Jul 9th, 2013

LG G2 leak Engadget

And there it is, folks. What you’re seeing before you are some very clear images of the upcoming LG G2, a device that is set to be unveiled during LG’s August 7th event in New York. Leave it to another leakster to ruin the semi-big surprise, we now have a very good look at both the front and back of the device, along with those unique back facing volume buttons and power button, complete with LED ring.

LG G2 leak Engadget 2

It looks like LG will once again revise their own custom Android UI for their latest flagship, with transparent notification and navigation bars being the most obvious new additions. On the bottom there appears to be stereo speakers, but we remain doubtful. Remember, the iPhone and LG G2X both have similar grills, only one is the speaker and the other the microphone.

What I found most interesting is the G2’s shape, which seems to have borrowed some design cues from its Nexus 4 cousin. This device is rumored to be the Sprint version, with no word on whether or not we could see this landing on other carriers. Overall, what do you guys think of the device so far?

[via Engadget]

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