CyanogenMod’s cLock widget makes Google Play debut as “Chronus”


Chronus tablet

It was back in February of this year that the CyanogenMod team announced that they would be changing the name of their custom clock widget, Chronus, to that of “cLock”. This was due to the team being hit with a cease and desist letter from someone claiming to own the rights to the name.

Today, the CyanogenMod developer responsible for the clock widget is announcing the triumphant return of “Chronus”, this time available to all in the Google Play Store. The app is completely free to download and, similar to apps like DashClock, gives you a nice clock widget displaying the time, along with the weather and upcoming calendar events.

The developer promises a paid “Pro” version is also in the works, due out later this year with additional features and functionality. Have at it, folks.

[Chronus on Google Play]

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  1. Finally! been looking for a simple clock widget like this forever

  2. This app wins for me just because Dashclock is 4.2+

    1. That’s probably because it is CyanogenMod’s main lockscreen widget; a feature not available beforehand.

  3. Have emailed the developer as it is does not show up for the Note3 but does for the Note2 – Sure it will be fixed soon.

    1. Mine wouldn’t display properly but a reboot fixed it up. Looking great now. :)

  4. It looks cooler in the photo above than it does on my phone. :-/

    1. Resize it

      1. I already did that.

  5. Liking that wallpaper, anyone know what it is?

  6. I couldn’t for the heck of me figure why I only had the clock… then I resized it 0.0

  7. What’s the difference between Chronus and DashClock???

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