Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to launch on AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and US Cellular


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Samsung has announced that all five major US carriers will, in fact, be carrying the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (which you can read all about here). That’s not too much of a surprise as they’d gotten the previous iteration of the device on all carriers, but it’s nice to get some reassurance. Of course, each individual carrier has yet to announce specific launch details, but we’re sure that will all be coming along shortly.

For what it’s worth, Samsung did mention that the devices will launch starting September 25th, though we won’t hold any of the carriers to that particular date. Whenever it’s due, it’s sure to attract a lot of buyers with its hot list of specs and new features.

The Note 3 features a 5.7-inch 1080p HD display, 3GB of RAM, a 13 megapixel BSI camera, a 2 megapixel front camera, and — depending on which market you’re in — either a 2.3GHz quad-core processor or a Samsung Exynos Octa Core processor. Anyone looking to scoop one up?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Surprised to see Verizon on that list. At least not for another three months. BOOM! Verizon burn!

    1. Not cool man >.> im on Verizon

      1. He’s not exactly wrong though.

        1. I know lol

      2. *hugz*

  2. Verizon is said to be counting how many logos they can fit on the home button.

    1. Samsung should have made the home button smaller, so Verizon cant stick a logo on it.

      1. 20 x 20 pixel Verizon Logo Icon

    2. Wait until VZW gets their dirty mitts on the GEAR……

  3. Hopefully the 16GB one is extinct.

    1. The spec sheet only lists 32 or 64GB, so there’s that. ‘Course, a carrier could always request a special gimped version.

      1. I found that over at AndroidPolice. Very glad to see they’re upping the default storage. Hopefully the 64GB version is available everywhere unlike last years’.

      2. Verizon should replace their “Droid” branding with “Gimp”.

        New at Verizon Wireless, the Gimp Ultra Maxx HD 2 Pro 4G!

  4. I’m JUMPing from my Note 2 to the Note 3 in February!

    1. I saw what you did there…

      1. I didn’t.. what did he do there?

  5. I still think the HTC ONE MAX is going to be better

    1. I hope they find a way to one up the Note 3. We’ll see.

      1. Its gonna be hard, i mean samsung poured billions into their R&D

      2. No pun intended?

        1. No pen included.

    2. Me too ! I can’t for that release

  6. im in for one!

  7. I’m getting it on T-Mobile on release day.

    1. Me too. Bring it on!!!

  8. i’m hoping the HTC one MAX is shown off soon cause i’m on the note 2 now and its too plastic for me

    1. I agree

    2. The One Max will be everything dreams are made of

    3. You do realize the discussion is about the GN3? You are a little premature for the HTC story.

  9. Buying an an off-contract version for T-Mobile ASAP.

    I’m so glad that the new base storage appears to be 32GB(!), and that it’s not made out of snobby metal afterall. Not a big fan of the stitched leather back, but it’s going in a hybrid case anyway, so it doesn’t matter.

    1. Yeah it’s a neat textured look. I really like this from them. Better than the smooth plastic back from the other devices.

    2. Just in case: It’s not actually stitched, nor leather. Just meant to seem that way.

      1. Yeah. And since the whole back cover rips off (afaik), it can be replaced with something else.

        1. Choices! Love it.

          1. I came here just to say exactly that lol

  10. I’m happy with my Note 2. I’ll watch (pun intended) for the samsung’s smartwatch and see how it does in the market before buying one. Too many tech in my life is shunning girls away..haha

    1. No sir, it’s just keeping away the wrong ones. You know what’s up.

      1. Hahaha good one. that image is exactly what the smartwatch looks

    2. Sadly in my case, it’s the reverse. The ladies pay me no mind anyway, so i resort to gadgets to fill the void. Waiting on UPS to deliver my quasi firesale $199 Surface RT (thanks eBay Deals) to keep my Note 2 and Nexus 7 company. Yeah, pretty sad…

  11. Can’t wait for the price! Need to know how much I’m going to have to shell out after selling my at&t GS4…

    1. I would bet $299 on contract.

      1. 350 on Sprint! Can’t blame them… Geez

  12. After today’s events my T-mobile Note 2 is officially for sale. I will miss it… NOT.

    1. You mean NOTE. ;-)

  13. That’s a bad ass phone and i would get it as soon as it is available on ATT.

    1. I pre-ordered mine last Friday. I suggest you do likewise if you want one that badly. The AT&T rep told me he would not be surprised if there is a back order due to the high demand they had received just that day alone.

  14. WOW.. Lickin da chops

  15. That 3GB of RAM, though.

  16. I’m surprised that vzw tweeted that they were getting it soon after the event was over…Hopefully they’ll be this fast in releasing it…

  17. Come on sprint!

    1. You would think with a name like Sprint they would be faster on releasing new phones.

  18. I was disappointed I wanted 4G with the 8 core processor….and I was hoping to get 2 speaker’s on my phone…it is a nice phone but you have to pick between 4G and 3G and the two processors I’m not going to give up my 4G ….I also think its funny the Snapdragon runs faster than the. 8 core..humm..ill get one I just sold my note 2 on eBay for $450 to cover the cost of the note 3 sweet

  19. Got the Mega already and love it.

    1. I had seriously considered the GM. But my Note already has 720p HD. I decided to wait for the GN3 because I the features are more in line with what I want.

      1. Thank god Samsung offers choice. Something Apple apparently is finally learning.

  20. US Carriers won’t have it until October. US and Japan are October while the rest of the world is September.

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