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The tablet space hasn’t been an easy one for OEMs to compete in. With the likes of Apple, ASUS and Samsung dominating the top ranks it’s been hard for anyone else to find solid footing in the emerging market. LG knows that as much as anybody, as even its innovative 3D-equipped LG Optimus Pad wasn’t enough to sway consumers. It didn’t take long for LG to admit as much, as the Korean company took a prolonged hiatus and decided to focus on its phones. New rumors suggest that will change this year.

According to Korean outlet Munhwa, LG is still very serious about tablets and is getting ready to take another shot. We knew LG would have more confidence following its new device strategy in phones, and it appears the company is looking to take everything they’ve learned from that bout and use it to their advantage to break into a market that’s still open to anyone and everyone.

Unfortunately, we’re not yet sure what LG’s plans would be. No specific device has been rumored yet, which means LG is still very early in any research and design processes they may be in. We would assume Android would be LG’s operating system of choice considering the company’s success with it in mobile, but LG could just as easily go with Windows.

Whatever the case may be, it will be important for LG to do things right. Gone are the days where folks are willing to pay $700 to $800 for a tablet. In fact, most folks would set the $500 price point as their absolute maximum. Even Apple has found itself a sweet spot in pricing, as it has launched its own iPad Mini line to appeal to those who aren’t interested in spending an arm and a leg on technology.

We’re sure LG knows this, though, and whatever the company ends up doing it won’t make nearly as many mistakes it made the first time around. We’re excited for the possibility of a new LG tablet, but let’s not look too far ahead — we at least want to hear some rumored specs before we jump to any conclusions.

[via TechEye]

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  1. LG just needs to stop making things point blank they suck.

    1. You just need to stop making comment point blank they suck.

  2. I had no idea they even tried to make a tablet, and I follow this kind of stuff all the time. They really need to start advertising more and get some actual recognition.

    1. G-slate I believe it was called. Even had a version with cellular connectivity. Most of the early 2011 tablets were kind of doomed from the start anyways.

      1. Exactly even Samsung didn’t do well in 2011. Remeber the Galaxy tab? Who bought that? It was all ipad domination until last year

  3. As it says in the story they need to price it correctly and with awesome specs like their high end phones.

  4. Wow more idiots!

  5. Refrigerator ‘s are hot and stoves,I’ve has a fridg there good,a little high priced, but I live in America ,that’s that USA 4 u idiots.

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