Apr 15th, 2015


LG G2 owners on T-Mobile and AT&T are now being treated to Android 5.0 Lollipop. The news was announced at each company’s online support portal, and it should be available over-the-air for anyone willing and able to download it (and really, why wouldn’t you be?)

AT&T’s update (no word on file size or version number just yet) is fairly straight forward, bringing you the LG experience you’re used to infused with a couple of new Lollipop features such as improved notifications and searchable settings. AT&T has also removed a few bloatware apps, including AT&T Code Scanner, Beats Music, Browser Bar and Famigo.

For T-Mobile, you’re looking for software version D80130b, and it’s possible to come from 5 different previous versions:

  • D80120g
  • D80120e
  • D80120a
  • D80110g
  • JDQ39B

You’ll have to endure a 617MB download over WiFi and make sure your device is adequately charged, but that’s a small price to pay for getting Lollipop on a two-year-old phone. Be sure to talk about your new goods in the comments below or over at AndroidForums once you have it!

[via AT&T, T-Mobile, AndroidForums.com]



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