Sep 3rd, 2013


Google’s Sundar Pichai has just announced (on Google+) that Android device activations have surpased 1 billion! This is a major milestone for Google, a company who is striving to have as many activations as there are people in this vast world. While we’re quite a bit far off from that happening, there’s no doubt Android has been like an unstoppable steam train over the years. And Google has mentioned they would settle for a short-term goal of getting to 10% of the world’s population.

It was just a few short months ago that Google announced Android reached 900 million activations. That number has been spiraling out of control since the operating system launched in 2008, with bigger and more lofty records being set as the years tick by.

It felt like only yesterday that we were wondering whether analysts’ expectations of Android becoming the world’s #1 operating system by 2015 could be accurate, but those expectations have already been met well ahead of time. Android has been hoving around that 50% mark for quite some time now according to the likes of IDC and Gartner, and the momentum doesn’t seem to be falling off one bit.

Onward, we say! New devices are coming, new innovations are being drawn up, and new goals are being set, and all of that is sure to begin once IFA Berlin introduces us to a whole slew of new products from the world’s leading manufacturers starting this week.