Key Lime Pie to be the next Android version after Jelly Bean?


Rumors float around the internet like pancakes on a Sunday morning. For today’s dosage, we have a “reliable source” stating that the next Android version to come, after Jelly Bean, will be called Key Lime Pie.

There are no details about said software version, much like Jelly Bean, other than the code name. But we suppose it is always fun to learn bits and pieces about future products. And while people might be getting ahead of themselves, this is part of the awesome naming strategy that Google runs for its mobile OS.

We can have some fun with this rumor, and you should also have a bit of salt at hand. But for now, let’s keep it fun while we focus on what Jelly Bean will be bringing.

What do you guys say? Does Key Lime Pie sound delicious enough?

[Via: The Verge Image By: WordMan1]

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  1. Seems legit.

  2.  I always get so hugry from android ;)

  3. I can dig it.

  4. Getting a little ahead of ourselves, aren’t we?

  5. Who cares?

    1. I have to second this. Who cares when a bunch of very capable phones are not even getting update support anymore. Vibrant stuck on 2.2, Galaxy S stuck on 2.3, both come to mind.

      Provide timely updates beyond just the Nexus phone. Otherwise, who cares?

      1. Even the Nexus S for Sprint and ATT hasn’t got ICS.

        Google is a joke.

        1. This is the reason I’m SERIOUSLY considering switching to iPhone. Bigger screen and widgets are the only two things holding me back, otherwise I’m gone.

          I rather stay with Android, but I’m tired of depending on some stranger developer I don’t even know on XDA for my updates. Privacy and security is paramount at this point.

          1. With iPhone you are stuck waiting for jailbreak if you want much of the functionality of Android. With Android you are stuck waiting for a third party to bring the latest flavor to most devices. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Often it’s brown on both, from personal experience.

            FWIW you do get those updates quickly on iPhone, but most of them are marginal updates. They launch a new full version update once every summer(ish). That’s about it. And again, you can upgrade, buit you lose all the functionality from your jailbreak tweaks (and if you are a real android user you will likely have many on iOS), OR, you can wait weeks to months to get that jailbreak out.

          2. I’m over widgets but I cannot give up the big display. 3.5″ are you serious? I’m on to 5+ now, I could maybe live with 4.52

  6. zzZZzzzZzzz

  7. Slow down now, you haven’t even touched your ice cream sandwich, and we still have to pass out the jelly beans.

  8. even google dont want to fix ICS haha 

  9. How about waiting until everyone gets ICS…

    1. Agree 10000000000%  They shouldn’t even announce that there is a new OS until at least 51% of all Android devices are on the currently released OS.  Maybe announce it, but not in the way they do now.  Say it’s going to be out on a certain date, and then any and all phones sold on and after that date are running it.  It should work like PCs.  Have manufactures work with the OS, and have it ready to roll out on the announcement.  Say like when Windows 7 came out.  You walk into Best Buy, and stroll to the PC dept, and all PCs for sale are running Windows 7.  Sure you could order one with an older OS, but any new ones come with the newest OS.

      1. Microsoft comes out with a new OS once every five years or so? Get a better example or gtfo.

    2. Spoken like a true non ICS device user!

    3. If you want uniformity, buy an iPhone.  So long as there are multiple phones with different capabilities from a variety of carriers, you will not get the latest and greatest OS releases rolling out to everyone at once.  No, they can’t just put on stock Android.  Stock Android is a myth.  It’s always customized to the platform, unless the platform is genericized (read, iPhone).  As for talking about future releases, names will leak.  Control the releases and you control the leaks.  And they’re not going to serialize development of one release until the previous is largely deployed because, well, they’re not reactionary idiots, and actually realize the complexities involved and the time frames necessary to put out a release.

    4. … Or buy the Galaxy Nexus by Google and get ALL of the future updates before everyone else!

      1. Not all…..

      2. After owning the galaxy nexus I dont think I’ll ever buy another nexus phone unless stock android finally stops sucking. The dialer blows, launcher blows, contacts blow. Sure there are third party apps to fix these problems but there shouldn’t need to be. The galaxy s II and the Note are the phones to own right now in my opinion.

      3. Look at how Google has treated the ICS update for the AT&T and Sprint Nexus S.

        There is no guarantee. They are terrible at this.

    5. How about constant updates to make a great platform even better? That’s what Google should continue to focus on.

  10. I know this to be true for a fact. I also know without a doubt the following version will be Lemon Meringue.

    1. Lollipop

      1. Cotton Candy. You heard it here first.

  11. I don’t like key lime pie, but I may be okay with the name.  I haven’t decided yet.

    1. We could never be friends.

  12. I said Key Lime Pie to be next a long time ago!! Also people stop bitching it is just a code name it is nothing more than that as of now because Jelly Bean is not even out yet! Also, just because your phone can not go past 2.3 does not mean that you should blame the carrier or even Google blame the advancement of technology. (Without this you would be stuck with your old brick device that took two hands to hold up to your ear)

  13. This is why there’s fragmentation. You can’t push out a new version onto a mobile phone with carrier-specific requirements every 3 months. 

  14. im still eating my ice cream sandwich 

  15. and in other breaking news, today I am wearing brown shoes.

  16. Good, go buy an iPhone and go away. I’m tired of all the complaints about people’s phone’s not getting an upgrade. As the phones advance, the os advances, you want the newest and the best, buy the new phone. Stuck on contract? Stop signing them! You bought your phone for what it had, nobody promised you an update when you bought your last phone. Just go away.

    1. While I think that people who are going to complain should buy Nexus devices, you’re actually wrong on the “nobody promised you an update” note.  Manufacturers often sell their devices with a promise to update them to the newest version.  EX: As soon as the Galaxy Nexus came out, Motorola slapped “ICS Upgradeable” on the Bionic, Razr, and Razr Maxx.

  17. All the bitching about not having ics, if you want it go get it! Its out there. Now give me some jelly beans! Want to thank pawipt for giving us cm9 on our gs1.

  18. Everyone should quit whining and go buy an iphone if you are so upset.  

    Google is pushing the OS ahead as fast as they can.  There’s an incredible amount of innovation in mobile right now and they can’t slow down even a little when Apple and MS are pushing ahead fast. 

    Fact is that in the US at least there is no reason to keep a phone for more than two years because of the carrier subsidies.  If you care about updates, either get a flagship (galaxy series (galaxy S2 is updating to ICS in some countries this month), HTC one series, etc) that you know will get an update or a nexus phone.  For the flagships, you should probably expect one update during the two year contract period.  Then get a new phone when your contract is up.  

    Otherwise get an iPhone.  Or even a WP, where you will likely get updates quickly because hardware is much more standardized than Android and skins are not permitted. 

  19. In honor of my grandma, I think it’d be wonderful if it was krumkake.

  20. Seriously? Are we ALREADY on this??

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