Mar 4th, 2012

Rumors float around the internet like pancakes on a Sunday morning. For today’s dosage, we have a “reliable source” stating that the next Android version to come, after Jelly Bean, will be called Key Lime Pie.

There are no details about said software version, much like Jelly Bean, other than the code name. But we suppose it is always fun to learn bits and pieces about future products. And while people might be getting ahead of themselves, this is part of the awesome naming strategy that Google runs for its mobile OS.

We can have some fun with this rumor, and you should also have a bit of salt at hand. But for now, let’s keep it fun while we focus on what Jelly Bean will be bringing.

What do you guys say? Does Key Lime Pie sound delicious enough?

[Via: The Verge Image By: WordMan1]