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Samsung was not the only company to jump into the smart watch market today. Qualcomm also surprised us with their very own wearable device – The Qualcomm Toq. They definitely didn’t fail to impress us, especially because they are not known to make consumer products directly.

All about the Qualcomm Toq


The Qualcomm Toq is a smart watch that connects to your smartphone, giving you access to your phone straight from your wrist. It does what is expected: answers calls, shows notifications, works with apps, etc. Not much information was given about the platform itself, but it’s other factors that make the Toq promising.

Toq-4The Toq looks to be one of the fullest wearable accessories. The smart watch has an always-on Mirasol display that allows you to clearly see the screen in daylight, as well as in the dark. Battery life is also surprising, with Qualcomm claiming that the device should last for “a few days” with a single charge.

When you do need to charge it, though, it is a very simple process. The device can be charged wirelessly by simply placing it in the dock/earphone holder. By the way, the headphones are also wireless and can be charged with this holder. They come paired with the Toq and will allow you to listen to your music without silly cables, and without even taking out your phone.

Why is Qualcomm even making a smart watch?

Now let’s get to the point. It is no surprise to see manufacturers like Sony and Samsung making smart watches – but Qualcomm? These guys usually stay under the hood, making processors and other things unknown to the average consumer.

Qualcomm wants to take its technology further. They want to show partners and other manufacturers that they can make great products with Qualcomm’s platform, processors, Mirasol displays and other components. The idea is not to become the next smart watch giant, it is to let their partners do that.


In a way, Qualcomm has done what Google did with the Chromebook Pixel. They want to lead the way in this new market, so they created a whole new product just to show off.

How can I get a Qualcomm Toq?

Now, just because this is some sort of reference device, it doesn’t mean that it is not a consumer product. In fact, it is somewhere in between a product and a developer/manufacturer platform. The Toq will be available to customers in limited quantities.

We will all be able to purchase it from “multiple online retailers”. Price is not set in stone yet, but Qualcomm is aiming for $300-$350, which sounds about right for a smart watch. Especially considering the Samsung Galaxy Gear will be $300.

More details on the exact price and availability are said to come later this month, so definitely stay tuned if interested.

Is it worth it

I happen to really like the looks of this little guy. It is very aesthetically pleasing and seems to be fun and functional. Of course, we will have to test the device first before judging it, though.


I have high hopes of its always-on display and long battery life. No smart watch lasts multiple days right now. And I have always been annoyed by having to press a button to turn on smart watch displays, just to look at the time. It is those small things that can make or break an experience.

We will be getting our review unit, so definitely stay tuned for more coverage and news on the Qulcomm Toq. What o you think – are you ready to check out the Toq? Will you go with another smart watch, instead?

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. This is looking like the nexus of smart watches. If it works across android devices 4.1 or above I think it has real potential. Seems most pragmatic as well. If I want the best experience with all the bells and whistles it seems like it won’t be near the Note 3 and the GG..

  2. i wish they had teamed with el goog on this and it had a very simplistic card UI

  3. So will these smartwatches be waterproof or do you have to take them off whenever it rains? That kind of limits the functionality of the devices

  4. lol, everybody wants to make a smartwatch but there just not ideally fit. Battery, rain, etc. Not to mention ridiculously big

  5. I really like this one. With the display and battery life, not to mention a truly elegant design, reference device or not, the Toq may be the one to beat.

  6. too much $$$$. Guess the smart watch is going the way of much new technology. the first few years will have a premium price, then eventually everyone will be able to afford it

  7. I’m sold on the wireless ear buds alone. I’d love to have a pair of those separately, as I’m not too interested in a smart watch. If the Toq is still around by the time I can afford one I could see myself picking it up.

  8. Take my money! As long as there is no Nexus watch.

  9. I agree with you, Edgar. How the other watch manufacturers failed to see the importance of being able to make and take calls privately, using just an earpiece is mind boggling. I dunno anybody that uses their phone on speaker while out and about.

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