Sep 26th, 2013

HTC One Developer Edition Unboxing

HTC has been quite quick to bring out the Android 4.3 update. International units began receiving the upgrade earlier this week, and now the Taiwanese company has announced that the rollout for the developer edition of the device has started. It makes sense that these versions of the device are seeing it so early, as HTC doesn’t have to deal with annoyingly lengthy carrier approval processes.

You’ll be going from version from version 1.29.1540.17 to 3.22.1540.1, in case you were wondering. What does it bring? Well, pretty much only what Android 4.3 brings — restricted profiles, Bluetooth Smart Ready support, Open GL ES 3.0 support, improved DRM, and more. Truth be told, a lot of what 4.3 brought wasn’t immediately important to typical users, though developers will enjoy them a ton (and end-users will ultimately benefit because of it).

Google’s been on a decoupling campaign as of late, with the tech giant opting to bring new features in the form of app updates instead of system updates. This brings us tons of new features without having to wait for carriers and OEMs to get their acts together.

The HTC One will still feature all the stuff you love about Sense 5 after this update, including BlinkFeed, BoomSound, HTC Zoe, and more. Be sure to turn your WiFi on and head to the settings menu to find your download, as HTC is rolling this puppy out over-the-air. Let us know how you’re enjoying it in the comments section below.

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