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Google has just announced some added functionality that will make Google Keep more useful. It has gotten deeper integration with Google Now to give folks reminders when they need to complete a task. For instance, Google Now will remind you about your grocery list kept in Google Keep whenever you walk into the grocery store.

You can add reminders for any of your notes, and they can be either time-based or location-based. For dates, you can set either specific up-to-the-minute times or set it for general day (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) Google Keep will also allow you to switch between your accounts more easily, something Google has been making a point to address in all of their apps as of late.

Last but not least, adding photos to a note in Keep will now allow you to easily choose between taking a new photo right then and there, or selecting one from your gallery. Of course, Google’s new “roll it out in stages” fetish rings true here just as much as anywhere else. Be on the lookout for it in the Google Play Store over the course of the next few days.

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  1. Excellent! More features for an already great app is always appreciated.

  2. I’ve really liked Keep and this just makes it better. As I get older I go into a store and can’t remember everything I need. Now, I can make lists as I go and it will remind me when I get there.

  3. Great. Now if they would fix Google Now so reminders actually worked like they are supposed to.

    1. What doesnt work? My location and time based reminders have been working?

      1. Location based definitely don’t work for me… ever. I have my home and work locations set and verified but if I set a reminder for either, it never goes off or pops up. :-/ I’ve not had one work once.

        1. It doesn’t work properly for me either. When I set my location reminder it went off but like half hour later.

        2. Maybe your phone isn’t getting your exact location. I know that Google Now refreshes every so often. So maybe it hadn’t refreshed or something.

          I leave GPS on, though. Just to add to your troubleshooting steps.

          1. I play Ingress. All of my location services are on 24/7 and in use frequently. So that’s not it.

        3. That sucks. I just tested it today and when I pulled onto my street it got the bong in my helmet over Bluetooth and the phone showed the finger tie notification.

      2. I actually have the same problem. The problem I’ve encountered is that you don’t get a notification on your device. If you open up Google Now you will see the reminder, but you don’t get notified. And before you ask: yes my device is configured correctly with Notifications set to ON.

    2. The reminders do work… as long as you don’t reboot your phone I’ve found.

      1. It doesn’t matter what I do, they just don’t seem to work.

      2. Really? My reminders always worked. Never had any weird issues like that. =.S

        And it’s so funny. Because I’m actually reminded. I never realize how much I forget to do things. LoL!!

  4. It really needs a password feature, where you can set a password to a note so no one can see/change it. That would really make this my default note-taking app

    1. The only person that can see/change your notes is you…

      1. Lol, you haven’t met my family.
        Also, if you lose your phone or it gets stolen, I don’t want people to see my notes It could be some passwords that I can’t remember, or it could be… something secret… If you know what I’m sayin’

        1. 1) lock your phone? or…
          2) use an app to lock/hide other apps
          3) use the new 4.3 profile feature to switch to another limited account before handing your phone to someone (also requires a lock)

          Only thing I seem to be keeping in Keep is grocery lists, and a bunch of old TEST items. :)

          1. Does it really hurt to add a password feature? Other note-keeping apps have it.

          2. How’s it any different than most people keeping their important docs in Drive or Dropbox vs Keep? No password there either when already auth’d. If you have secrets, you lock your phone itself down (and encrypt)

          3. Which is why I don’t use Drive. In Dropbox, you can set a password.
            It’s not a huge deal, but its an added benefit for those who want the feature.

          4. It makes total sense to add a password. You have to remember that here you are talking to those that will let google control everything like a ho lets her pimp

          5. Or people who don’t have to worry about other people looking at their super secret Keep notes, or who already password protect their entire phone, etc.

          6. Some people just like the added security. I don’t like having to use a screen lock. I hate having to take like 5 seconds to unlock my phone. LoL!!

            That’s why I use apps to lock other apps. I’d turn it on when I’m in public places and parties.

    2. I get exactly what you’re saying. I have been saying the same thing about Google Drive. My problem solver was an app called Smart App Protector (no I don’t work for them). It really does work and works well.

  5. My wife is fully converted to Keep and loves it (I don’t do the shopping). What it really needs is the ability to share documents like anything else on Drive. I want to be able to access my wife’s list and add peanut butter to it so that I don’t have to steal her phone to do it.

    1. grocery iq

  6. Love it!!! Hard to believe they’re adding features here, and took them away on Maps. : (

  7. Totally ripped off from iOS. That’s how we know you Goofle.

    1. IKR!? I hate how Google is copying everything that Apple is going to do in the future. Google needs to stop coming out with innovations that Apple plans on bringing out 3 years afterwords.

      1. ROFL – fantastic.

        1. Yes i am

          1. That is pathetic.

      2. moron! how can google copy an idea from apple when they release it first? it’s just hard to accept that apple has lost it’s innovation skills that it could not think of any other way on how to evolve it’s products. like for example apple is planning to release ios7 for the iphone which gives a command center when you swipe from the bottom of the iphone’s screen.. it contains quick toggles for wifi, mobile data, brightness level. that has been on android ever since the ics days! so i guess we could pretty much see here who’s a copycat! and besides it’s afterwards not afterwords, a is very far from o on the keyboard. i guess before you post something here study spelling first niggah!

        1. LoL!! I think you commented on the wrong person.

          (If you didn’t, then…)
          What is a “niggah”? I thought it was “nigga”. Didn’t know there was a proper way to spell such a heinously stupid word.

          Oh, and yea. I know it’s “afterwards”. I was spelling the word in my head and said it as “after” and “words”. So that’s why I put an ‘o’.

          Also, spelling was taught in Elementary school. So, I’ve already done that. LoL!!

          And one last thing, I don’t think it’s hard to accept Apple has lost innovation. I don’t think you read my post correctly. I’m clearly saying that Google is coming out with this stuff first.

          Hmm… I think this is one of those times I should realize a troll when I see one. I don’t uze de interwebz enuff.

    2. i’ll totally rip your useless head off!

  8. cant wait for this update..

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      I’ve really liked Keep and this
      just makes it better. As I get older I go into a store and can’t
      remember everything I need. Now, I can make lists as I go and it will
      remind me when I get there.

      1. Ikr! eventough I got no update whatsoever..

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