Cheaper Moto X might have removable / interchangeable back plates



When Motorola announced the Moto X, they mentioned that they’d be working on an affordable alternative for folks who live in developing markets. We’re not exactly sure what Motorola’s looking to do to keep costs down for those folks, but one measure might be to offer a “less premium” design, one that might, say, allow folks to remove the device’s back plate.

A user over at Chinese community Weibo got their hands on the above image, which shows what appear to be Moto X back plates in two different colors. Offering removable back plates is an easy way to allow folks to customize the look of their Moto X without having to pay the cost that normally goes along with that. This forthcoming model is said to be coming with dual-SIM support, something that’s common for phones targeting these markets.

We’re not sure what other hardware differences to expect from the base model of the Moto X, but we imagine those details will come to light before too long. It may not be as satisfying as customizing a Moto X through Moto Maker, but then again AT&T users are the only ones who have that choice right now.

[via Engadget]

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  1. I was actually expecting Motorola to do that with their current version of the Moto X. It’d actually be better, since you can keep customizing to your liking without being stuck with the one that you bought/ordered.

  2. “cheap” the perfect word to describe this phone.

  3. I’m surprised that removable backs were not added to the Moto X for mainline release. One, people can change their phone with their clothes and mood. Two, it would keep people buying several of removable plates which is keeps a constant flow of money.

  4. Those backs look pretty cheap n nasty. Anyways, didn’t Nokia do this about 15 years ago? If this is what they have in store for the world outside of the USA, they can still it up their a*s, I’m off to see Mr Sony.

  5. I just wish phones like Google Nexus took advantage of a dual sim card here in the US, it would really drive sales to be able to make one phone that works on all networks. fingers crossed and wishing. I know its not far down the road since I was reading a phone can easily have this done.

  6. Iphone 5c vs Moto Xc which cheap phone is the less suckiest? dun dun dun

  7. Does this mean they get removable batteries?

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