AT&T announces the exclusive HTC One Mini, Samsung Galaxy Mega for August 23rd


AT&T has announced pricing and avialability for a couple if their upcoming phones. For starters, the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 (which Samsung also announced would be headed to Sprint and US Cellular) will be headed our way August 23rd. AT&T claims it will be the first to carry the smartphone, so it’s safe to say Sprint’s and US Cellular’s won’t be out until later on in the year.

The Galaxy Mega 6.3 will cost users $150 if they’re willing to sign a new two-year contract agreement, though users can go the AT&T Next route to get it for just $24 per month.

For that, you’re getting a 6.3-inch 720p smartphone that has a 1.7GHz dual-core processor, 1.5GB of RAM, and 8 megapixel camera, Android 4.2.2 with TouchWiz and more. It’s Samsung’s biggest phone yet (in terms of sheer size, anyway) so you might want to check it out in an AT&T store to see if it’s right for you.

AT&T has also announced that it would be the exclusive carrier for the HTC One Mini, and that the device would also launch August 23rd. You’ll be able to grab this one for $100 on a two-year contract or $21 per month for 24 months using AT&T Next.

The One Mini features Qualcomm’s dual-core Snapdragon 400 processor clocked at 1.4GHz, and has a 4.3-inch 720p display. Despite having a smaller display, the One Mini is quite close to the original HTC One in size (thanks, in part, to that enlarged bezel on the top and bottom).

Go ahead and check these out in the videos above, and let us know if you are looking to pick one of these up. They might not be the best smartphones available, but you’ve gotta love having options.

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  1. T-Mobile needs to step up its game. I think a midrange HTC One Mini is key to reaching the budget market since T-Mobile offers affordable rate plans on prepaid.

    1. i think T-mobile is doing fine. they have all the high end phones and $0 down for them. all on no contract (uncarrier). i feel exclusive phones are bait and AT&T has/had numerous exclusive phones. iphone, samsung galaxy s 4 active, and now the htc one mini. most users complain about expensive plans and shabby service so i would rather have a company that focuses on saving the consumer money than trying to bait them with an exclusive phone.

      1. You realize t mobile got sued by the fcc for falde advertising right? And that your still locked into a carrier contract except your contract is for the phone vs the service. Its an advertising ploy, just like exclusive phones. The difference being att and verizon off 10x the coverage area, actual 4g lte, and att plans are only, on average, 12 to 18 dollars a month more than t mobile. T mobile advertises their 3g hspa+ like its 4g lte, except its not, its merely 3g running at most 42mbs in 7 cities and maxed 21mbs in all others, whereas att has true 100mbs capable 4g lte. I personally get 65mbs data speeds down and 20mbs up, thats 17x faster than my buddy who works at t mobile. Ill gladly pay 15 extra a month for no dropped calls and ridiculously fast speeds. And yes I will be buying att mega, I alteady have 2 international mega i9205s and they’re awesome. I havent touched my note 2 since I got them and the mega will be my main phone even after I buy note 3.

        1. except it does have 4glte , it does have unlimited 4g unthrottled the network is growing.

          1. I agree it’s growing but not at nearly the rate of att or Verizon…. and I actually work in building the telecom infrastructure for all 4 networks. t mobile only has lte in 7 cities. Period. And their average speed is not 7.95mbs nationally. Whereas att national average speed is 19 mbs followed by be at 12. Vz network is the largest coverage followed closely by att…. sprint and t mobile are nowhere near the national coverage area of vz or att. For those of us that travel for work and need reliable networks t mobile doesn’t even come into the picture. My best friend works at a retail t mobile store and keeps an att strait talk sim as his main line since his coverage is so sparse here in sw Ohio. Data speeds here on t mobile are around 4 mbs vs my att average 65 mbs. Obviously the city where you live will dictate the coverage and speed of your system, but I’m not sure where anyone got that t mobile has any sort of actual lte network. In reality they have 37 cell sites in the big 7 cities… Baltimore, Houston, Kansas City, Vegas, Phoenix, San Jose, and dc…. by the time we roll out lte on t mobile att and Verizon will have finished their lte A up conversions and have started on 5g

          2. it has lte in far more than 7 citites… Far more you are spouting old news

        2. i think i touched a nerve… i said it in my comment. most users on at&t says the service its not up to par and you pay way too much for that. i get about 18-20mbps with 4glte with t-mo and that is more than enough for me. 100mbps? what the hell are you doing on your phone that you need internet speed that fast on a mobile device? i doubt that the difference is $15. an individual plan with UNLIMITED everything is $50. i have people tell me that an individual plan with at&t is like 100+ depending on internet packages that are not unlimited and lets not talk about if you go over your data cap. it sounds like someone is paying the supposed $15 extra to try to impress people with his 100mbps service while us with a life would much rather spend that money on drinks at the bar for the ladies? ;-)

          oh yea… and no i have not heard of t-mo being sued for “falde” advertising. lol

        3. its not a contract… do you know why its not a contract? Because once the phone is paid off, or if you bring your own device, or if you buy a cheaper device then your bill comes out cheaper.. yes tmboile has hspa+ and they do advertise it as 4g… but they ALSO have LTE. I’ll gladly pay Tmobile for UNLIMITED 20-30 mbps downloads and 11 mbps uploads, texts and calling than to pay ATT what is closer to…40-50 mbps on ATT with only 3 gb of data.

      2. That $0 down requires a credit check for being “well qualified” and it just adds more to the monthly bill instead. JUMP and ATT Next are just a waste of money for early upgrades too. Say if you’re like me? University student with no viable credit history and have to budget money for stuff? Would it be wise to get the T-Mobile plans? Probably not because it is not worth taking on a financial burden that is risky if you miss a payment. They charge taxes too. I am better off saving for a phone and buying it outright and paying $50 or $60 flat a month. I did that. I saved up $400 for a Note II from working this summer and got the Note II. Albeit I did sell my S3 to get a Nexus 4, but I was not content with that experience, so I got a Note II. I had the S3 from Oct 2012 to May 2013 and I bought that from saving up from work too.

        1. Well you can get the uncarrier plan without the $0 down plan and pay $50 a month for service. no extra added to your bill because you bought your phone flat out… problem solved.

        2. well qualified is a bit of an exaggeration. I have average credit n i qualify.

  2. Dear God… 6.3 inches….?
    oh I got 6.3 inches for ya!

    1. I prefer the Sony Xperia Z Ultra…

  3. I don’t understand why at&t gets great phones as exclusives…(Nokia Lumia 1020, LG Optimus G Pro, HTC One 64GB, HTC One Mini, HTC One X+, etc)

    1. the moto maker

      1. Oh yes, I forgot about that one too. Thank You

        1. what i care about the moto X is that a crime?

          1. He’s just mad that you actually have an opinion.

          2. nah I dont think that he added it to his thingy rant

          3. I just tried to delete my comment but I couldn’t, so I tried with: “…” That thing seems not to be a good idea…

        2. yay passive aggressive!

          1. xD

      2. yay passive aggressive!!!

    2. they pay for it

      1. It’s a dumb move from the manufacturers to receive money from a carrier for only make their devices exclusives… And a big example of that is when LG make their Optimus G Pro an at&t exclusive.

  4. the mobile service providers IMHO.

    pro: great service… con: last to get great phones.

    pro: gets great exclusive phones… con: overpriced service.

    pro: affordability… con: lack of coverage

    Sprint… Not a factor at all. sorry

    Again this is my OPINION!

    1. Yeah, that sums up everything. Verizon is the best coverage and customer service. AT&T has the worst customer service. T-Mobile is decent for customer service. Sprint has the worst coverage of the big 4.

      1. I have heard nothing but great things about verizon but i need unlimited web and to be able to get a new phone when its released from the manf. not when verizon get around to it lol

        1. rather wait a month to let the OEM/carrier work out the bugs.

          1. A month? Try months… plural. Are Verizon writers so incompetent that it takes months to work bugs?

      2. It depends also if you like to root your device. If you are on Verizon, I think it is not a good idea. If you are on at&t, maybe?… T-mobile, for me it is the best of the main 4 to root your device. Finally Sprint, This is good one for root too, but you are in a CDMA carrier…

        1. uh? Never had a problem rooting on VZW. NEVER. Really, who cares which carrier you have for rooting your phone. Comment made no sense.

          1. The problem is the possibilities of breaking your device… VZW only wants locked bootloaders in their devices…

      3. I have had nothing but problems with Verizon customer service. They are one of the worst companies I’ve dealt with in terms of customer service.

      4. Say what you want about AT&T customer service, but I have had no issues. They messed up a phone upgrade order and when I called them they fixed it ASAP and best of all didn’t count it as a phone upgrade.

    2. “Sprint… Not a factor at all. sorry”

      They certainly do factor right into the picture for some. Can’t really go wrong with Unlimited Data for those that rape their data like I do when I’m away from my home’s WiFi coverage. Where they DO have LTE coverage, it’s lovely:

      1. Tmobile has unlimited internet… used to throttle you but now they don’t.

        1. Can’t beat unlimited data am I right? I remember the throttling. Tmo and Sprint still holding firm with that service.

  5. ATT spends millions for exclusivity rights.. good for them?

  6. Man, why can’t it be the Max and not the mini.

  7. Well i guess HTC really expects gangbuster sales of the HTC One Mini seeing as it is only on and exclusive to one carrier. These morons never learn…

  8. hahaha, HTC really learned the lesson ah! HTC how stupid can you be???

  9. Two things that don’t belong together: AT&T and Exclusive.

  10. screw at&t!

  11. I have had at&t for years. I have unlimited data and I do not get throttled. Verizon is so over priced. My friend has an iPhone 5 on vzw. It cost her upwards to $250 a month. Sometimes she pays almost $400 just for one line of service. That’s bcuz she keeps going over her data and she has the most expensive plan they have. She switched to at&t and ever though she goes over her bill is no where near $180a month. At&t has the best service and products to meet today’s demands and market.

    1. says the AT&T rep that typed that comment. lol

      1. You wish I was a rep. Just because my comment is a positive comment u think I’m a rep? You must lack education. So if in a rep you must be an idiot. Hahaha.

        1. “So if in a rep you must be an idiot.” Excuse but that sentence made no sense at all. lol calm down man it is ok that your comment made no valid point or facts to back up your claims. example: you stated you were a long time customer and have unlimited data. why mention that if AT&T doesn’t offer that anymore? Sprint and T-mobile offers unlimited data currently. also in your comment you use 3 prices in which your friend paid for service all have ridiculous jumps in between them. $250, $400, and$180. i have heard verizon is expensive but $250-$400 for individual service… come on now. Your friend should come to t-mobile or sprint to get unlimited data and affordable service.

          1. Listen I didn’t post my comment to get critiqued by you or anyone else. Why would she go to t-mobile or sprint when there service is terrible. I’m a flight attendant no matter what state I’m in I always have service. I’m not going to go back n forth with you. I have a life so good luck with yours

          2. Says the rep that posted this comment… lol don’t get your panties in a twist man i’ll leave you alone.

        2. I actually have numbers to show also. Unlimited talk with AT&T is $69.99, 5gb of data $50, and unlimited text $20. $139.99 a month before taxes, insurance, etc. where with t-mobile i am paying about $88 for unlimited talk, text, and yes WEB. Also i’m on the jump program and also phone payments are included in my monthly bill.

          1. Good for u! Well all I have to say about this is “you get what you pay for” t-mobile sucks……

          2. So much negativity… someone didn’t get enough hugs as a child. I didn’t say AT&T sucks or resorted to calling you an idiot or that you had no education… is that how you have such a good life? By trying to belittle others?

  12. Jeez guys, ATT, Verz, TMob and Sprint area all just companies who just want your $$$ in exchange for a service. No need to go the extra mile to defend one or another because the day to don’t pay its the day they cut you off. You are all just account numbers, nothing more. And, btw, been with AT&T for years, never had any issues and my wife is with Verizon and never had any issues too. And I have friends who are with Tmobile and Sprint and no issues at all. So, what is good and what is bad depends on each one perspective.

  13. I have contacted 6 AT&T stores here in the Austin Texas area and none of them are aware of any of this information you say about the date of release and cost of the new Samsung Mega 6.3. Not sure who you are getting your information from but I know a couple of people working at one of the stores and he has always been up front with me and he is a manager and said he knows nothing about a release or cost of this item and Samsung’s own site has nothing about it at all.

  14. Both HTC one mini and Samsung Galaxy mega are best smart phone. But I like the features and functionality of Samsung smart phone . I am using Samsung smart phone from last 3 years. Recently , i bought Samsung galaxy mega 6.3 from shopbychoice at price Rs.- 29,999/-

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