Verizon buys out Vodafone’s 45% stake in Verizon Wireless for $130 billion, giving them 100% ownership


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Rumors have been running rampant about Verizon wanting to give Vodafone $130 billion in cash and stock options to gain 100% control of their Verizon Wireless division, but the news is now official. Verizon has announced that the aforementioned transaction is real, it’s happening, and it’s going to mean good things for a lot of happy investors. For starters, it means those folks will enjoy a 2.9% increase in quarterly dividends, bringing the value up to 53 cents per share.

A great deal of the transaction will be made possible by a $61 billion credit agreement with J.P. Morgan Chase, one of the world’s leading financiers. Verizon says this will allow them to operate more efficiently, providing more seamless products for consumers across all their various interests.

The deal, which was agreed upon with a unanimous vote from both Verizon and Vodafone, is expected to close in the first quarter of 2014. There are still a couple of hurdles to deal with such as governmental approvals and regulatory processes, but we imagine that won’t be much of an issue.

What will this mean for Verizon Wireless consumers? Not much at all — the company will be able to move forward with more confidence than ever, and continue to provide America with the innovative products and services that have kept them at the #1 spot all this time.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. slower updates? lol

    1. As if.

      If Verizon’s updates got any slower they’d have to downgrade your OS.

      1. why do i imagine a gnexus with 2. 2 now?

    2. They are probably going to make us pay for updates

      1. Ssshhh… don’t give them any ideas!!!

  2. Lmao. Rate plans are going to increase twofold for you Verizon Wirele$$ subscribers.

    1. Don’t you wish that evil on us.

      1. Bro do you even N4 t-mobile $30/month?

        1. Bro, Do you even get reception with T-Mobile outside of metropolitan areas? Lol

          I like Magenta but they don’t fit my needs.

          1. I think you’re missing the more important, do you even N4? #holo.

  3. So that means Verizon is close to be worth over 300 billion? And still they want you nickel and dime every customer?

    1. Make that “Nickel,Dime,& Quarter”, got a buyout, shareholder dividends, etc…., LOTS of etc…. to finance. ;-)

  4. $130 billion, not worth it i guess but you didn’t mentioned the full report which is here

    1. Don’t click this guys link or mod him up.. it’s a spam link with a nice drive by virus…..

  5. All that money and they want to continue f*cking over their customers.

  6. “the company will be able to move forward with more confidence than ever, and continue to provide America with the innovative products and services that have kept them at the #1 spot for all this time.”

    Was this copied out of a press release?

      1. Damn Quentyn, you’ve been catching a lot of guff lately about remaining neutral and objective.

  7. Now that Verizon has complete control they are gone run wild with higher prices.

  8. Cue the “HURR DURR VERIZON SUCKS!!!111 HURR DURR” circle jerk!

    1. I’ll come…

  9. I learned in economics class that the competition in capitalistic economy brings the market price to the optimum point. WTF Professor? You lied to me!!!

    1. It does, eventually……lol

  10. That’s what they say. I think it’s going to mean higher prices, meaner customer service, and more power to the powerful.

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