Jul 25th, 2013


Google has declared that Google TV is not dead, and it did that with some great news for Chromecast fans. Googler Warren Rehman has confirmed that Chromecast support will be coming to the Google TV platform sometime soon. The engineer didn’t give many more details than that — such as when and how support will be arriving — but he did confirm it.

That post was piggy-backed on a post from the Google TV Developers Google+ account, where it mentioned Google is still working to bring many new hardware and content partners over to the platform. The company also mentioned that it would continue to bring many new, exciting facets of the Chrome and Android experience to keep Google TV fresh.

We’re not yet sure if this will be enabled via a software update or if it will require new hardware, but we’ve sent a line over to Google to find out. Our early guess is that it will only take a simple software upgrade to bring this functionality over, as most Google TV devices already have the WiFi and Bluetooth radios necessary to make Chromecast tick.

Regardless, Google says Chromecast and Google TV will definitely co-exist, and that the experiences will complement each other rather than one cancelling the other out.

[via Google+]

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