In case you didn’t believe there’d be a Verizon LG G2, here it is with 3 of their logos


verizon lg g2

With LG announcing the G2 yesterday, the Korean manufacturer saw it necessary to mention that all four major carriers in the United States would be offering the device later this year. We took their word for it — and, indeed, Sprint and T-Mobile piggybacked the announcement with press releases of their own — but it looks like Verizon was feeling a bit left out.

What better way for Verizon to hype up the G2 than to show us a picture of the one they’d be selling? Now, before you freak out, let me warn you… there are three Verizon-specific logos on this thing. Two on the back (the Verizon and 4G LTE logo) and one on the front (Verizon’s logo). It’s not the most damning branding in the world (the Verizon Note 2 still owns that crown) but I wouldn’t be surprised if this version held up as the most “tagged” Verizon of the G2 compared to some of the others.

We should expect it at this point, folks. And as an owner of Verizon’s Note 2, my initial shock of having the home logo on the home button wore off after a couple of hours — I forget it’s even there sometimes. You’ll hate it now, but if you really want this phone you’ll be able to forgive Big Red in due time. Take a look at photos of the device above, and be sure to discuss the device in our forums with all of the other eager people waiting to buy it later this year.

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  1. More and more, we will see less carrier exclusives. Customers hate having a good model attached to a company like Sprint. The Evo line is non-existent. The Droid line needs to go away so Motorola can make more cash, too.

  2. Verizon sure knows how to turn a good looking phone into crap.

    1. yeah small logos covered up by a case… QQ more brohilda.

      1. Yea, good luck covering up that front logo that’s off-centet with a case

    2. I just… Someone help me out here. I’ve never understood branding a mobile with the carrier it’s working on. If that device is being sold by all 4 major carriers how does slapping their name on it help them? Why can’t American carriers just be dumb pipes?!

      1. My guess is, they use it as a form of advertisement. They know people will be more than happy to gloat and brag about their new, cool phone, so they’ll show it off and the carrier logo is there in their face. The dumbfounded friend(s) who wish their carrier(s) would have cool phones like that are who the carriers target to try and get on board with them.

        1. That absolutely makes sense in the case of an exclusive device, but not like this or with the Note 2. How difficult is it to remove these logos anyway?

          1. The easiest way to remove the one on the back cover is to try and find a replacement on eBay for an international model. The stickers are usually covered with a clear coat so they can’t be removed.

            I’ve used goo gone (sticker/adhesive remover, very strong) on phones and some got on the logo stickers. Those stickers wouldn’t even budge.

          2. Clever bastards.

  3. The brands don’t do a damn thing to the internal specs so I don’t give a flying ***K! They can put a old woman face on the back of it, and I still will use the phone! People too anal nowadays!

    1. not always true. Sprint and Verizon changed the internals of the one x/s (battery size, micro sd card, processor in Verizon’s case) and Sprint/att had different versions of the optimus G. (internal storage and camera).

      1. That’s not the point I’m making! A logo brand on the phone isn’t stopping the phone from performing like it should.

        1. sorry sir… dont yell at me please, i’m very sensitive.

          1. Hahaha! It’s love all up in here man!

      2. R u talkin about the HTC one X &/or S?

        1. correctamundo

          1. I may be just confused or don’t understand what u meant, but vzw & sprint never had the HTC one X or one S. Att had the one X & tmo had the one S. Sprint had the Evo 4g LTE which was similar but wasn’t a one X or S.

          2. they were carrier modified variants. Specifically the Evo and One X… devices were identical in software/most specs with exception to battery size and sd card. The incredible 4g may have been slightly different, i didnt have verizon so i’ll admit less knowledge on that specific subject.

          3. Sprints Evo LTE & Vzw’s Incredible LTE were totally different phones, they were carrier branded. Similar, yes, but not a One X or S. They were based off those tho. But they didn’t have htc’s One branding. Now LG’s G2 regardless of what carrier its on or how many carrier logos it will have, will not be branded as a Droid or Evo. It will be a G2 across all carriers. That’s the difference.

          4. im not saying there isnt a difference, but regardless of “rebranding” there are still instances where carriers touch the inside of a device.

            You can exclude those 2 and call them special cases, but ATT did require s4 instead one Tegra 3 on One X, and Sprint and ATT versions of the Optimus G had different cameras and storage amounts. I was simply stating occasionally the carriers do touch the internals.

  4. A case will at least cover the back and like you said, you’ll forget it’s there after a while

  5. Nothing a protective case won’t help with. It would be nice and interesting if a company makes a good screen protector with the top right corner of the protector black to cover the vzw logo.

  6. Smh. Verizon just littered the back with logos.

  7. Yeah right. How about LG. They have some nerve putting their logo all over the device they created. Get a grip people.

    1. If you’re not being sarcastic.. We’re talking about Verizon dude.

  8. Just wait until the carrriers realize they can make money selling space on the phones like Nascar does. Then we’ll have phones covered front and back; Hertz, Coca-Cola, Discount Tires, Toyota, Ford, Chevy, Dodge, National Guard, Quaker State, ………………..

  9. I just pulled the case off my GNEX to see if it had Verizon logo’s. Had the phone for 2 years and I didn’t recall if they were there or not.
    Sure enough, they are there – Verizon + 4G LTE. It clearly did not bother me.

    A logo on the front is a bit more intrusive – regardless if it’s the manufacturer or carrier. The front should be CLEAN. And that Verizon logo on the top right is just stupid.

    1. i agree that front of phones should be clean…but unfortunately it is how companies market themeselves…when a person next to you sees u on your phone, they can associate the brand on the front with the way the device looks….at times i do that..i see a nice phone, the first thing i do is look for the logo on the front…iPhones are different, since they all look the same(in the front at least) that is their brand image for the device….im grateful that nexus devices are all clean upfront…..

  10. …just Andy replied i didn’t believe that anyone able to make $7854 per month on the internet. big44.c­o­m…

  11. This is one of the reasons ( an those high azz prices ) I chose Sprint instead of Verizon, I dont want a phone with a bunch of crap written all over it, my HTC One does not have Sprints name on it or a 4G logo, thank god.

  12. Well VZW loves their logos lol. Tbh I don’t think its THAT big of a deal. I mean the phone will still work. With that being said, I loved how VZW did the logo on the GS3. Just one simple VZW logo on the back and that was it. I can definitely see Sammy going the Apple route and stopping the carriers from branding their phones, though.

    1. people love to whine about VZW, even if most use cases which covers up the logos anyways. People are passive aggressive whiny trolls by default.

  13. F u Verizon …. You won’t have any of your ugly logos on my shiny new Nexus 5 and I will abuse the fuq out of my unlimited everything plan…

    If there is a nexus coming to verizon… I can only dream..

    1. Show us on the doll where Verizon hurt you… didn’t think so.

      1. my ass… Im grandfathered in on the unlimited plan and i cant upgrade my phone and they won’t give me my employee discount.

    2. My Galaxy Nexus has a Verizon logo on the back. We may still see a nexus on Verizon again, but if we do it will likely have their branding as well. Take the good with the bad I suppose.

      1. even if i buy from google play?

    1. They missed a spot

  14. So is this phone on Verizon?

    1. That’s the entire point of this article.

      1. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that joke sailed straight over your head.

  15. Damn!! Finally the new Moto Droids come out and no logos its a miracle! I thought Verizon became as smart as AT&T & Sprint and stopped tagging the phones with unwanted logos….too bad. Its too much with LG&Verizon plastered on there.

  16. I’m curious as to what the effect of having zero branding on a device would be. No carrier branding, no manufacturer branding, not even logos. Only the very basic necessary FCC stuff on the back. I’d be willing to bet that if the device was spectacular, people would actively seek out the company responsible for the device, thus allowing the units integrity as an electronic to do the marketing work.

  17. Cry me a RIVER!!

  18. Bravo Verizon! Just when I thought you couldn’t be any more techy.just know that when the other companies catch up to you in network coverage, people will be leaving in droves

  19. Just found a Verizon G2 signup page after seeing LG listed on that HTC One signup…


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