simply not true as I and others have pointed out.

            I don’t know if you have issues with CyanogenMod or not, and “blame” was my word as I don’t see them doing anything other than what MANY other dev shops do from small/open to highly funded.

            CyanogenMod may be abusing free testers here with their recent $7m investment, but I don’t see it. They’re doing what many others do. Either accept it and take part or disagree and don’t “donate” your resources, but it seems like they’re operating in line with the rest of the industry.

            Pointing out a fact is not flaming anyone.

          23. You haven’t pointed out anything. You pointed out that betas exist and no doubt they do, the thing you haven’t grasped is a beta does not mean beta test or testing. None of the companies anyone here bar Debian use betas for testing. One guy is even suggesting EA are releasing a beta for Battlefield 4 3 days before release for testing.

            These are just a string of pathetic excuses for flaming, Man up.

          24. COD has beta testers lol….usually you get the beta by pre-ordering at gamestop….fool

          25. Why can’t people willingly give their own time to help and contribute to a company that they like? Why is that concept so hard for you to understand? *Confused*

          26. umm…considering I have for said company in the past, I think I know what I’m talking about and not making it up, and just because your company doesn’t, it doesn’t mean other don’t

    2. I don’t think you get it. Many of us actually want to help Cyanogen because they give us what we are interested in. You know, like Google.

  11. FYI:
    maguro (Galaxy Nexus – GSM)
    crespo (Nexus S)
    toro (Galaxy Nexus – VZW)
    toroplus (Galaxy Nexus – Sprint)
    grouper (Nexus 7 – WiFi 2012)
    tilapia (Nexus 7 – 2012 SIM)
    flo (Nexus 7 – 2013)
    mako (Nexus 4)
    manta (Nexus 10)
    skyrocket (Samsung Galaxy S2 – ATT)
    hercules (Samsung Galaxy S2 – TMobile)
    i9100 (Samsung Galaxy S2 – Intl)
    i9300 (Samsung Galaxy S3 – Intl)
    d2att (Samsung Galaxy S3 – ATT)
    d2spr (Samsung Galaxy S3 – Sprint)
    d2tmo (Samsung Galaxy S3 – TMobile)
    jfltexx (Samsung Galaxy S4 – Intl)
    quincyatt (Samsung Note – ATT)
    quincytmo (Samsung Note – TMobile)
    t0ltetmo (Samsung Note 2 – TMobile)
    m7ul (HTC One – GSM)

  12. Wait is that a iPhone?…..

    1. I just noticed that and thought the same thing.

      1. So did I :d

  13. I would buy an iphone JUST to put cyan on it. ANDROID POWER!!


    1. What the hell is a verizon?

    2. That was only for that limited time. It’s already gone

  15. Why is there an iphone and ipad mini in the CM installer image? CM for Apple coming soon ;) ?!

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