Android Device Manager is now live, helps you find your lost phone or tablet


Android Device Manager screenshot

Great news for the absent minded Android user, Google’s recently announced Android Device Manager is now officially live. The service allows Android users to track down their misplaced Android devices using a handy web interface, and currently offers 2 ways of doing it.

First, if you simply misplaced your Android device in your nearby vicinity, you can trigger the ringer on your phone at maximum volume for 5 minutes, even if you set your phone to silent. The other method is by using Google’s location services to show exactly where your phone is on a map, useful for finding out if you left your phone at the restaurant or the club.

In the event that you can’t recover your device and it ends up in the possession of an unsavory character, you can erase all the data on your device by performing a remote wipe. The best part about Android Device Manager is that it’s available for any Android device running Android 2.2 or above. Oh, that’s 98.7% of active Android devices — what was that about fragmentation? ;)

Google tells us an Android app is also in the works but in the meantime, you can jump onto www.android.com/devicemanager to try it out Android Device Manager for yourself.


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. thanks for this Crhis….. you’re AMAZING :D because you’re so on top of sh!t and i like that and i am going to personally take a shot tonight in your name!

    1. Sounds like you had a few already….? O_o

      1. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Chris i like you man, bro-style.

  2. Just curious if this is going to be a free service? Most of the apps on the Play Store which currently offer such functionality require some sort of fee.

    1. its already active on every android phone, just go check it out, you dont even have to install anything

      1. And even if it wasn’t I know for a fact that Lookout and Avast, both free have this service, though only avast will let you wipe a device free

  3. The ring at maximum volume for 5 minutes would be great if it actually worked. I tried it 5 times and it just rings once then stops.

    1. It worked on all my devices that were powered on. RAZR HD LTE, Note 10.1, Nexus 7. Awesome!

    2. It worked fine on my Galaxy Note 2.

      1. I dont have Android 4.3

    3. Seems like it’s more useful to just dial the phone.

    4. Rings only once for me too with my Galaxy S4. I submitted feedback on the device manager page telling Google about this issue.

  4. doesn’t work on my google apps account. just like everything else. :(

    1. Does this item from the Help page help Phil Wu?
      Use Android Device Manager
      Sign in to your Google Account on android.com/devicemanager. If you’re using a Google Apps account, you will sign in to your My Devices page.

      1. Yes! this works, thanks!

    2. worked on my HTC One X

  5. That’s awesome. Ringing my nexus 7 right now from my nexus 4 in the crapper. Ah technology.

  6. hehehe… my wife’s, sisters, and moms phones are under my account… “with great power comes great responsibility” screw that I’m having some fun

  7. Not working for me right now. Says my phone was last used 2 days ago and that the location is unavailable but my phone has been on all along. Requesting to ring the phone reports no problem on the web site, but the phone doesn’t ring. The site says there is an option in the Android Device Manager settings section of the Google Settings app that needs to be turned on to enable remote erasing; my Google Settings app has no Android Device Manager Section. I guess that there is some phone side component of this that may not ahve been pushed to my phone yet.

  8. What if my Razr Maxx does not show on the page with my other devices?
    What will I need to do?

    I see my Nexus 7 & and old Sammy Mp# player, just not my Maxx

  9. Such a rip-off from iOS.

    1. “You mad Bro”……

    2. Because no Android apps offered this feature for years before IOS had it?

  10. Just as ‘strandloper’ said. It does not work. I am logged in on https://www.google.com/android/devicemanager (that’s wher my browser takes me when I type android.com/devicemanager. The message however remains: “location not available”. In Google settings on my phone HTC One V with Android 4.0 there is no “Android Device Manager”. Pity…

  11. Doesn’t work and last reported use information is wrong

  12. What a mess.

    This worked instantly on my wife’s GS3 from her Google account when I tried it last night. I didn’t have to check the two boxes in the category for ADM under “Google Settings,” but that option was already there when I checked last night. I did go ahead and enable remote wipe under the Admin option, but it wasn’t required to ring the phone for five minutes.

    I then logged into my Google account and went to the ADM dashboard. My Xoom was the only available device. I went into my Google Dashboard and pulled up my list of Android devices- Xoom, last accessed yesterday; Note II, last accessed August 1; Galaxy Nexus, last accessed November 12 (the Note II replaced that phone). WTF, Google? My Note II is connected 24 hours per day, and the last read you have is August 1? Okay, fine. Whatever. Check the ADM category in my Google Settings app… category not there. Okay, fine… still waiting on another update. No big deal. At that point, I logged into my Cerberus account and played around a bit for fun. So really, why do I care about ADM working on this phone? Idunno, really.

    Checked again this morning; ADM category in the Google Settings app is available, and both boxes are checked by default. Also went ahead and enabled remote wipe in Admin settings. Still nothing. Logged in and out of the ADM dashboard on my computer, deleted and re-added my Google account to the phone. Nothing. Again… WTF, Google?

    So what about my Xoom (it’s the wifi version, for what it matters)? It shows up in the ADM dashboard but won’t show a location or ring, despite the “ring” option being available. I don’t care as much about that, really- but I mentioned it to make a point. Google puts a device in my ADM dashboard that is, presumably, not capable of ringing, but doesn’t display a much more current device that I know, with absolute certainty, can function with ADM?

  13. Nice, but needs more functions like Cerberus. With Cerberus, you can use the devices front facing camera to take a photo (of possibly the bad guy) and then email the photo to a designated address.

  14. in spite of having a gnex, and a n7,device manager tells me I need to buy these items from the play store! bunch of nutters!

  15. Not working. Doesn’t find my device. Stock Vzw Gnex, all location settings on, gps on, wifi on.

  16. I use TASKER to do all of this.

    If I send my phone a text message with the word “ALARM”, the phone turns the ringer to max and sets off a screeching alarm sound.

    If I send it a text that says “LIGHT”, it turns the LED on

    I also share my location using G+ with my wife so that would help map it.

    1. Same here, and on all the phones in the family, from my pre-Cerberus days. I even have all the devices setup to send a “last gasp” flair, sending me their location if the battery level dips below 5%. I figure if the device is missing and I haven’t realized it yet, by the time to realize it the battery will be dead and I’ll have no hope of locating it. Additionally, I’ve implemented an inactivity timer, so that it the device sits unused for a long enough period, it sends me its location. I have yet to see either of these features implemented in any app of this type.

  17. It shows my nexus 7 and works great. But for some reason my nexus 4 isn’t even showing up. What would cause this?

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    1. Go Play In Traffic.

  19. Satellite view would be nice. Apart from that works well, located my phone within 6 meters

  20. wont work for me. Cant locate me, wont ring. Oh well.

  21. OH I just found out my Acer A700 has the worst ringer ever. Thanks Google

  22. My Galaxy Nexus does not show up in the web app…..

  23. Nice one G it don’t work LOL

  24. Yea right–works just like Apple’s maps. :(

    Needs to go back to the drawing board.

  25. Everthing worked perfect, except for remote wipe. I dont care for testing that feature.

  26. All 3 of my devices (Note 2, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10) showed up. Works great!

  27. Here’s the wierd thing! I have a Free Google Apps account. And even though I’ve enabled it on my phone, the link doesn’t allow me to use the service! This is sad! :/

  28. Why does it say I can remotely lock the device if I can’t?

  29. My question is what effect would this have on your battery life? Specifically the remote locator

  30. ‘No active devices’. That’s a two out of two fail, Google.

  31. Yeah, it’s full of glitches. It showed a location of my phone, but I don’t live in that province. But the location given was my last search in Google Earth. Oooh, not good, we call this a big fail where I come from. I gave it the benefit of the doubt five minutes later; it couldn’t locate my device. Phone was untouched in between. In addition (geez, when will it end?), the date of registration of my phone is wrong – I didn’t even have it then. Also, it would be immensely beneficial for authors to plainly state that unless your Wi-Fi or data is enabled, this app obviously will do squat.

  32. My Galaxy S4 isn’t listed, but my Nexus and oooooooold phone are…eh..?

  33. Works perfectly! Found every one of my devices — 5 total.

  34. The fact that android can backdoor update like it just did shows why fragmentation is non existent. side note- its amazing how on wifi my phone was accurate to 15-20meters but turning off wifi and switching to 3g plus gps indoors on verizon made it accurate to between 50-497meters, but 4g with gps indoors is 5-30meters. I guess thats why google maps is always bugging me to turn wifi on…

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