LG coming strong: tablets, smart watches, flexible displays and more


LG Optimus GJ

LG’s reputation has been growing since the release of the Optimus G, a phone that raised the standards for said company. The Korean manufacturer continues to struggle, this is why the company decided to stay focused on smartphone production. This would leave tablet and other gadgets on hold for LG, but it seems LG is now ready to pick things back up and get adventurous.

Dimitar-VulevMobile communications head of LG Bulgaria, Dimitar Vulev, mentions in an interview that LG is looking at a very innovative year. The company will be jumping in with both feet at emerging markets that go beyond smartphones. This includes the production of tablets, large smartphones (“phablets”), smart watches, flexible displays and more.

Dimitar mentions the company will still focus strongly in mid-to-high-end smartphones, but they will slowly integrate themselves into other markets. He states most tablet manufacturers “operate at a loss” right now, but the market is growing strongly and such should not be the case in the coming years.

According to Vulev, we can expect an LG tablet to come by year’s end. In addition, next year we should start seeing the introduction of LG smart watches and smartphones with flexible displays.


It is the right move for any company to get out of their comfort zone. The mobile industry is growing fast and good smartphones are now everywhere. If any manufacturer should stay relative, it will be due to innovation and adoption of new technologies.

LG has been doing a great job since the Optimus G and the Nexus 4. The LG G2 is no lackluster device either, so LG should have a good chance. I believe this is the best time for them to take some risks. Do you?


Edgar Cervantes

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  1. You know if you want me to look at the products you are displaying you should make them stand out more than the people holding them.

    1. LOL I didnt even notice the phones until I read your comment.

      1. I tried looking like 6 times… I can’t see any phones

        1. R u sure
          I see 4 sexsy devices in the picture

  2. and hotties

    1. LG does know how to advertise a phone.

    2. LG chooses some of the best looking models when advertising their phones :P

      1. Like why do they sell phones? I’d pay twice as much for their numbers haha

  3. I’m curious to learn more about this LG Smart Watch and to see how it will stack up against the competition (Samsung).

    1. Samsung is not the only competition. LoL!!

      1. Well at least for now, the Samsung Gear is the only other upcoming smart watch that has my attention.

  4. ok, not another regular watch.. bendy or go home!!!

    1. Well… remember that cellphones were only for calls…

  5. Am I the only one who really has zero interest in a smart watch? I keep hearing about them every day, but I still haven’t seem anything that would make me want to buy one

    1. Hah – you’re not alone. There’s NO WAY I’ll wear another annoying, sweaty, stinky, arm-hair-pulling, catching-on-machinery, etc., device on my wrist again, no matter how cool it is.

      A poll would be nice.

      1. I don’t see anybody wearing a watch of any kind anyways

    2. It would be great to have a watch dedicated to working out. Carrying my phone on runs is a PITA, and carrying it swimming is impossible.

      I don’t think anyone is trying to create a general purpose Android watch — that would be fairly pointless. But it’s great as a niche product for a) people who work out, or b) people who use only a few functions of the phone most of the time who don’t feel like carrying it constantly.

      Hell, when I hike I’d love to have a low-power GPS watch that can track my route as well as give me occasional Android functionality as needed. Carrying a phone is annoying because it loses power too easily, and extra batteries and chargers add weight, particularly if you never turn off GPS.

      With a little imagination, it’s not hard to see why Android watches — if done correctly — could be very sucessful for many types of people.

      1. still need the phone on you…there are no stand alone smart watches…and who would want one it would cost as much as owning a phone…and bat would die quick

  6. LG needs to put Samsung in its place… If they can…

  7. I wonder if that were a Verizon advert up top how many more logos would those girls have had. I’d imagine one on their forehead, one on their stomach, another on their back and of course a 4G lte logo across their asses.

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    1. I came for the Asians! *pun intended*

    2. Ha it’s hard to choose, they’re both beautiful :-P

    3. Left! I always go for the taller hehe

  9. Lick Good? Is that what the fake tats on the girls stand for?

  10. give me those women Dam

  11. I’d love to know what percentage MORE hits Phandroid gets when they use tits in the article image.

    1. Over 9000%!!!

  12. special emphasis on “and more”

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      You know if you want me to look
      at the products you are displaying you should make them stand out more
      than the people holding them.

  13. lg always advertises pretty well in this sort of way.

    1. sounds Fine to me~

  14. If they’re considered hot models in Korea, I’m glad I live in the U.S.

  15. One on the right!

  16. I’m happy to know there might be a chance to see a LG tablet, they’re doing quite good. Recently I decided to get myself a tablet, but still, I’m not sure about which one I should pick… I was reading this guide http://unioncy.com/blog/posts/41-why-you-should-buy-a-tablet-and-how-to-choose-the-right-one and adding it to your article I think I will
    wait a bit more to make my decision just to see what they will come up with.

  17. Good Guy Edgar: Posts thumbnail of Asian chicks in bikini’s. Posts large image of same chicks in article. OP delivers! Chris can learn from this.

  18. Did anyone actually read the article or are we all just here for the picture?

    1. The picture

    2. What article? In fact what did I even click…what is this on about again? I’m not even sure I read the title beyond LG xD.

  19. These females…

  20. Phones? There are phones? :D

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