Android 4.4 KitKat is officially the next version of Android


We all know that Android version numbers are named in alphabetical order after desserts. We had Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jellybean… and now Android Kit Kat?


In a Google+ post announcing Android’s 1 billion activation achievement, Sundar Pichai – the new head of both Android and Chrome – posted the above picture of a “KitKat” statue outside the famed building 44 on Google’s campus.

Is Android KitKat really the next version of the Android operating system? It sure is.

Google has never named a version of their OS after a trademarked brand. No Hershey. No Krispy Kreme. No Ben & Jerry’s. Google’s names have always been generic names of dessert categories.

Everyone has been calling the “K” version of Android “Key Lime Pie” for quite awhile now. Google has always been a more playful company, known for their Google Search Doodles and zany April Fools Day jokes, so initially there was debate whether the image was authentic or a hoax. But make no mistake about it… Google Android 4.4 KitKat is official.

Android 4.4 Kit Kat is official

Android 4.4 Kit Kat is official

They’re even partnering with Nestle on a contest: you could win a Nexus 7 tablet or Google Play Store credit on specially marked Kit Kat candy bars. Pretty cool!

That page scrolls down to discuss all the different versions of Android and their importance. For Android KitKat it says “It’s our goal with Android KitKat to make an amazing Android experience available for everybody.”

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 1.08.32 PM

We’re not surprised that Android KitKat is 4.4 instead of version 5. Lately, Google has been more iterative than revolutionary, thanks much in part to the maturation of the platform. Bringing Android to as many people as possible sounds very iterative, unless we’re in for an outrageous surprise by seeing Android on even more types of devices.

  • Android 1.X: Cupcake, Donut
  • Android 2.X: Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread
  • Android 3.X: Honeycomb
  • Android 4.X: Ice Cream Sandwich, Jellybean, Kit Kat

So what do think? Do you like the name Android KitKat? Given they’re hoping to make it “available for everybody”, what do you think that says about potential 4.4 announcements and updates?

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. Give me a break….
    Give me a break….

    Download me a piece of that KitKat bar.

    1. yeah…

      1. You must hate life.

      2. You must be a lot of fun at parties lol

    2. You magnificent bastard…

      1. Thank you sir for your magnificent comment! I try . :)

  2. I didn’t see that coming…

  3. Break me off a piece of that… Fan-cy Feast. Cat Food, nailed it.

    1. You certainly did sir.

    2. reminded me of The Office xD

  4. I have a feeling that this came about by the hand of some well guided marketing dollars & someone’s so called “bright idea”. Smhhh, I aswell did not see this one coming.

  5. I’m assuming KitKat for one reason. It’s share-able, made to be shared I should say. Multi-user account OS.. Share-able candy.

    1. if that’s the case then jellybean is easily share-able as well

      1. Jellybean has multi user log in?
        I know they found the code but it wasn’t accessible.

        1. Bzzt… wrong. 4.2 and 4.3 support multiple users, unless the manufactuer disables the feature, which unfortunately some have.

          1. okay cool I didn’t know that. :)

          2. Yep, have 4 user accounts on my TF300 running 4.3.

      2. Only for tablets though.

    2. Or maybe it’s just a chocolate bar.

  6. It actually makes perfect sense, with where they’re going with Play Services.

    Android is now a collection of tools that you can “break off” the parts that you don’t want. It’s becoming more modular.

    1. I wish they would “break off” app updates when you don’t want to update a certain one. I’d love to see a way to permanently ignore further updates to whatever app you’d like.

      1. You can, with Titanium Backup. It requires rooting, but if you go into that app, bring up the list of your apps, and long press on one, you’ll see a detach from market option. Boom, no more requests to update!

        You’re welcome. :-)

        1. Top man! I haven’t messed with my Titanium app in a while. Haven’t flashed any new ROMs in a long time. I’ll check this out, cheers!

      2. That already exists…?

        Market > My Apps > Tap the App you don’t want to update > “Auto-update” is a checkbox in the menu. You can uncheck it.

        1. Not what I meant, New_Guy777 solved my problem. But thanks for trying to help friend.

  7. Wouldn’t they be partnering with Hershey, since they make Kit-Kat not Nestlé? I know that’s a small thing but just pointing that out.

    1. Actually Nestle makes Kit Kat

      1. Please, go buy a Kit-Kat bar, on the wrapper it says The Hershey Co. Plus if you click check if you won, it takes you to a Hershey website…. Oh and I live 30 minutes from Hershey been there plenty of times I think I’d know.

        1. Actually you’re both right. Hershey distributes KitKat here in the United States, but in the rest of the world that duty falls to Nestle. KitKat is pretty popular over in Japan and look at this wrapper:


          Clearly shows it’s distributed by Nestle.

          1. Scorecard:
            Good research and sourcing 1; arguing on the internet 0

        2. Nestle owns Kit Kat worldwide, except for in the US.

        3. Um, there is a world outside the US. The Kit Kat was in actual fact created 30 minutes from me in York by Rowntree, now owned by Nestlé, who now produces them worldwide apart from the US where it’s produced under license by Hershey.

        4. Kit Kat is only a Hershey product in the US. It’s Nestlé everywhere else.

          Kit Kat has had a long history dating all the way back to the 18th century, when mutton pies called Kit-Kats were served at the political Kit-Cat Club. The origins of today’s product go back to 1935, when a York based candy maker called Rowntree’s trademarked “Kit Kat.” The Kit Cat, as it was called, was produced for a while, before being discontinued. Eventually, it relaunched and was relabeled as “Rowntree’s Chocolate Crisp” before being renamed to its modern title.

          In the 1940’s Kit Kat was exported to Canada, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. That was actually when the still used “Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat” line came around. In the 1970s, a new distribution factory was made in Germany to meet European demand, and to better handle distribution, agreements were established for Hershey to distribute in the US, and Fujiya to distribute in Japan.

          In 1988, Nestlé purchased Rowntree’s, buying Kit Kat with it. Nestlé managed to take global control over the brand, except in North America, where Hershey still had the licensing rights to Kit Kat, which it still utilizes today.

          Read more at http://www.omg-facts.com/Business/Kit-Kat-Is-Only-A-Hershey-Product-In-The/52573#I4ykV6W5VXsk2jDe.99

        5. Actually Hershey owns the USA rights under licensing to make it here. Nestlé owns the worldwide rights. You both fail

        6. Too bad Hershey owns the USA licensing rights and Nestlé owns the world wide rights

        7. 2 fat guys arguing over a candy bar = hilarious

          1. lol must be pretty hilarious to know I’m 19 and only weigh 139 pounds… I’m pretty sure that’s not fat.

          2. Calm down fatso! don’t wanna have you stating useless facts from the pack of twinkies you’re eating right now. lol Why did you tell me your age? lol

          3. Cause if he was 5 he’d be REALLY fat. :lol

          4. Last time i checked skinny people don’t visit the hershey factory numerous times.

          5. This comment made me laugh, you’re right only fatsos would argue this passionately about chocolate.

        8. Hershey in the US only via license. Nestlé in the rest of the world.

        9. Lays are called Walkers in the UK , it’s just the company that make them , not the owner of the brand.

        10. Wow, obsessed much?

      2. ….. Are you sure, you may be right I’ll go check

  8. This must be a joke… lol… What’s next? Life Savers? Lemonheads?

    1. Android 5.0.life saver, I like it

    2. Actually, I’m so in love with the new name, always hated that KLPie crap.That name even made me try it once at a local restaurant. I dig it, I’m not in FL, but that pie sucks b8lls.

  9. So wait a minute, who came up with key lime pie?

    1. I think this had a lot to do with it http://phandroid.com/2012/12/03/android-key-lime-pie-graphic/ . I saw the poster when I visited the cafe, just a doodle that got taken too seriously.

        1. That was just speculation though. A lot of blogs posted the name as ‘officially confirmed’ after the poster went online

    2. The Internet.

    3. Google was referring to it as KLP in internal documents.


  10. Does “available for everybody” mean they will be following Apple’s rumored lead with higher and lower price Nexus phones?

    1. It means that Nexus phones are unlocked and run across frequencies on any network.

      1. Hopefully CDMA ones too, though I doubt it.

    2. I don’t think they’ll go any lower on the Nexus devices, which are already at a considerably low price. Apple’s normal prices are much higher

      1. Well, $250 for the 16GB model is a great price, but it’s a clearance price. I assume the next Nexus price would go back where it started. Which is great for a flagship but still a bit high for some users. There could be room to pick up more users with a somewhat lower-spec phone that is still a Nexus but maybe gives up the glass back for plastic, and perhaps has a bit less RAM or CPU.

        1. Poo missed the point–Aaron was indicating they could release a lower spec’d nexus phone for an even lower price. I don’t thik they’d do this as it may give a bad name to Android overall (entry level hw running premium Google release might make sense for your wallet, but not for negative reviews for Google)

  11. Google sold out. Pimping out android for a marketing ploy.

    1. Oh go back to your grass hut in the mountains, free from the evil reaches of any corporate influence, and eat squirrels or slugs or something. Google is a company. They sell. No ‘K’ desert, especially key lame pie, was even remotely decent as a marketing name, which is what every Android version name has been since day one.

    2. No money changed hands, how did they sell out?

      1. The gave away the naming of this version of Android for a cheap marketing ploy. You’re right, money didn’t change hands, but the idea is to make money by joint marketing. Still “selling out” in my book, but perhaps not as bad as if Kit-Kat had paid them for the name.

        1. What’s wrong with making money?

          1. Nothing wrong with making money, per se, but there are sleazy ways to make money and there are non-sleazy ways to make money.
            Is making money by selling crack to kids okay? (yes, I’m going a little overboard here)

        2. A company cannot sell out, artists can. Is Google a company, or an Artist? As was said a company is there to make money. how are they selling out?

          1. Selling the naming rights to a free, open source OS.

          2. I still do not see how since no money changed hands. You could turn it around and say they both “Sold Out” to each other. *Shrug*

          3. For a candy bar company, promotions on “specially-marked packages” are the norm. As for Android, if this is a one time thing, then fine, but what I’m worried about seeing is:

            Android 5.0 – Lemonheads
            Android 5.1 – Mars Bar
            Android 5.2 – Nestle Crunch
            Android 6.0 – Oh Henry!
            Android 6.1 – PayDay
            Android 6.2 – (what candy starts with Q)?
            Android 6.3 – Reese’s Pieces
            Android 6.4 – Snickers
            Android 7.0 – Twix
            Android 7.1 – U-No Bar
            Android 7.2 – (what candy start with V)?
            Android 7.3 – Whatchamacallit
            Android 8.0 – York Peppermint Patty
            Android 8.1 – Zagnut

    3. It’s a name. Calm down.

  12. Obviously this is a well planned marketing ploy… Me likes.

  13. Obviously this is a well planned marketing ploy… Me likes. How did this delicious name make it past Michelle or any of them since she’s been in office?

      1. AAAAAHAHAHAHAHA! Holy crap! XD

  14. I think I’m about to go buy a kitkat bar, supporting kitkat to me, is now like supporting android I’m all for that, Android all day baby. Oh by the way they really need to sell kitkat bars that look like androids, I bet all apple sheep who like kitkat bars won’t ever buy another lol

    1. Some Apple supporters are disturbed enough to be loyal to a point where they would avoid anything that remotely contributes to Google’s benefit. I’ll never understand that kind of passion for a company from people who have no direct influence or connection to it.

      1. It’s called brainwashing and its very much real lol

      2. it’s just as bad as the people who use the Bing search engine instead of Google

        1. You know folks who deliberately use Bing simply out of spite?

          1. I use Bing to get reward points so that I can get Amazon giftcards so that I can buy, wait for it… Android Apps from Amazon!

          2. Haha classic!

  15. Android 5.5 mike and ike

    1. Android 5.5 = Milky Way

      1. you forgot the L…. LemonDrop ? Licorice ? maybe even Lasagna , lol

        1. Android 5.0 = Lollipop…;-)

          1. MMM yea i forgot about that one, lol

      2. Android 5.5 Malt Liquor, I likes that better

      3. Android 5.5 = M & M’s or better yet Moon Pies

  16. I love the name. The taste of Key Lime Pie is not for everyone but who doesn’t want something this chocolatey!

  17. New statue does that mean the release is soon?

  18. I love android but google cant stop advertising and this makes so sense but still gah!

  19. Cant wait… I like Kit Kat more than the Key Lime Pie name, now just get it out there =)

    1. yeah me too.

  20. I believe this was silly as hell. And not in a good way.

  21. Maybe they are trying to “break” away from the competition

    1. In my Mind they Already have, selling Ridiculously Cheap Smartphones and Tablets for half the Price that most Major Tech Companies do and you get the Latest updates, not to mention the Nexus devices are at the same level and even better than Samsung or Apple’s Devices. Also their sweets naming system is totally unique.

      If you ask me Google is a Smart Company, and their products are gaining popularity not to mention they have their foot in the door of every major tech company that offers their apps and Android OS, thats including Apple with all the Google Apps the App Store Offers.

  22. Break me off a piece of that KitKat Bar!

    1. congratulations on being the billionth person to say this today….

      1. Thanks for taking the time to post. Obviously, my post was important enough for you to need to mention that.

  23. Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

  24. It’s just a name. Not a big deal. I like it. Google to me is he only company that can do this and make it look cool. The bigger picture is how much of a change and what will KK bring.

    1. agreed it’s actually smart, people make fun of it but it shows that their unique they do things differently, just like sell ridiculously cheap Tablets and Smartphones with the same or even Better capabilities than Samsung or Apple.

      Heck even their Voice Assistant google Now is Different Unique and Better than Apple’s Siri(which they didn’t invent)

  25. so 4.3 is pretty much a stepping stone that won’t be missed if skipped?

    and so jb can pretty much be converted into the gb numbering pretty easy, 2.3-.2 = 4.1-4.1.2, 2.3.3-2.5 = 4.2-4.2.2, 2.3.6-7=4.3-?

    1. There already is a 4.3 (still Jelly Bean)!

      1. well yea, by the ‘?’ i meant future versions like a possible 4.3.1, 4.3.2 and so on

      1. i got a alot of down votes for that, nice, i’m not sure what you mean by that link, but others have had more then one api level too

  26. KitKat… less of a mouthful than Key Lime Pie I suppose, (no pun intended), and better known internationally.

  27. invest all the monies in nestle!

  28. Great. Now the Apple fans will start singing “Give me a fragment, give me a fragment, give me a fragment of that kit kat OS”

    1. they’ll say that they promote healthy snacks while evil Google pushes junk food at our kids!

  29. Apparently Kitkat’s are extremely popular in Asia and Europe, and Google is also putting little Android robots on New Kitkat Candy Wrappers.

    Call it dumb if you want but I like the way Google Names their Updates it’s Unique and Different and with the Popularity of KitKat in other Countries it’s Genius.

    1. Kit Kat is very similar to the Japanese phrase, “Kitto Katsu” said before exams, so they make popular gifts to young people before they take any of their various life-determining tests. And there are a huge number of local varieties here: http://mykitkats.wordpress.com/?cat=2062

  30. HaHa always love when its something different than what legions of people were thinking it was. Kit Kat is perfect.

  31. WHAAAAA?! definitely didn’t see that one coming

    1. You and 5 million other people

  32. I can’t wait for Android 5: Lemonheads

    1. =.O

    2. OM NOM NOM!!!!
      loved those things…

      1. Me too. Between those and Grapeheads/Alexander The Grape I can destroy a huge box easily.

    3. Too bad we missed out on Boston Baked Beans but there is still hope for red hots!

  33. Google Andorid 4.4 KitKat Prepare for Sweet New Treat

  34. Give me a break…

  35. Hmm any chance they making and android kit kat bar mmm yumm

  36. Is it just me, or does the updated Google apps have the little bars on the top left corner that look like kitkats?

  37. I hope they take a good hard look at all the criticism that Android doesn’t use the extra cores if they are available and the applications don’t use multiple threads. I for one would love to see the Android OS openly support multiple applications running in separate windows and some “real GUI” speed optimization for the graphics. Maybe a dedicated CPU core for I/O and the rest for application processing. It was the MotoX crowd who said that phone manufacturers, paraphrasing, give you unoptimized drivers and applications that do not use all the cores you are given.

    I was real disappointed to learn that the OS and all the developers behind Android write very limited unoptimized applications.

  38. This is genius! This puts Google front and center in the checkout isles at the supermarket. This puts the funny little green robot in front of America’s children. This takes some of the edge off a Google and makes them a little more mainstream. Whoever thought of it is getting paid a lot to makes that decision.

    I have to salute the creative director who played a part in coming up with that decision. Now they just have to execute it correctly over the short period of time that this version of the OS remains relevant.

    1. first time i read your comment i read this line this way “This puts the funny little green robot in America’s children.” and i was confused. lol

    2. I’m imagining in Google Headquarters they’re brutally punishing the person who thought of the idea. LoL!!

    3. So who is paying who to use whose brand? Looks like it could go either way.

      1. From what I read in a news articles there wasn’t any money changing hands.

        1. Let’s hope some great advertising/marketing takes place for both of them. Advertising internationally makes more sense since iOS is still pretty popular in the USA. In the USA it would possibly alienate iSheep.

        2. That makes sense. It’s really in both of their best interests to do this deal. Google get’s all kinda of marketing (even taking on children, which apple seems to have a handle on at the moment) and Kit Kats will immediately get more sales because of Google users wanting to win + potential users.

      2. It doesn’t matter. Both brands are going to benefit HUGE from this. Google will destroy iOS once and for all. iOS7 is basically JB and will be headed to court, while Nestle Kit Kat bars will have the contest on them. Who doesn’t want free Google Play money.

        1. LoL!! I laughed at what you said about iOS.

  39. Will next year be named after a dessert that starts with an “L”, or will it be Android 5.0 sponsored by 5 gum? I keed I keed.

    1. Android 5.0 Lion

    2. Lemon Meringue Pie, Lifesavor, Little Debbie, Lemondrop!

  40. Glad to hear it’s finally official. Hopefully Android 4.4 and a new Nexus 4 with LTE will be announced soon.

    Funny that Apple just announced their Sept 10th date today too.

    1. Yeah, not to look like I’m a troll, but it did seem like this was in response to Apple’s announcement. I too hope for a gorgeous new LTE and less breakable N4. 5 inches plus seems to be pushing size for me, and please let them leave 1080p out of the equation, as they/Motorola did intelligently with the Moto X.

      1. agree completely

    2. Sept. is my fav. month this year. Well… besides my bday month. But that’s not here yet. LoL!!

      1. Why the hell are people down voting that?

        1. It’s probably some troll-like person or something. IDK…

    3. I have a Nexus 4 with LTE. Of course I had to root it in order to turn it on but it works great. T-Mobile only. Fastest speeds I’ve gotten on it are 35 Mbs. I’ve done some testing in 1 area and I got 19.5 Mbs while verizon lte was getting 21 Mbs. Best reason to root your device.

  41. “Break me off a piece of that Android Kit-Kat” will probably be the slogan used by the fragmentation complainers :-P

  42. Hmm… custom ROM Kernels might have a small problem with the KKK abbreviation for “KitKat Kernel” :)

  43. Maybe they make it kit Kat because this is going to be the update where they fully ” break” up the os and start pushing it through the play store. That would make it easy for everyone to be able to enjoy it.

    1. That actually makes a lot of sense.

      1. Hehe… Like HTC.. Sense…

    2. Option to download stock Android on the Play Store and remove a skin. I would leap for joy.

  44. Yay Kit Kat’s are one of my favorite candies ;)

  45. i really like the name and contest involved.. pretty cool.. so does that mean the next version will be 5.0?

    1. 4.4 if you look at their website.

  46. I sense a lot of “give Google a break” jokes incoming. Brace yourselves.

  47. Hmm I will have to buy all my friends Kit Kats now in hopes the packaging has Google Play credit on it.

    1. I like this idea. I like it a alot.

  48. Even though a KitKat is probably one of the worst candy bars there are (health wise), it’s genius.

    1. Since when candy bars are supposed to be healthy? It’s a candy for god’s sake :D

    2. If you want healthy…go eat an apple :rimshot

      1. Apple fans must now eat their lima beans and finish it down with cod liver oil

        1. Yeah, but they’re amazingly white lima beans! You’ve never had anything like it before! Although, if you wait a few months, you can pick up even smaller lima beans!

  49. I want the patch notes lol :D.

  50. Everyone is focused on the absurdity of the name. I’m surprised that so little attention is being paid to the fact that nearly 2 years after the Galaxy Nexus, we will still be on Android 4.x. I for one think that sucks, especially given how lacklustre 4.2 and 4.3 was.

    1. Version number bumps make you happy? They mean nothing.

      1. Totally. If you really think about it, KitKat should be more like Android 11… or at least 9. Google’s OS version bumping is far less standardized than that of other software devs.

  51. I look forward to Ubuntu mobile

    1. Yes, me too, this move makes me look forward to Ubuntu mobile much more. Nestle abuses human rights and supports slave labor with the chocolate they use.

  52. I wonder how much Google are charging for the privilege?

  53. This idea by Google is really great, very good marketing strategy.


  54. Kind of reinforces that Google like fragmentation KitKat bars are segmented.

    1. It has the appearance of segmentation and even the option to segment it, but it is in fact one solid piece. You’re just able to break it apart as you see fit.

      1. Boom!

        1. You okay, did it hurt?

          1. I’m fine. I meant to drop the microphone when I yelled that…but I forgot.

      2. Easy, I am a Google fan, just making light of all the fragmentation hoopla. I think at one point Google has to embrace the fact it is used on many different phones, kind of what we are seeing here. “Segmented” or “fragmented”?

    2. You sound like the kind of guy that gives underwear to your kids for Christmas. Party pooper!

      1. LG is party pooper not me, don’t shoot the messenger.

    3. Also… just like PC’s, phones get outdated. SGS will never have official ICS. SGS2 will never have official JB 4.2. SGS4 will (probably) never get official JB 4.3.

      You think you can put Windows 7 onto a PC with an 8080 processor?

      1. I have been a Linux user for over 15 years, think I qualify as a Android fan as well.

        Just not a LG fan.

        1. So get a different phone that will get a couple-few OS updates then be outdated just like all the others.

          1. Dude you must really like LG or you are looking for a verbal fight, I don’t know which, but it ain’t going anywhere.

          2. I’m pretty sure I was taking the neutral side. At any rate, I would consider myself a Samsung fanboy, but my point remains.

            Hardware gets old and and it can no longer support new software. You can cry about it, deal with it, or get new hardware.

          3. I can tell you are a Winders user, in Linux old hardware can mean really really old and still boot a Linux OS.

            Phone makers want a turnover so obsolete hardware is a must, like Winders does with it’s OS, makes it where a mandatory hardware change is necessary. My old OG Droid did a few OS advances and if memory had been upgradable still might be.

          4. Yes, I am a Windows user, but I do know that almost any version of Linux will work on most hardware; however, you’re point about software companies purposely making hardware obsolete kinda pokes at that since Linux isn’t trying to push bigger and better hardware.

    4. XDA is your friend. Use it

    5. Really… Change the record.

  55. I didnt like Key Lime Pie, but I like that way better then this.

    1. Klp isn’t very tasty IMO, but who doesn’t like kitkats?

      1. People already give me a stupid look when I talk about ICS and JB, having to say kit kat is absurd.

        1. But seriously… work in IT and try to explain this to someone. The Kit Kat promotion is cool though…

  56. Check out the video on kitkat.com – very bottom of the page. Poking fun at a certain fruit company.

  57. M&M next year

    1. You skipped a letter :p

      1. What are A and B?

        Also… Licorice. :D

        1. B was only on the G1, we never got to know what it stood for. (If it even did… May have just been “Beta”.)

          (Almost?) every other device started with Cupcake.

          1. I think A and B stood for Alpha and Beta, then again maybe it could have stood for Apple and Blackberry :P

  58. Not cool Google, Nestle supports slave labor and abuses human rights. Googlers should know better.

    1. Really…

  59. this article is incorrect…

  60. This means nothing when we can’t even get the updates that are out there now. It will take forever to get this update.

    1. the reason people buy nexus phones is so that they can get all these updates…. everybody knows that if you dont buy a nexus phone (or stock google experience phone) then you are basically agreeing to slow updates.

  61. Don’t you just love it when you get a KitKat and it has a finger made of just chocolate?
    Mmmmmmmm…. Chocolate finger…. *drools*

  62. My Xoom just got Jellybean last month

  63. KitKat will be android 4.4

  64. thats so f^^^ckin stupid. who’s gonna wanna hear that stupid crunch crunch kit kat bar bs ? seriously who? what a dis-service to android. Hi i’m 14 and i have android kitkat… friggin SNARRRFFFFF llameness imo

    1. As opposed to Cupcake? or Ice Cream Sandwich? How is kit kat any worse than their other version names?

  65. Me not liky.
    About Google being more evolutionary than revolutionary in new Android versions I see a different aproach.

    What google is doing is taking functions out of android and putting them as part of the “Play Services”.

    In the last Google I/O conference we didn’t have new Android version, but we got a fair amount of new functionality:
    * Games framework
    * Cloud saves for apps (and games)
    * Hangouts
    * Redesign of play music
    * Redesign of Maps
    * New positioning services

    The goal of this: be independent of manufacturers / network providers to upgrade android.

    Including “device manager” and “remote wipe” (for me clearly 2 OS level services) on Play Services all Android devices since 2.2 can benefit from that. Google is finally putting to rest to the fragmentation discussion with this.

    The setback: Play Services is not Open Source, so only android devices that include Google Apps can benefit from those. But who doesn’t install Gapps?

    That’s why I don’t think kitkat will be that big deal…

    1. hmm never thought about it but that actually is smart helps avoid fragmentation a lot better.

  66. I wanna know what is new, I don’t give a fuk about the name. :)

  67. mucho bueno

  68. tasty can’t wait

    1. my Aunty Madelyn just got a nearly new green Volkswagen GTI from only workin online… see w­w­w.J­A­M­20.c­o­m

  69. i like it

  70. Android Kitkat… love it.

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