Aug 19th, 2013

Minuum Hootie hands on wm DSC00981

After a very successful run on Indiegogo — and after we brought you our own hands-on preview back in June — developer Whirlscape is now finally ready to bring Minuum Keyboard to the masses, with the app now readily available for download in the Google Play Store.

Touted as the next big thing in virtual keyboards, Minuum captured the world’s attention by creating a new way of typing on small displays, shrinking down the traditional 4-row QWERTY into nothing more than an unobtrusive a single line. Using a variety of gestures, Minuum is supposed to be more intuitive than any other keyboard on the market, solving the problem of “normal” QWERTY’s taking up too much screen real estate. With Android devices regularly hitting 5+ inches of display area, we’re not entirely sure this is problem that even exists today (not even with my sausage-thumbs).

As a creature of habit typing on full sized virtual keyboard my entire smartphone life, I couldn’t find myself getting over Minuum’s steep learning curve. At $4, Whirlscape might be asking a lot from a keyboard replacement that will take a lot longer than the Play Store’s 15 minute refund window to get a good feel for it.

For those who have already paid for virtual keyboards like SwiftKey or Swype, there’s probably little here to sway you away from those staples. But if the idea of having the world’s smallest keyboard layout sounds like something you’ve been desperately in need of, you can download Minuum keyboard for yourself via the link below.

[Minuum Keyboard for $4 on Google Play]