Jul 11th, 2013

Skype Android tablet

When Skype for Android 4.0 first launched, many users found it difficult to sign out. It was so hard to find, in fact, that some accused Microsoft and Skype of enacting an evil plan to keep users signed into Skype all the time. That certainly wasn’t the case — it’s just that the sign-out button was hidden in the menu of the profile screen and nowhere else to be found.

The developers have addressed that, though, as they have issued an update that brings the sign-out button to the menu of each of the main three views (Recent, Favorites and People), as well as the profile view. It’s a small change, but considering how many people were lost following the update it’s one of the more important ones.

The latest update also brings more bug fixes, including a fix for an issue that prevented users from making calls or changing their availability status to online. The update awaits you in the Google Play Store, so get over there and download it so you can finally sign out.