Google employee seemingly confirms Key Lime Pie name with clever drawing


There hasn’t been much resistance to the belief that Key Lime Pie would be the name for the next major version of Android, but we may have just gotten confirmation for those who might still be iffy about it. A Google employee by the name of Manu Cornet took the time to draw out a a graphic showing the “evolution of Android,” of sorts. The graphic depicts the growth and evolution cycle of an Android robot that isn’t unlike the classic “monkey to man” depiction we see for the human race.

Obviously, the Android robot (whose name is The Bugdroid, in case you still haven’t heard) doesn’t change much in appearance over time. The most recent step in the evolution timeline has the little guy chomping on some delicious key lime pie, though. While this might not be hard confirmation it at least shows that the name is popular enough around the Mountain View offices to warrant time spent on this great illustration.

The graphic cleverly tells the story of how Android started off small and rough, but has since triumphantly developed into a big, bold and confident operating system. Some folks point out that the Android didn’t start to get “fully erect” (ie, lose its hunchback) until Ice Cream Sandwich. This would coincide with the point of the evolution of man timeline where the subject becomes a being far superior to the monkey it started off as.

That sort of connection suggests this particular Google employee believes Android started really coming into its own with Ice Cream Sandwich, and we’d be hard-pressed to disagree. Perhaps we’re reading a bit too much into this thing, though, so we’ll stop right there.

The only question is how big of a leap are we going to see from 4.2 in terms of its version number, and when can we expect it? Well, much of the world is still awaiting Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean so I guess it’s not wise to get too far ahead of ourselves here. Take a nice, long look at the graphic for yourself above.


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Let’s get on making this a shirt!!

    1. You’d have to get a new one every 6 months haha

      1. How many times a year do you buy a new shirt??

        1. Once. Why do I need to keep buying shirts? I’m not growing anymore. I have like 20-30 different shirts. That’s almost one shirt for each day of the month. LoL!!

        2. LMFAO apparently twice a year LOL

    2. Can’t you just have someone print the graphic for a price? Like isn’t there a place where you can send in a graphic and pay for them to put it on? IDK… I’d lyk this on a shirt too.

  2. Facebook cover photo!

    1. Ingenious!!

  3. damn that’s cute. brings back the memories of ANXIOUSLY waiting for Eclair on the Motorola Cliq and waking up at 4 in the morning to update it before catching the bus to school :’)

  4. Where is KLP? My Nexus wants it. JB is feeling dated already!

    1. It’s your Nexus that should feel dated, not the OS. Completely absent radio technology that has spread out country-wide over the past 2 years.

      1. So how many different places have LTE besides the US in it’s 2 carriers that would need specific radios? This question is more serious than it is sarcastic. =.S

        1. “besides the US”


          Besides humans, who uses smartphones?

        2. Canada.. we have much more extensive coverage up here (also because we have waaaay less big cities and populated areas… soo pretty much we have lower ontario covered and the vancouver area.. but its really good here in ontario.

        3. That’s over half the US population, including me, which their main competitor has no problem supporting.

  5. Bugdroid has a name? I always called him Andy

    1. Name? I thought Bugdroid was the name.
      AC.com calls him Lloyd
      I could call him ‘Roid.

    2. CM’s mascot was named Andy. Since it used a similar “android” image, people simply assumed Google’s android was “the same guy”.

      Still not used to Cid(?). Meh…

      1. I hate Cid. Especially the skateboard, which makes Cyanogenmod look immature. Just my opinion.

    3. When I asked the Android team this back in 2009 they only call him BugDroid in frustration when coding.

      They actually call the Android robot Droid or Mike and the actual statue in front of Building 44 at the Plex is called BigDroid


  6. I was hoping it would be kolache. Next stop: licorice

    Or lollypop.

    1. I like Liquorice

    2. Virtually no-one knows what a kolacky is…or even how to spell it. ;-)

      1. good thing because most people could care less. Key lime pie is better and more people know about it.

    3. Give me a break! I hoped it would be KitKat.

  7. Very nice…

  8. I’m sure I remember saying a while ago that Google seem to just take whatever names the public give them for their versions…

    This pretty much proves it..

    1. Then let’s name “L”. Who’s down for Lemon Creme?

      1. I’m guessing lollipop.

        1. lemon sherbet or licorice

          1. They could stick with pies and go with Lemon Meringue…

        2. Lollipop and Liquorice are good bets, I’d say…

          1. Yeah, “L’s” an easy one.

        3. Hope not. Too dirty, if you know what I mean.

          1. I can just imagine the wallpapers that would spawn…

          2. And Andy’s head would have to be changed too. Licka Droid. Fits every bitten apple’s hole.

          3. I have no idea what you mean O_o

        4. Licorice or Lemon Drop. That’s what I’m thinking they’ll go with.

      2. Rather than Lemon Creme…how about Lemon Sherbet?

  9. So glad that my 2 Nexus 4s have shipped. Cannot wait to get these updates as they happen.

  10. In the next round we will see a pudgy android and then an obese android…(hopefully only in the drawing and not the actual software)

  11. I think it’s time to change the Android logo. The Bugdroid is FUGLY.

    1. Here you go….

      1. That’s logo is only worthy of Nexus status.

  12. Oh my gosh!! His name is Bugdroid!? I always thought it was Andy Android!! You learn something new everyday…

    1. why would you think that?

  13. It’s “ape-to-man”. Monkeys have tails.

  14. Android key lime pie update needs to be revolutionary not evolutionary because android is starting to get stale. With blackberry 10, windows with their integration and ios with their own stagnation android needs to go above and beyond to become integrated with all existing technologies. Let’s hope this happens..

    1. “android needs to go above and beyond to become integrated with ALL OF THE THINGS!!!’

      …is that you, roman?

    2. What are you talking about? The differences between Cupcake to Gingerbread to JellyBean IS revolutionary!

    3. It would also be nice if they would make an LTE phone I could use on Verizon. Until then, I think i’ll move on to iOS or something else out of utter frustration.

      1. You should just leave VZW.

      2. They did, it was called the Galaxy Nexus and Verizon treated it like dirt.

    4. I don’t think I’ve seen anything “Revolutionary” come out of any camp in a long time. Windows Phone integration with Windows was completely evolutionary (because it was expected and necessary). iOS and Apple’s self made garbage, such as Maps, was evolutionary (because it was expected). You might point at Siri but remember, all Apple did was buy up and integrate a product that already existed. I’m not super familiar with BB10, I like what I’ve seen but I haven’t seen anything that feels new, just different than something that already exists.

      I don’t think Google needs to bust their humps creating revolutionary things for Android (of course, I hope they do, dont get me wrong). I just think that Android’s evolution has been going great though I would love to see more native customizing, so I wouldn’t have to root or use a custom launcher to change colors, etc.

      1. BB10 is also evolutionary. They’ve added some very interesting function and taken that OS to a level it should have been at years ago, however after my brief time with it… It’s another mobile OS. It does essentially the same thing as every other OS. It just looks different and brings a few different items to the table.

        People need to cool it with the term “revolutionary”… Apple’s introduction of the iPhone did *revolutionize* how we use our smartphones. RIM *revolutionized* communication on mobile devices. etc. etc. etc. But every subsequent mobile OS *evolved* from an earlier point.

        I love my Android, but it was a culmination of other ideas and what we wanted our device to do packaged into one OS. It is far from perfect, but the evolution of Android (growing pains and all) has been as much fun as it has been frustrating. But for the love of God, enough with the douche-baggery… Apple took the term and ran with it, now every dullard with a grade 2 education thinks every small change is “revolutionary!”


  15. The next one should be Rum Chata… best dessert ever.

    1. That’s a lot of letters away.

  16. What’s the very first desert?

      1. Thanks, bro.

  17. I prefer Kugel honestly :)

  18. I wonder what the equivalent for Android versions 1.0-1.4 would have been…

    1. iOS? I mean Apple Strudel?

  19. Nope my name is Leo not roman

    1. it was a joke. roman is the lead dev for AOKP, and that meme (ALL THE THINGS!!) is one of his favorites.

  20. No surprise Froyo guy looks like throwing up LOL

  21. Lemon pie next? Bug Droid, aka Andy, looks like he is getting a little tubby.

    1. Welcome to the club (the FAT club) !

  22. Evolution of a green penis? That drawing doesn’t do Bugdroid any favors…

  23. Please! Everyone knows that it’s a juicy slice of kumquat, not “key lime pie”

    1. I love cumtwat.

  24. Lollipop! showed come after key lime pie.

  25. Doesn’t matter much when phones out prior to the announcement of the new OS won’t ever see it. Such is the disaster of OTA updates from manufacturers and cell companies (yeah both are at fault). Basically KLP doen’t mean crap to 99% of the people with phones right now, even rooted phones. It’ll take months after the release to get stable builds for root. By then you’ll just buy a new phone and be done with it.

    1. Buy a Nexus devic… Oh wait, nobody can get their hands on one…Nevermind

  26. I’m guessing that KLP is a popular dessert in America as I’d never heard of it until the Android link. It’s not something I’ve ever come across anyway.

  27. “Fully Erect”

  28. Looks like the story of Bugdroid on Viagra

  29. A penis with antennas…

  30. nice

  31. Manu Cornet also confirmed that he has no insider knowledge to confirm Key Lime Pie.

    See his comment –
    “This is by no means a confirmation of any kind :-) I have no insider knowledge whatsoever about Android, this was purely based on public information/rumors. (Longer story: at first I hadn’t drawn the rightmost robot at all, but then I thought the drawing would be outdated as soon as a new version/dessert would come out, so I thought I’d take one extra step, using the best guesses for the name currently out there, so that the drawing wouldn’t be outdated so soon. Of course, if that guess turns out to be wrong, I’ll need to update the drawing. Actually, I may end up updating this drawing over the years ^^). Sorry to disappoint anyone who was taking this for an actual confirmation :-)”

  32. Great now if they could just fix Jellybean 4.2.1 that would be great. I know two people with the galaxy Nexus and one with the Nexus 4 all experiencing intermittent connectivity issues with wifi and bluetooth. Very annoying. For once I’m not so happy to get the updates first :(

  33. Cool. I suggest L should be for Lamington. A delicious Australian dessert. Google it. Android Lamington doesn’t sound bad either.

  34. L should be for Lamington. Delicious Australian dessert. Google it. Android Lamington sou es good too

  35. should have called it Apple pie just for kicks

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